Most Underrated Video Game Franchises

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1 Lego

I was good until 2013 then they got boring

The first game franchise I ever played

Kinda boring though. You just build stuff and if you die you respawn where you were killed - Ilikegames

I Guess - VideoGamefan5

2 Azure Striker Gunvolt

The fact that this franchise is from the same guys who brought you Mighty No. 9, the most disappointing game ever made doesn't mean it's bad. - PerfectImpulseX

3 Bomberman

Yeah - VideoGamefan5

4 Chibi-Robo
5 Klonoa
6 Viva Pinata
7 Virtual On
8 Resident Evil

Not Really Underrated As Many People Like It But I Would Say The 5th Installment In The Main series Is Underrated - VideoGamefan5

9 Driver
10 Pokemon


Should be in the top 5. - PageEmperor

The Contenders

11 Tekken
12 Golden Sun
13 Mother

The Mother games are WAY too underrated.
They have original humor, whacky enemies and scenarios, many emotional moments, great music...
Why, JUST WHY is the Mother series SO underrated?

14 Pac-Man World
15 Gundam Battle Assault
16 Gran Turismo
17 Gundam Vs.
18 Choro Q
19 Kirby

This and Pokémon should switch places

People hate kirby because it's so easy. I say, true arena without stone. This series is really overshadowed by the milkers: Mario and Pokemon. I feel bad. Why should pikachu get a macy's balloon when kirby makes more sense? Plus, it would make so much money for Nintendo; Pokemon already has enough. Oh kirby, how not unloved, but unfortunately underrated you are.

It’s a good game - Ilikegames

How the heck is pokémon higher than kirby? Heck, how is pokémon even on this list? If anything pokémon is overrated. Though I'm not sure if "underrated" is the right word to put kirby. The franchise doesn't really receive a lot of hate. Only a few people criticize kirby. The series is also one of Nintendo's most popular franchises. A lot of people seem to like it too. However, the series is often overshadowed by others such as Mario or pokémon. Mario isn't overrated though. Mario's the best video game franchise ever, it deserves all of the popularity it gets. I don't really think kirby's "underrated" per se, but it does deserve more popularity.

20 Sakura Wars
21 The Getaway
22 SpongeBob Games

I would not call these games as a whole "underrated", but somewhat more underappreciated.

23 Burnout
24 Metroid
25 Colin McRae
26 Pikmin

It's kinda insulting how many people ignore this video game. I grew up with this game. My brother thinks it's overrated. He plays Smash.

27 Tales Of Series
28 F-Zero

Easily the most badass racing game ever. - xandermartin98

29 Just Cause
30 PaRappa the Rapper
31 Phoenix Wright

A great franchise, unfortunately VERY underrated. Need more love and recognition - AzkaNesia

33 Portal
34 Fire Emblem
35 Splinter Cell
36 Oddworld
37 Bubsy

The 2d ones really aren't bad. - myusernameisthis

38 Jak and Daxter
39 Castlevania
40 Sly Cooper
41 Call of Duty
42 Star Wars Battlefront
43 Silent Hill
44 Super Smash Bros.

How is this underrated? Literally every Nintendo fanboy I know plays this... - RogerMcBaloney

Whoever Says Smash Is Underrated Is Dumb - VideoGamefan5

45 Kingdom Hearts
46 Animal Crossing
47 Team Fortress Classic
48 Destiny
49 Grandia
50 Arcana Heart
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