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141 Fish Sticks
142 People that neglect animals

People who are reading this, animals are not our enemies! We need them to help us and stay alive so we shouldn't be so abusive and cruel towards animals Ok?!

People over nudge pit bulls because they are strong and people use them wrongly. I have a pit, and my 4 year old brother loves her. She will protect him with her life. Once, a dog started barking at him and she scared him off. Then she checked him and licked him forever.

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143 Little Bossy Girls

I hate them a lot!

If they are any of them on this website I HATE YOU! - DK

144 Getting Peed/Pooped On V 1 Comment
145 People pooping in public

Find a bathroom for goodness' sake!

146 Kissing Mouth to Mouth

It's better than kissing tongue to tongue.

Get a girlfriend

147 Baraka Baraka Baraka is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Baraka was introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993 as an unpredictable warrior in service of Outworld emperor Shao Kahn.
148 Custer's Revenge
149 Mushrooms
150 Mung Diving

Hands down the grossest thing on here if you don't know what it is look it up. It's a life changer

151 Jackass (TV Show)
152 A House Full of Your Dogs Poop
153 Puberty

Why does puberty exist?...

Puberty is natural. What's so gross about it?

Living horor movie :-(


154 Bed Bugs

They are horrible! I'm glad I don't have them! But it's going around where I live.

155 Taste of Cough Medicine V 1 Comment
156 Breadwinners Breadwinners

One of their grossest episodes is Love Loaf. it's where SwaySway falls in love with another duck and tries to make her fall in love with him by using a special kind of bread called love loaf, a bread that makes you romantically fall in love with someone. doesn't anyone find that a bit creepy? Trying to drug someone you're attracted to and make them love you back? Also in one scene Buhdeuce eats a piece of the love loaf and then looks himself in the mirror and instantly falls in love with himself. and yes it's a romantic love!

Plus, what about that one scene where swaysway is at a camp the female duck goes to and he attempts to make her eat the love loaf? Did you see his eyes? Those are sings of mindless lust. who in the right mind came up with that? In fact, I've heard that Male Ducks are actually rapists! Actual ducks don't have concern for consent. but I'm pretty sure the writers didn't know that.

The character designs are hideous! They look more like Frogs than Ducks. and the other background ducks are creepy. they're just stock footages with cartoon eyes.

Lots of butt jokes.

Also in the Same episode you were talking about, when the two ducks accidentally run into the camp counselors and feed them the love loaf and they then fall in love with the ducks and attack them, it shows two of them licking Buhdeuce. and when buhdeuce and swaysway escape, they were in their underwear. what were they trying to imply here? Also, if you guys didn't notice, while they were escaping, buhdeuce looked like he enjoyed it all. did he really thought about intercourse?

157 Boogers on the sides of things
158 Harry Pigs

Pigs are not gross they're a natural part of life.

Who is this Mr. Harry Pigs?

159 Dogs Anal Glands

The smell of hot rotting fish. Makes you want to kick bunnies.

160 Republicans

Democrats and Republicans aren't gross.

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