Top Ten Types of Detective Conan Cases

Detective Conan as an anime show has a variety of cases which can be grouped into categories. Here are some of them.

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1 The Impossible Crime Cases

In these cases, either the most likely person to have committed the crime is already dead or the murder is done in such circumstances that it seems to defy logic. Example is the episode "Shinichi Kudou is the murderer and Ran's tears." - Kiteretsunu

From The Title I can Tell This Cases Would Be Very And Very Exciting

Makes u think

2 The Detective Boys Cases

I really love it when Conan solves some really intriguing cases with the Detective Boys as his companions. The humor in those episodes is really great, especially one centering on Haibara. - Kiteretsunu

3 Cases Concerning the Black Organization

Full of action, I love it

Like, like like! When Black organization appear, the atmosphere was so tense! Actually, I don't really like them because they're mean and antagonist, but at least I like bourbon and vermouth (and rye)

I just need Akai Shuichi and then let the world do whatever it wants!

Black Organization started everything though...

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4 The Poisoned Person Cases

In these cases, Conan has to just find about when, where and how was the deadly poison applied to the victim. - Kiteretsunu

5 The Serial Killing Murder Cases

The prime example of this is the "Moonlight Sonata Case". People die one after are another and there seems to be a sort of connection between these killings. - Kiteretsunu

Those are more plot twist

These are especially thrilling cases ^_^

6 The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Cases

Great character interaction!

Its super intresting when conan solves cases in front of takagi and saito and how they rely on 7year olds

These are large scale cases, where the stakes are very high. Like a bombing warning of a skyscraper or others where the whole police team is used. These are what we call the "high profile cases". - Kiteretsunu

7 The False Alibi Murder Cases

In these, complicated traps and tools are put up by the killer to kill the victim in such a way that he can somehow present an alibi for himself. Most of the cases belong to this category. - Kiteretsunu

8 Kidnapping Cases

Though this type of cases are rare in this series, it sure is very entertaining. - Kiteretsunu

9 Kaitou Kid Cases

Now how did I forget this! Thank you so much, whoever added this here. This list would be incomplete without it. Thanks again. And in my opinion it should be ranked at second. - Kiteretsunu

Kaitou Kid is my favourite character! The cases concerning him are definitely a favourite for me. - Goku02

Ahhh I voted for kidnapping cases because I didn't see this one. Seriously though they are the BEST. Kid is a genius in his own right and don't we love it when two geniuses go up against one another. - icyicy00

Very Good!

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10 Cases Where Conan is Hurt

It adds suspense.

I like them...

The Contenders

11 Shinchi Cases

Really the best type, especially the flashback ones. The most two cases I love are "Memories from Sakura Class" and "Deduction Battle on the Ski Slope".

I like every case there is in the series, but I especially love it when he turns back to Shinichi!

Cases where Conan turns back to shinchi

I love Shinichi cases. There should be more of him facing Kaitou Kid

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12 Cases with Okiya Subaru or Hattori Heiji

Or any episodes that have Conan (Shin'ichi) on the case with someone else also working to solve it.

13 The Dying Message Cases

My least favorite of all. It has become so repetitive, that it has now become a worthless and time wasting cliche of the series. Here the victim somehow manages to write a dying message at the time, when he's dying due to the injury he suffers from the killer. He writes the message in a puzzle sort of a way so that the killer doesn't recognise that it's actually a dying message! (and thus doesn't destroy it). The thing is, how can a person think so much and make a well made puzzle in the last few seconds of his life? - Kiteretsunu

14 Whodunit Cases

Majority of the cases belong to this category.

Especially those with lots of suspects

15 Puzzle Solving Cases

Here Detective Conan (mostly along with the Detective Boys), finds some sort of scrap paper with jumbled letters all around. He has to solve the puzzle that firstly might lead to a case and then the culprit. - Kiteretsunu

16 Cases That Include Sera
17 Case with Jodie Starling (Ran's English Teacher and FBI Agent)

Cases where we usually suspected Jodie as Chris Vineyard (Vermouth)

18 Case Involving Eri Kisaki and Kogoro Mouri

How we love if they would end up together again, but of course we also love how they solve cases together. (Murderer Kogoro Mouri Case)

19 Cases Where Conan Gets Isolated in a House with No Phone Signal or Car
20 Case with the FBI and BO
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