Top Ten Vacation Destinations

Everyone's got their own dream vacation in mind. This list compiles the ten destinations that have most of us daydreaming during the work week. Please note that this list is meant to feature basic vacation destinations that would appeal to everyone (i.e. a tropical beach, so no super specific locations).
The Top Ten
1 Tropical Beach

I totally know why this is number one

2 Amusement Park

Roller coasters are so fun. - windowslottery

3 Tropical Cruise
4 Lakeside/Oceanside Cottage

Even better than a tropical beach. In summer the beach here is warm, in fall the leaves change colors, and in winter there’s snow. Tropical beaches only have the first thing.

It might not be tropical paradise, but a trip to the lake or coast is still fun. Just dress warmly for it!

5 Major City

LA, Vegas, NYC, and San Francisco are my favorites!

6 Spa Resort
7 European Village
8 Campground/Wilderness

I wouldn't mind one bit. - Britgirl

9 Casino District

I go to Vegas to eat and take pictures, not gamble. It's still fun!

Only for 21 and up, mainly

10 Home

What why is this on the list? There's nothing more boring than being stuck at home all summer with nothing to do!

The Contenders
11 Ski Resort

I love snow way more than anyone does!

12 North Sentinel Island

The vacation to die for - UndaDaSea


13 Bed & Breakfast
14 Wine Country
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