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1 Mr. Gus Mr. Gus

Very good very good yes yes he is very realistic I hope he eats pizza Steve hahaa

The only good character

Mr gus.. I loveu bro

The only reason why you find him boring is because he is like 1000 million years old.He is the only tolerable character in the show with belly bag.

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2 Pizza Steve Pizza Steve

Reminds me of Dave Strider. - Avicerate

Oh my God, I thought I was the only one!

What about Samari Jack, Ben 10, Adventure Time, Clarence, Steven Universe, Powerpuff girls and many more Uncle Grandpa Characters that were in the episode Pizza Eve.

Pizza Steve is awful, Mr. Gus and Uncle Grandpa are way better in my opinion - Spongehouse

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3 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa

The main character.

Even though most people hate him I think he is awesome! - Spongehouse

I love Uncle Grandpa as Character. He is my Second Favorite of the show!

Good mornin'!

4 Giant Flying Realistic Tiger

Photo animation tiger who farts rainbows,hmmm


5 Belly Bag

He is gangster

Belly bag is my favorite

He is just so funny and can be cool.

6 Tiny Miracle

Another Tom Kenny classic.

Did somebody say "Tiny Miracle"?

Someone forgot about this guy!

7 Charlie Burgers
8 Beary Nice

Finding his nepew

Did anyone see that one at the end of Uncle Cupid where Beary Nice forces Hot Dog Person to EAT HIMSELF? And then everyone else in the restaurant eats him too!

I love beary nice! Its like he can predict the future for himself but what he predicts is always the opposite for hot dog person

Beary Nice Is So Berry Nice.

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9 Akira
10 The Robot

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11 Hot Dog Person
12 Evil Wizard
13 Xarna

Definitely the xarna segments were the best parts of this bizarre cartoon & she should have had her own series.

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