Top Ten Types of People You Have to Meet at School


The Top Ten

1 Bullies

By far!

2 At least one of your friends
3 The nerd

I have 2 other nerds in my class ones named Mia and the other is Neil. I like to compete with him and when I thought negatively about my report card (even if it wasn’t a bad grade)He said to me that I was the only one who challenges him in anything. The point being is that nerds are more than a smart know-it-all.

4 The tomboy

I am a combination of loner/shy girl/tomboy/nerd - Lunala

5 The perfectionist
6 The girly girl
7 The wannabe jocks
8 The one with depression, stress and anxiety


9 The kid who is obsessed with memes

And his name is I fight for my FALCONE PAWNCH!

10 The annoying one

The Contenders

11 The gamer
12 The grumpy sensitive crybaby
13 Teachers
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