Worst Things About TheTopTens Users

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1 They Make Bad Lists

For example, Top 10 Reasons Why Adolf Hitler is Better Than Justin Bieber. There's no way a leader who killed millions of Jews can be better than a terrible singer.

Oh I can already this list is going to be garbage, well I'm going to get my bleach for this.

I will admit people do run out of ideas, but to be fair they don't have too many options.

2 They Are Annoying

Most of them just disrespect other people, while the others are just friendly to them. I noticed that this website doesn't have enough positive feedback on every item. They hate on too many things they don't like.

Listen dude, barely anyone think a that we are annoying, so why did you create this list in the 1st place? Hmm is it because you've never met anyone?

And here comes the massive army of depressed users (just saying). Out of interest the maker of this list is a user him/herself.

3 They Are Rude

Quite a blatant stereo type right there some users are rude others aren't. Most of the time the only "rude" people are trolls that say offensive things just for notoriety.

I used to be rude when I first posted comments here back in 2017, but now I redeemed myself in 2019.

Not everyone is rude. You can find some nice users here.

4 They Are Making This Site Bad

Sorry to say this, but this is true. I don't care how many thumbs down you all give me.

5 They Are Immature
6 They Make Stupid Lists Like This That Prove That Users Are Too Stupid to Make Good Lists

Did you ever think about the fact that there's very limited topics to use for lists? In this generation of new users, it's especially hard since everything has been pretty much made already. So how can you expect lots of variety?

7 They're Horrible

Darcyc: you do realize that makes you horrible too? You are making a lis, you have an account, therefore you are a user.

But Dacryc you made this list so aren't you calling yourself horrible too?

8 They Use Bad Grammar
9 They Are Jealous of Any Other User
10 A Lot of Them Support Hillary Clinton
The Contenders
11 All They Talk About is How Much They Hate This or Like That

This is kind of the point of the whole website...

12 They Can't Stop Talking About Justin Bieber

The jokes about him are old and adding him to the list of the most evil people in history is an exaggeration. He may be annoying, but the people who can't stop talking about how much they hate him are much more annoying than Justin Beiber himself.

I said this many times before and I'll say it again.

Justin Bieber is like the 22nd worst person of all time according to this site. He's apparently worse than Kim-il-Sung, Vladimir Putin, George W Bush, Henry the 8th, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Bashar-al-Assad, Robert Mugabe, Jair Bolsonaro, Benjamin Netanyahu, Xi Jinping, and many more.

13 They are Hypocrites

Respect people if they agree with them but if you disagree they will make you feel bad for liking something and tell you why your opinion is wrong. Also they hate on opinions on a list since it is not what they agree with.

The same people that complain about people not respecting their opinions go out of their way to slander people for liking something they don't.

And this list isn't hypocritical? Quite sure it is...

14 They Are 12 Years Old
15 They Are Not Equal

No, you're quite right; some are more equal than others.

Now this is agree. Lots of people have more popularity than others

Isn't that how the whole world is?

16 People Make Troll Accounts Just to Make a Troll List
17 They Are Not Intelligent

Uh... Coming from a guy turning 12 who completed a geography quiz with a better grade than a 14 year old AND passed a Year 10 GCSE test in History.

I guess I work on my remixes to give you all great reasons for my choices for no reason then. Got it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I may be as smart as a rock, but these other users are certainly very intelligent!

18 They Are Nostalgiatards

I'm a huge "nostalgiatard," if that's what they're calling them now. Maybe it has to do with my obsession for 80's movies or my obsession with time travel or my interest in History. I, personally, live in the past, present, and future.

I hate nostalgiatards. They think that everything that came out after the games they loved is terrible. Kinda stupid. But again, this is BROAD.

I'm a "nostalgatiagard" or whatever you call it, and I'm proud. Maybe it's because I LOOVVVE history! But their's nothing wrong with it.

19 Most Make Poor Quality Lists and Blog Posts
20 They are Trolls

On a list of Worst Phineas and Ferb Characters, I saw about 5-10 characters that never made an appearance on the show. Like, Princess Peach, Barbie Doll, Minnie Mouse.

21 All They Care About is Britgirl
22 They Are Too Sensitive and Don't Know What Overrated Means

Where are bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead not considered overrated?

I'll tell you. This site where at least 70% of the user base is whiny middle schoolers that pitch a fit when someone criticizes their favourite band thinking overrated means bad when that is not at all what it means, and act like it's the greatest band to ever grace the Earth.

Yeah, this is true. But how dare you call us horrible! You're a hypocrite. Also, you say we make bad lists? Maybe you were talking about yourself.

23 They Shove Their Interests Down People Who Hate Its Throats
24 They Are Mean to Visitors

Most of the time visitors are rude to users, and the user can defend themselves from a visitor but usually the visitor is 10x more rude then the user is.

No, visitors are mean to me. One went around telling lies about me around December, another reason why I hate December 2017!

Well visitors are mean to users too. I've been cyberbullied by them a few times. One said I should die of cancer.

25 They Hate Things For Stupid Reasons

I kind of have to agree with this one.

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