Best Gen-20 Users of TheTopTens

In case anyone wants to know what qualifies as gen-20, it would be to have joined/started doing stuff in the span between July 2019 to June 2020. Another case would be when you produced your content in recognition.
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1 SamanthaRosie

Goes for statistical film showings to tragic detections in our history. She may not be an accountant, but based off the little showing would you bank your own to this one to count up the estimated box office numbers for a movie?

She makes excellent lists.

I have to say she’s informative and actually does research before commenting. Deserves more credit.

2 TheFriendlyMex

He should be a lot higher. Looks like the next up and coming sports user and at this point could very well strive for that leadership role in this Gen considering Shadomatrix being more inactive. Mex has come a long ways. The Texas native has really made a name for himself showing a lot of potential and You know what they say Everything is bigger in Texas

No more denying the truth.

He's a great Gen-20 sports user.

Obviously the best user

3 TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Nice guy, but needs better content and shouldn’t ask others to look at his lists. Also, some of his grammar needs improvement. Asking others to look at your lists sounds like attention seeking. Wait before other users notice your lists and make sure they provide with good effort in them.
But overall he is a cool and chill dude.

The most recent of the newer sport users, and the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan that I know of to date. As username implies he also likes the sport of Soccer well that should go well for you in terms of variety of different appeal aside from what’s dominated the site the last four years.

Good to know that there's some people here still care about sport.

Glad we already have a sports user in Gen 20.

4 Powell

Not a fan of most gen 20 people, but he certainly is an exception to that. His comments are detailed, and his content isn't too shabby either. I think he deserves a higher spot than 8 though. Top 5 worthy if you ask me.

Pretty cool guy. Never messaged him though, but I might do that one time.

This is user is interesting.

How is Powell down here at 8?

5 ArtisticLuna

This one has a very bright future I feel. While not currently active at the moment she does possess her awareness of the site as a visitor, and now making an account toward this portion of the year. This is somebody who could be another bright spot to come.

Literally one of like three good users from this gen

Seems like she has great potential.

6 Limeyy

She seems cool and nice.

My favorite one so far

7 shadomatrix

An extremely mature and intelligent user. Something that's been pretty rare in the gen 18 and gen 19 eras and this is coming from a gen 19 user. Get this man to number 1.

Very great user, with a great taste in music and looks like he was a visitor for years, because he has a great knowledge about this website.

8 HaiThere

Thought he was early Gen 21 actually. Oh well, he makes interesting and fun content. Great addition to the TTT community

He should be in the top 10. He's a great user.

Whoever submitted me, thanks.

9 I80
10 jayynormal00

Definitely has potential. Glad we have another sports user

Another upcoming sports user pretty cool

The Contenders
11 Manlypants

Love the username.

12 Votebotingsucks

He has an interesting take on movies, and I do have faith for him.

My favorite so far.

13 RiverVibeZ
14 Eclipsmon
15 Leafeon

Deserves so much higher than 12th!
Edit: I realised that either this or my remix or both moved him up to ninth, that's good. We just need a few more to get him where he deserves to be

A great user and it's really rare to see users from a 3rd world country like Vietnam, recently...

16 Rainbowkid38

He was a good gen-20 user, he was one of my favorite users when he had his account

17 Yoshidude

thanks for having me

18 LiamCoasterFan

Has potential to be a good sports user. Nice to see someone repping Carolina Blue. But what does he have to say about the Panthers QB situation?

Woah woah woah how is he so low? Top five for me.

19 PastelTheGamer

From jersey Aye why not, already starting off with something creative such as a distinguishable signature when a comment is finished. There is one rising theme lately when it comes to the now liking of things, and the popularity of warrior cats is quite overwhelming it has become a cult phenomenon I would not of expected. Regardless I see a path for this one surely.

Thanks so much! Yes, I am from New Jersey, but we recently had to move to Colorado because my mom got a new job.

20 Listlover77

Now we don’t know everything in terms of specific age, but based off the likings seems like an old timer that would be a breath of fresh air for a change and she loves old fashioned lists I mean there’s nothing more to say to that is there?

21 PokeFallsMagica
22 BounceBackHater
23 ajacraig2011
24 scienceLover10
25 aj2005

Another potential sports user maybe. Nice to have more representation

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