Underrated Formula One Drivers of All Time

In my opinion, these are the highly underappreciated F1 drivers of all time that deserved a lot of recognition than they received..

The Top Ten

1 John Alesi John Alesi

This driver had a tremendous amount of potential to clinch the Driver's Championship Title...But Unfortunate events and poor team choices absolutely sabotaged his prospects..Id consider him to be the most unluckiest F1 driver I've ever seen...I've lost the count of how many times the guy would exhibit impressive performances in races only for his car to snap while leading or in a decent grid position. I mean, he retired from the lead at Spa 91, Monza 94 and 95, Monaco 95 and 96. - Arhaan95

2 Stefan Bellof Stefan Bellof

Basically his podium finish in Monaco 1984 from a tremendous charge is overshadowed by Senna's similar charge. And that GP was raining and controlling a car in the rain is more difficult than racing on a dry surface, therefore requiring more talent to maneuver a car in these conditions. - Kwaysar

3 Damon Hill Damon Hill

Who can forget his gruelling battles with Michael Schumacher? No F1 Fanatic will..And I'll never forget that moment in 1998 Belgian Grand Prix.. - Arhaan95

4 Robert Kubica

Without his injury he was on his way to greatness, especialy if he was given a comopetitive car. He is every bit as good as Vettel and Hamilton, I think only Alonso of todays drivers might be a clearly superior driver. So underrated, what might have been. Unluckiest driver ever.

5 Jos Verstappen
6 Martin Brundle

The best formula one driver of all time to have never won a race...His determination and skill on the track was worth applauding despite not possessing a half decent car to drive... - Arhaan95

7 Kimi Raikkonen Kimi Raikkonen Kimi-Matias Räikkönen, nicknamed "The Ice Man", is a Finnish racing driver currently driving for Ferrari in Formula One.
8 Sebastian Vettel Sebastian Vettel

People dump on him for winning 4 world titles with Red Bull but alteast he won the title all 4 years he had the fastest car, unlike Hamilton who had the fastest car like 8 years and still has only 4 titles. - quackerpacker

9 Juan Manuel Fangio
10 David Coulthard

The Contenders

11 Daniel Riccardo
12 Fernando Alonso Fernando Alonso

People underrate him compared to Vettel and Hamilton since he has less F1 titles but it is only since those guys are in a faster car most years. Hamilton especialy is the luckeist driver ever to be in the fastest car almost every year of his career, and one of the 2 fastest every single year of his career. - quackerpacker

I absolutely agree regarding Lewis Hamilton, who never had to face the challenges of driving an inferior car.. - Arhaan95

13 Nick Heidfeld
14 Ronnie Peterson Ronnie Peterson
15 Rubens Barrichello

I know a lot of people think Barrichello was rubbish, but he beat Button sometimes in the races they had as teammates, and Button is a great driver as he outscored Hamilton when they were teammates at McLaren. - JamesNicholls

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