Top Ten Traits Atheists Have

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We use science

Let me get this straight, science is not a religion (some people think it is). Science has been tested and proven by real people and it is made of real facts.

You do realize most of the worlds greatest scientists were Christian, right?

And that my dear friend, explaining things, is the same as the reason behind it...

Science is the reason behind how everything works, in a reasonable fashion.

We will believe anything if there is evidence to support it
We don't believe in any gods

That's what being an atheist is all about

We are open-minded

Oh I know that Atheists are open minded, cause Religion forces you to belive, narrowing your mind into nothingness.

Then I ask you, my dear friend, if You belive Nothing can't create something, then what created your supposed "God"

We often know more about a religion than the person practicing it

True, because to prove or disprove a theory you should be aware of every given fact or speculation. About the comment " arrogant elitist ". Science is looking for exact facts ( in other words " the truth " ) and the truth is for everybody, not for a elite group of people.

Are you familiar with the term, It's true?

We have morals

Morality comes from how much you feel others agony.

We usually have lots of patience

Anyone can have patience. It doesn't matter what your religion is or if you don't have one.

We will accept defeat
We laugh like everyone else
We always have an argument up our sleeves

Hey, I can prove to you that God isn't infinite and didn't create the universe. God is made of atoms. Duh, he has to be. Atoms make up everything. And what created atoms? That's right. The Big Bang. ( the big expansion ) so God couldn't of created the universe as he didn't exist then.

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We have a tendency to be Classical liberals and libertarians.
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