Top 10 Most Wanted Super Smash Bros. 5 Newcomers


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1 Krystal

The game needs a new Star Fox rep! And we need more than 2 Star Fox reps period! Krystal fills that roll nicely!

Watching her hatedom lose their minds over her inclusion would be the most satisfying thing ever.

The roster needs a Star Fox character that doesn't rely on a Landmaster, blaster, reflector, or the use of illusion.

I wanna be a Cat.
Oh, and then there's the fact that her staff is enough of a weapon and that we won't have to worry about her being a clone character but oH MY GOD YOU GET TO PLAY AS A CAT MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! - JamesBourne

2 Genesect Genesect

Maybe the Final Smash could be Techno Blast.

3 Waluigi Waluigi Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's wicked more.

He was an assist trophy in two games, so I don't see why he shouldn't be in it.

Guess what time it is.

This boi is not bein left behind

Feed into the waa

4 Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. As his name implies, he is the son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

Already in Smash 4

5 Midna Midna
6 King K. Rool
7 Ridley Ridley
8 Inkling
9 Ninten
10 Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Fire/Fighting Type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise .

The Contenders

11 Porky
12 Ghirahim Ghirahim
13 Masked Man
14 Ashley

We need more warioware characters! She could have shadow field to make food do damage and have magic that could make you dizzy with some recovery move simalir to meta nights!

15 Tails

Being the smart, tech-savvy, and fox-like creature that Tails is, his move set could revolve around him using various gadgets, as well as his tails to attack, fly, deflect, etc.

16 Rayman
17 Steve

Minecraft has no plans with Nintendo, but his moveset would be very cool! Drop anvils like a boss!

18 Badana Dee

The whole gang from Kirby: Return to Dreamland is here, so why not?

19 Skull Kid

The Zelda reps in Smash Bros. need a change up. He's the one to do it.

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20 Geno

Because geno is epic and he's my favourite Mario rpg character

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