Top Ten Gen-19 Users of TheTopTens

In case anyone wants to know what qualifies as gen-19, it would be to have joined/started doing stuff in the span between July 2018 to June 2019
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1 Cyri

He is super creative! Creative TopTenners are among the best in my opinion, and he likes books as well, which I do too

I'm his brother and he is very creative and very active here. He definitely deserves to be at the top of this list

He deserves to be on the #1 spot He's the type of autistic intellectual that I should side up with-Kevinsidis

One of the few Gen 19 users that doesn't absolutely suck...

2 DarkBoi-X

A good guy to talk to and shows some promise overall.

Inspired my shift in direction.

Yeah I'm in the top 3 now.

3 B1ueNew

B1ueNew is certainly an improved user! And a great one. His lists certainly has quality and his taste in video games is good

Thank you guys for supporting me and getting me in the top 3

The best user who lasted more than day or was not a troll

His quality level is through the roof. He's one cool guy.

4 Misfire

Misfire deserves a high spot. One of the best list makers ever. Like seriously, over half of her lists are just so impressive like how she managed to think of such a list idea! One of the most creative users.

Thank you, loves! I'm not sure if I should be considered as gen-19 but thank you anyway!

She is one of the best gen-19 users

One of the best gen-19 users.

5 CrypticMemory
6 RadioHead03

Recently, he is probably the best Gen 19 user. Most active, consistent in content, good personality and is still showing potential. I think he deserves better than 5th.

A recent user, but he has already shown to have tons of potential. Very nice to talk to, great lists, and he might become the greatest Gen-19 user who joined in 2019

Yes, he's one of those users that increased a lot when he joined. Very good user.

Should be in the top 5. Best gen 19 user in my opinion

7 RogerMcBaloney

How is he not much higher? He's a great, awesome, nice guy!

8 LightningStrike

Something that's really special about him is that he likes metal but he does not force people to like it. He's also critical too. He knows what he's doing!

Thanks everyone. I'll keep on noticing people's tastes of music and style. And I'll keep on looking for 'good' songs.

Certainly a high-quality list maker! He has tons of potential

He's a good user. Has potential.

9 Thebestuser

This guy is hilarious!

10 Bammer73

Oh wait he isn't already on the list that is pretty off. He is a great user he is friendly and has some really good list ideas.

Should be in top 10. He is one of the most hard working and active Gen 19 users at this point.

Thanks to whoever I was added by.

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11 SirSheep

This is my 1,000th comment. I'd like to thank everyone for their support, and not letting me quit even when a really wanted to. I plan to continue making lists in the future, but I'm really busy right now. I have a couple drafted though. Again, thank you for supporting me for these few months.

Shows some potential to be another inventively creative sports analyst with the different takes, and lists his showing the early going.

A good new user. Also my brother, but this is the internet. Not the house.

The brother of Cyri deserves a mention. He makes decent sports content and is very fun to talk to

12 Lucasbck36

Wow I'm surprised I'm even in the top 20

Skull trooper

13 CharismaticKat

Good to chat with.

14 Camaro6

A very underrated user in my opinion, she makes excellent lists that not only are fun to go to, they're also unique and all of her lists feel different (unlike a certain sith lord's lists)

Camaro6 is one of my favorite users.

She's great!

15 RawIsgore

Deserves at least close to the top 10.

16 Izalien

Probably one of the better users that still come on, Take a look at her lists there actually pretty good

17 Alkadikce

Pretty underrated if you ask me.

18 TheDarkOne_221b

One of the nicest of Gen-19. Has flaws but judging from his comment on here it looks like he'll be even better once he's unsuspended

He is very nice and he has some good remixes and lists.

This guy got good quality stuff.

Nice guy

19 RoseWeasley

Great user. It's a crime that she wasn't on this list already!

Also the most underrated.

20 DrayTopTens
21 BreakFastBeast2005

Somebody to keep an eye out for lately.

She's a good user. Great lists too.

An awesome user!

Look there's me

22 Ashes

Thanks! It's kind of a surprise, being noticed within two weeks of making this account.

A dragon profile pic! (I hope that's right.) He's a good user.

One of my favorite new users

Wings of Fire profile pic!

23 FallenBlaze

He's cool you should follow him

Obviously voting for him

Follow him he's really cool

24 ElSherlock
25 BlackAngel_ZombieBoy
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