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I am a Jewish agnostic and re is my favorite subject since I can do whatever I want in that class. - Ihateschool

definitely - blackflower

We should learn how to not discriminate before going into so much detail about how a certain religion eats its dinner.

Letter Writing

When there are email and phones, who needs a letter?

There is no point in this


Only useful if you want to be a math teacher like I want to be!

I am not saying that it is boring, it is simply useless in life - yatharthb

Representing the square of 5.872 on the number line is simply useless - yatharthb

Because I can totally see my 30 year old self using 6th year geometry.


Drama is useless in my opinion because who needs this to get a good job(s)? (unless you are pursuing acting or drama. in other terms drama is useless.


Bro this launguage is dead and nobody uses it! - Manlypants

A dead language so no one uses it now

I know it because it is simple to me (Iway owknay itway ecausebay itway isway implesay otay emay (Pig Latin(igpay atinlay))) - mathguy37

In Sweden/From Sweden can you get the books: Latin en introduktion and Vivat Lingua Latina. The book Latin For Dummies is still selling world wide. Plus youtube users like latintutorial keeps it alive and artists such as Enya and Evanescence and even Helloween (Laudate Dominum) seems to have/have had quite an inspiration for the originall romance language out of them all. P.S Latin is still used today and I do not mean just in science. You do know right that Italian French, and Spanish (just to mention a few) are all Latin DIALECTS. In Sweden are Swedish, Norwegian and Danish dialects with each other and Skånska is a mix of Danish and Swedish. Quoth John Lennon: Don't hate what you don't understand. P.SS Gutiska Razda (not to be confused with Gutniska Razda, as well as Vandalic) is still being used sooo...


Bro just leave me and my fat ass alonnneee - Manlypants

Won't teach me anything except how stupid this subject is. I'm considering this as P.E..

I agree who said "This should only be for fat people. - Connor360".

This should only be for fat people. - Connor360


Noun, pronoun, figures of speech- how are They important?


Well if you choose the right language as your subject then it'll help you in life when you have to communicate to someone in that language. - Kwaysar

I learn Irish, English and choice language (mine is Spanish) at school and I speak Japanese at home. I'm only in first year so Spanish is all new and Irish and Spanish get muddled in my head. Please, please don't do this to us, school. And no one speaks Irish in my area so damn decide what language to teach in schools.

French, Spanish, German... total waste of time, nowadays everybody knows English - yatharthb

What purpose does learning Latin do for me to be a director?


I legitimately have NEVER used Algebra outside of a classroom in my entire life. Well, except when I am doing homework. - wubbalubbadubdub

Seriously, who actually uses this in real life?

In what situation in life will I need to use this and how? - Persian

I honestly will probably never use most algebra outside school.

Number Systems

Cannot be used in real life

-31/872+8/111 why the hell they exist? - yatharthb

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Band is gay


Tell me about it. Get me out of this class! I will do what I want for myself don't tell me what to buy and invest in!


There's really no point to this class. The things we learn are rarely ever helpful for the real world.

It's very useful

We don't need it we already know it. it does not takes 12 years to study how to speak fluent english. but I love the stories and the poems

It’s useless when you are fluent and live in America or some other English speaking country


I'll not become an artist anyway.

Why art? I love drawing and stuff, but in the end the kids draw just as ugly as before! It would be useful if my class actually learns to draw and not to glue papers on coloured papers. This really insults me, because my teacher won't let me draw on higher niveau than my peers! If I draw how I like it, the teacher just says that it isn't like the task wanted me to do it. Bitch, just let me draw! I am better off teaching myself drawing than with you anyways.
The teacher can't even draw. So disappointing.

Home Economics

Why is this on the list? Home economics are not useless. They're important! People should learn how to cook, shopping, housework, child care, and money management. They all are necessary if they want to live independently one day. They can't rely on unhealthy fast food and junk food all the time. They must cook healthy meals. They will eventually need to buy their own house and cars and pay their own bills. And if they want to have kids one day, they need to learn how to take care of them so they won't be charged with child neglect or abuse.


The only helpful thing is the four horsemen (* / - +) - Manlypants

Just to clear any points, math is essential in the engineering field and sometimes everyday life. - Kwaysar


Why? it's so useless unless you want to be a historian


What is this?

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