Top 10 Careers for TopTenners

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1 Famous Critic

Best damn list on this website. I want to be a movie or video game Critic.

2 Writing/Journalism

One of the careers I might enter. I'll probably go to architecture, but I'll be sure to publish some form of writing in my lifetime, that's for sure.

I'm hoping to become an author in the future, I just need to keep practicing.

I want to be a Civil Engineer, but I want to have this as my hobby.

I guess I could be a poet, because I seem to have talent there.

3 Artists

I'd love to be an artist but I have no artistic talent!

I hope to have this as my career one day.

I wish to be a manga artist one day.

We're looking at you, Keycha1n.

4 Game Developers

Sounds like a job for me!

5 Animators

That's my dream! Or a famous drummer!

That is what I want to do!

6 Youtuber
7 Teachers

Yes. Most TopTenners are very smart and would make great teachers.

8 Comedians

Either this or doctors, for me. My friends say I'm really funny and I think, wait, I hope I am. I made a hilarious Green Day (second favorite band) pun the other day and all my friends bursted into laughing tears.

So many users on here would make a great career out of this.

This is me. I am one without thinking about it. MY LIFE.

9 Video Game Programmers
10 Cartoonists

What I also want to do, cartoons are awesome!

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11 College Professor

I would love to do this one because you don't have to deal with telling grown adults to sit down or get in line.

12 Doctors
13 Video Game Composer
14 Movie Directors/Producers/Makers

I know a lot of TopTenners that could be any of these, but in my most selfish move, I'm voting for this one, as I shall attempt to be a filmmaker.

15 Scientists
16 Entrepreneurs
17 Software Developer
18 Fashion Designers

I had a lot of designs, I made a color block collection, the princess collection and the love occasion collection.

19 Hitman

This is a good fit along with movie making, writing and video game developing

20 Models

I've been a model! (citizen)

21 Actors
22 Musician

The truth is I am a composer, stashed songs, I might put one of them there, if you liked then sure I will add more. (Except the song Lying Love which I also composed)

23 Presidents

Probably, I want to be president.

24 Baristas
25 Janitor
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