Most Underrated Video Game Franchises


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1 Lego

Kinda boring though. You just build stuff and if you die you respawn where you were killed - Ilikegames

I Guess - VideoGamefan5

2 Azure Striker Gunvolt

The fact that this franchise is from the same guys who brought you Mighty No. 9, the most disappointing game ever made doesn't mean it's bad. - PerfectImpulseX

3 Resident Evil

Not Really Underrated As Many People Like It But I Would Say The 5th Installment In The Main series Is Underrated - VideoGamefan5

4 Tekken
5 Driver
6 Bomberman

Yeah - VideoGamefan5

7 Klonoa
8 Chibi-Robo
9 Gran Turismo
10 Viva Pinata

The Contenders

11 Virtual On
12 Choro Q
13 Pac-Man World
14 Gundam Battle Assault
15 The Getaway
16 Golden Sun
17 Gundam Vs.
18 Burnout
19 Mother
20 Kirby

People hate kirby because it's so easy. I say, true arena without stone. This series is really overshadowed by the milkers: Mario and Pokemon. I feel bad. Why should pikachu get a macy's balloon when kirby makes more sense? Plus, it would make so much money for Nintendo; Pokemon already has enough. Oh kirby, how not unloved, but unfortunately underrated you are.

It’s a good game - Ilikegames

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1. Azure Striker Gunvolt
2. Virtual On
3. Klonoa
1. Bomberman
2. Chibi-Robo
3. Viva Pinata
1. Resident Evil
2. Tekken
3. Driver



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