Top 10 Video Game Franchises That Should Crossover

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1 Jak & Daxter x Ratchet & Clank

The 2 greatest duos in gaming and both major players for the PS2. Also, since Naughty Dog and Insomniac have always had a friendly rivalry, and reference each other in their games, this crossover is possible, and there are enough Sci-Fi elements in both franchises for it to make sense as to how they co-exist within the same universe

2 Mario x Sonic Platformer

Sonic games are a tier below garbage. Mario has always been quality and sonic shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as Mario.

3 Devil May Cry x Bayonetta
4 Final Fantasy x Shadow of the Colossus

I never knew I wanted this until now.

5 Spyro The Dragon x Crash Bandicoot
6 Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter
7 Pokemon x Monster Hunter
8 Arcana Hearts x Mortal Kombat
9 Starfox x F-Zero
10 Uncharted x Tomb Raider

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11 XCOM x Gears of War
12 Portal x Team Fortress
13 Grand Theft Auto x Saints Row
14 Legend of Zelda x Shadow of the Colossus
15 Crash Bandicoot x Spyro the Dragon
16 Resident Evil x Silent Hill
17 Assassin's Creed x Batman: Arkham Series
18 Touhou Project x Yo-kai Watch
19 Super Smash Bros. x PlayStation All Stars

It'll happen when Nintendo and Sony merge their consoles together.
I doubt that'll happen anytime soon however.

This game is probably gonna exist for sure.

20 Super Smash Bros. x Mortal Kombat


21 Final Fantasy x Chrono-Trigger
22 Kirby X Yoshi

Eater Couples

23 Super Smash Bros. x Street Fighter
24 Marvel x D.C
25 Crash x Sonic
26 Halo x Destiny
27 Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat
28 Lego Marvel x DC
29 Dragon Ball x Street Fighter
30 Batman x Superman
31 Pac-Man x Sonic
32 Undertale x Earthbound
33 Halo x Battlefront

Imagine it Master Cheif with a Light
Saber or the match ups Cheif vs Vader.and the weapon mashups
Would be awesome.but most amazing of all the beautiful map would be truly be a

34 Doom x Call of Duty

How awesome it this crossover would be.

35 Splinter Cell x Metal Gear
36 Zelda x Final Fantasy
37 BioShock x Fallout 4
38 Metroid x Halo

Imagine Samus And Master Cheif.Power Couple

39 Wolfenstein x Battlefield

Great mashup

40 Sonic 2 x Mario Bros

Imagine being able to switch between as sonic and Mario just
Replace tails with Mario and Boom
You got a juggernaut game.

41 Halo Guardians x Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)

Luke Skywalker vs Halo in a Space battle

Great crossover idea

Imagine the graphics and scfi of star wars with Halo's multiplayer and gameplay.

Master Cheif vs Dark Vader

42 Sonic x Mario Platformer

This would be awesome.just think of it like sonic 2 just replace tails with Mario genius.

43 Metal Gear x Splinter Cell

Ultimate tag team Sam Fishcer and Solid Snake

44 Bioshock x Half Life
45 Battlefield x Call Of Duty

Battlefield would just bring Call of Duty down

46 Undertale x Xeno
47 Cho Aniki x Muscle March
48 Danganronpa x Zero Escape
49 Fire Emblem x Kirby (Series)
50 Digimon x Yo-Kai Watch
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