Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Victoria, Canada

Being the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is known as the Garden City making it a desirable place for tourists. Although a relatively small city, it has a good bunch of places worth a visit, and it doesn't get any better than the mild climate almost all year round. Ranging from (of course) gardens, parks, museums, and the historical buildings from its British colonial history (the parliament), these are some of the must-go places in this city.
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1 Butchart Gardens

Situated in a depleted limestone quarry, it's a vast collection display of flowers and other greenery, ranging from Italian gardens to Japanese gardens. This makes it one of the best gardens to visit. The statues, fountains, and other features add to the vibrant detail of the garden, but the Sunken Garden is the heart of the place.

The most fascinating fact about the place is the history behind it. There aren't enough words to describe this place, but if you plan to go to Victoria, I definitely recommend going here, especially if you're a nature lover.

2 Royal BC Museum

If you want to learn about the history of British Columbia, then you've come to the right place. Overall, the Royal BC Museum is one of the best places for learning diverse facts of history, mostly surrounding Victoria and its cultural history.

The exhibitions range from the First Nations and the Ice Ages to histories regarding the Japanese during World War II. All are very informative. While this only scratches the surface of what the experience looks like, it's definitely worth a visit if you want to know more.

3 Craigdarroch Castle

While it's not really a castle, it's by far one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture you can visit. With a lot of history behind it, this place was home to a coal baron named Robert Dunsmuir, the richest man in British Columbia before his death.

Constructed in 1890, this half-million-dollar mansion remains a fine example of Victorian architecture. Overall, it's a must-visit if you want to experience a medieval-ish atmosphere.

4 Fisherman's Wharf Park

One of the most popular attractions in Victoria is, of course, Fisherman's Wharf. Whether it's enjoying a wholesome meal at one of the kiosks, taking marine adventure trips, or whale sightseeing, it's overall a very family-friendly place to hang out.

The scenery, peppered with boats, docks, and friendly seagulls, tops the place at a solid ranking near the top 3. Then there are those floating houses filled with vibrant colors, which really add to the overall marine vibe of the place.

5 Miniature World

Well, the name speaks for itself. Miniature World is a collection of artifacts created in miniature. What makes the concept very intriguing is that it features diverse themes and dioramas, many of which are imaginative and historical, packed in one place.

Most of the exhibits are not only of artistic merit, but they also provide an educational experience. The most impressive aspect is the exceptional attention to detail in most, if not all, artifacts.

6 Willows Beach

One of the most popular beaches in British Columbia resides here. Sometimes it's better to enjoy a simple meal or read a book than explore most of the city, and this beach is the perfect fit for Victoria.

What makes the place desirable is that the weather is mild in general, making it a good place for taking a walk near the shore. The overall scenery complements the weather and the place itself very well.

7 Victoria Inner Harbour

Yet another lively place where you can take a pleasant stroll. Although it's one of the main tourist spots, it's surrounded by shops, refreshing scenery, recreational activities, flora, and beautiful buildings to immerse yourself in.

You can spend a few hours enjoying yourself with a cup of tea or coffee or visit popular places such as the Royal BC Museum or stay at the Fairmont Empress.

8 Mount Douglas Park

There are a lot of good parks in Victoria, but what stands out from most places is Mount Douglas Park. This park really gives a natural feel. You can start from the main trail at the parking lot, which takes approximately an hour or less uphill. Then you'll reach the peak, which offers an overview of the city on all sides, surrounded by greenery.

Alternatively, you can take another route that heads to the beach if you want another breathtaking scenery. Other than that, the main trail is an easy hike leading to a very rewarding experience. If you want to witness beautiful sunsets, this place is very desirable to visit.

9 BC Whale Tours

The name speaks for itself. This place offers a perfect opportunity to see whales and other sea life on a boat ride, while also providing an educational experience about the sea life around it.

10 Victoria Bug Zoo

This place is slightly underrated compared to the rest, but if you're a lover of bugs, you're definitely going to enjoy this one. It isn't really considered a zoo, but a mini zoo with a diverse collection of bugs, including spiders, grasshoppers, beetles, etc.

Yes, most of these bugs can be touched for your curiosity. Overall, it's a fantastic place to learn about bugs and insects for people of all ages.

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11 Beacon Hill Park
12 Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
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