Top 10 Underrated YouTubers of 2015


The Top Ten

1 TryMike4Instance
2 Snipars
3 CrazyRussianHacker
4 Pyrion Flax
5 Magnasword2
6 TatsTopVideos

Should be number one. - Puga

7 2013htoutlaws
8 Mothertrucker Jones
10 Need4knife

The Contenders

11 SuperGreninja 3482
12 theskully343
13 TheSw1tcher
14 Hilax

Made hilarious U.S. Presidents best to worst video

15 PS3Ahoy
16 MattShea

Spectacular but does swear

17 Peladophobian
18 HoppingHammy
19 PeanutButterGamer
20 Vinesauce
21 Jacksfilms Jacksfilms
22 Amazingphil Amazingphil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

He invented so many YouTube challenges and doesn't get any credit.

23 IHateEverything
24 Pieguyrulz
25 DudePerfect
26 Cygnus Destroyer/The LJN Defender

If you like old school gamers and reviewers who give every game a fair and objective chance then you should like this guy.

27 Adam Koralik
28 Snaggle Teef

Though he doesn't really have a set list of items that have an imprint on today's YouTube standards, Snaggle still manages to exceed on a lot of them. He started as a lets play, didn't grow much, then branched off into other genre's. Such as Top 8's, Sub requests such as game play and general commentary, He's great and I'm hooked, Passionate about the likes and dislikes he gets and seems to build off of all the feedback. Even when people don't comment, To which I've noticed more and more people commenting on his videos. Doesn't beg you to share or like his videos, and seems to simply enjoy making content, even though his schedule seems to be limited due to having 2 kids, (which he tries to include in some of his videos (by way of background gurgles and baby noises)). And a full time job that has him working throughout most of the day. Just one of those channels you wish you could multiply into a bunch of people to help support them. Very underrated channel and I wish that he could get ...more - SnaggleFan

29 Jelly

This guy is cool

30 Clifford Owusu

He is very underrated and he one of the best African YouTubers of all time.

31 JackSepticEye JackSepticEye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.
32 Really Freakin' Clever
33 Theo Baker
34 KSI
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