United States Cities With the Worst Weather

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Quillayute, Washington


Aberdeen Washington has waay worse of weather, Seattle has pretty nice weather (if you can understand coffee and reading and looking at the sky).

Astoria, Oregon
Marquette, Michigan
Syracuse, New York

It's either cold, snow, ice, or rain and then it's a couple of months of hot & humid.

Winter's are brutal. We are a hearty group of people in the "Cuse."

Nearby Watertown is actually worse but nota a well known.

Sault St.Marie, Michigan

I live in the Metro Detroit area and I came here on Vacation once August 2015! It was 50 DEGREES IN SUMMER! Sure I was in the Canadian side but come one being across the border makes no difference! I had to wear Jackets in the summer! When I got back to Metro Detroit I felt like I came to Florida

No summer weather, spring goes straight to fall. then snow

Eklins, West Virginia

It's Elkins not Eklins. But anyway it's always bad weather there and hard to breathe.

Binghamton, New York

DO NOT EVER MOVE HERE. This place is already s crap-hole, add to that the horrible weather and you have the worst place in the USA to live. It's either cold, cloudy, raining, or snowing. And we only get maybe 38 days of sun, tops.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Changes every two seconds. And tornado season is horrible

Eugene, Oregon

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Seattle, Washington Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who the truck would live there. And their sports teams suck!

Winter,2013, Minneapolis was one of the coldest places in the world.

Minneapolis has bad Weather

Your right

Hilo, Hawaii
Anchorage, Alaska
Miami, Florida Miami, officially the City of Miami, is the cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida. Miami is the seat of Miami-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida.
San Antonio, TX

It has hot humid summers, and for Texas some really cold winters.

Dallas, Texas

Seemingly endless strings of 100+ degree days, ice storms, tornadoes, what's not to love?

Too Hot, and too many tornadoes

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It's always cloudy here in Pittsburgh. - LiamCoasterFan

Our heavy snow storms make our steep hills and almost 2,000 bridges undrivable. A lot of these hills are brick which has almost no traction when wet. This city was built in stupid location making it's inhabitants vulnerable to snow storms, which down powerlines and freeze pipes. - Bturlik

Salina, Kansas
Salt Lake City, Utah

The inversion combined with the temperature during the winter months causes for some of the worst air in the nation during January

El Paso, TX
Brownsville, Texas
Fayetteville, Tennessee Fayetteville is a city in Cumberland County, North Carolina, United States. It is the county seat of Cumberland County, and is best known as the home of Fort Bragg, a major U.S.
San Diego, California

Its really a huge problem; there just is not any weather here at all.
Its never very cold, its never very hot, it almost never rains, and there are only 2 seasons per year- night and day.
Just stay away, you will hate it.

Chicago, Illinois

I’m surprised this is not at top ten. - MrCoolC

Scorching hot summers where triple digit heat is possible, and severe weather can turn up in minutes, and bitterly cold winters where heavy drifting snow and sub zero conditions prevail

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