Most Unromantic Things to Say While Making Love

Hmm... There are just some things you shouldn't say during the most intimate moments with a loved one. Here are ten. You may have your own to add, if you fancy that is.

The Top Ten

1 If I died in childbirth, would you marry again?

This is, without a doubt, the worst thing to ever say to the person you are meant to respect the most, and the worst time to say it. Any girl who did it to me would wind up with a disfunctional eye and no man in her life.
Great list, Britgirl. - PositronWildhawk

Duh! Yes! Haha, just kidding... Wait, are you HEY! Don't LEAVE ME! IT WAS A JOKE! - CityGuru

I laughed so much when I heard this on keeping Up Appearances. Poor Onslow! Haha! - Britgirl

2 What do you want for dinner tomorrow?

Laugh out loud! So random! Maybe the person who said that was hoping the other person would say that persons name. In a seductive way not canibolic at all... - happyhappyjoyjoy

3 Have you put the cat out?
4 I still say that referee needs glasses!

It's so boring! I'm fed up of this. - Kiteretsunu

Oh my God! If this was ever let out... - Britgirl

6 Sorry, darling, you know what curry does to me...
7 The weatherman said it might rain tomorrow...
8 Be careful of my warts!
9 How many boyfriends have you had, then?
10 I might try out that new toilet cleaner tomorrow. Supposed to be really good!

Whoever says this deserves to spend an eternity on their own. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 You're too hot for any other man!
12 Switching to automatic...
13 Is that a birthmark?
14 Your sister/brother was better

Slap coming your way - Curti2594

15 Never give up on your day job
16 Daniel O' Donnell!

Well, Beatles... Thank you! And I must stress quite strongly that none of these were born from personal experience... - Britgirl

Oh my Lord, Britgirl! I think this is likely the funniest list that I've seen on the site! It's also your most risqué! All of these would be terrible! But this one? If you're a man, you are expressing your love for her in the most beautiful way imaginable, and she can't even remember your name! If you're a woman... - beatles

I certainly hope not! - beatles

17 Permission to gobble your bollocks

I demand to know who was creepy enough to add this! Come forth! - PositronWildhawk

Haha! Oh my GOD! That's so rude... ! - Britgirl

18 I'm you and I'm piling on the smooches
19 Scorpion on your face!
20 Is this your first time? I can tell...
21 Who are you thinking of now?

Thank you to who added this. It IS a bit of a passion-killer, I agree... - Britgirl

22 Would you marry me?
23 What have you eaten? Chili onions?
24 Oh, I forgot to take the herpes pill...

One word: "Gross! "

25 Goooooooooal!
26 Someone else's name

Haha this would be bad! - Curti2594

27 My hair!
28 Spider!
29 YOU HAVE AIDS NOW! Just Kidding.
30 My mum said it's ok to drop you off.
31 Not the face woman! Not the face!
32 Look at this rash. Is it getting worse?
34 Friendship is magic!
35 Did I leave the stove on?
36 Yup
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