Top Ten Things Top Tenners Need to Stop Doing

This is my last list on this site as a visitor. This list is not talking about all users, it's just some users need to get their acts together.
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1 Betraying your friends

"Friends" and TheTopTens (and the internet in general) do not go together.

It's just sad when people who betray their friends that stood up to you.

Someone did that to me. In March 2018. It was a horrible experience!

2 Insulting other users
3 Overreacting to Criticism

Yes, we shouldn't react to criticism, but the users on this site ain't using criticism they're just talking trash about each other. I know what's criticism.

That is just another argument about to happen.

4 Listing their least favorite users on their profile

That is very childish and very wrong. That is cyber bullying.

5 Jumping on list or post they dislike
6 Sending hate messages to users

Just laugh at it.

7 Making a list of best real anime with no actual anime
8 Arguing

No I didn't make a bad point, now you're trying to argue with me. See, Your ignoring the fact that you start most of the trouble with others. You're so denial, kid. Denying that you sit behind the computer screen or whatever device you're using, arguing with users that you don't like all day for you're own entertainment. Please, you don't know who your messing with on the internet, so be careful about who you are arguing with because you'll never know who that person is, kid. I'm a cool person and I don't like to be mean to others, but what you're doing is affecting you. Be a 12 year old boy and play some video games with friends and stop arguing. It's not good when people think you're nothing but a snot nose brat looking for attention.

If "arguing doesn't solve anything" why did you make this list?

Arguing doesn't solve anything.

9 Creating negative posts on other users that retired

It's sad that users are talking about Seven Lizards and others even though they are gone. The users that are doing this are people who are heartless and cruel. How would you feel if he was talking down upon you while you're gone. I'm pretty sure you guys would get angry and argue. You'll never know they changed into better people.

10 Creating the wiki on other users without their permission

The creator of the wiki was Turkey asylum. I have a message to him and others who took part of the wiki, you all realize that you can be charged for online harassment for that wiki. I don't see how you're criticizing them, you guys are spewing nothing but hatred and rumors against the users. Like on Top Tens Fan's page, you guys said he pretends that people actually like him. Seriously? How do you guys even know those people are actually him? Another thing is said that SL started the war of Hypocrisy. Wow. Sad. That was an Argument the two had. You guys that wrote that have nothing to do with OWN lives yourselves. You guys want to that Leo has nothing to do with his life, but some of you talk trash about him while he's gone. That proves, that you guys are the real Cyberbullies.

Whoever created the wiki is basically a person who want some attention. Which the Top Tens Wiki is pretty dumb and needs to be deleted for harassment and it's not criticizing anyone. It's just straight up bullying. Look at the trolls category it has a list of users.

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11 Asking people to rate them or criticize them

It needs to stop. Why would you ask anybody to criticize you?

I think this one is getting old.

12 Using words like Cancer, Gay and Autistic as an Insult
13 Asking people if they're underrated or overrated

That's attention seeking.

14 Blaming visitors for their problems

Blaming us won't solve anything.

15 Asking the admin for the most Overrated User to comeback

The admin ain't gonna bring it back get over it.

16 Mistreating Pop Fans
17 Trying to be mature

No one is saying users should be immature, you 13 year-olds and under need to stop acting like adults and act your age.

You want users to be immature?

18 Asking for followers
19 Hacking other users' accounts

I'm starting to think it was a user that hacked Andre's account like I said the user or person that did this has problems.

20 Calling Cory in the House an anime
21 Reply to every comment

One particular user keeps replying to my comments just to talk bad about me and it gets really annoying.

22 Hating furries
23 Creating #Team User
24 Disrespectful to the admin
25 Naming arguments
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