Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

I hope Erin Hunter finds this list. If you are Erin Hunter please put some of these names in the books.
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1 Firestorm

Pelt: ginger with white slashes.
Gender: Tom
Rank: Warrior
Clan: ShadowClan
Mom: Hazelcloud.
Pelt: black with white slashes and ginger ears and paws.
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Med. cat
Clan: ThunderClan
Father: Tigertail
Pelt: brown with dark orange tail stripes.
Gender: Tom
Rank: Outcast
Clan: ShadowClan
Sister: Gingersplash
Pelt: ginger with dark orange stripes
Gender: She-cat
Clan: ThunderClan
Half-Sister: Dew After Storm Rain.
Pelt: black and dark orange with white tail tip and tail base
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Hunter
Clan: RiverClan, ShadowClan, Tribe of Rushing water.
Brother: Unknown

I had to vote for this name because I come across it so often. Firestar was mistakenly called this once, and it just sounds like someone adores Firestar and came up with this for a Fanfic. Not hating or anything. It's like, "Oooh, I should use the prefix fire because Firestar is like the most popular cat EVER, and the suffix storm to make it super edgy! " It's just my opinion. I'm sure there are other people who like this name, but I'm not one of them. But whoever created this, congrats for making #1!

I don't understand why people say that you can't use prefixes that are used already in the books. It would be nearly impossible to come up with a name if you can't use prefixes from the book. Even in the original series, there were around 6 cats with the prefix White.
Also, I don't get why people are so rude. If you don't like a name, don't vote for it, don't comment or just say that you don't like it very much in a nice and polite way.
I think Firestorm is a cool name, even if it's often used.

Fireheart should be named Firestorm, not that the name Fireheart is not nice, though. Just not as nice as Firestorm.

2 Mistyfern

I like this a lot. She would be a gray tabby with pale green eyes. I imagine her sitting in the forest, mist wreathing around her... So prettty

Pale gray she-cat with white-tipped fur. She has bright green eyes and is probably kind and sometimes hyper and energetic. ~Mistyrain

I think this would be great name.

Graceful! She is mine! HISS!

3 Brightstream

Brightstream is clear sky's mate.

No, that was Bright Stream.

In the books already

You can use whatever name you want!

4 Diamondpool

I think Diamond Pool is great! and I know what some other people are going to say cats don't know what diamonds are but that doesn't matter really, but I see this cat as a sliver she-cat but her fur looks blue. Her eyes are blue too she has a white muzzle and white paws and on the tip of her tail is white too.

Guys there is a difference between names that should be in books and names that sound cool. And poor cat, to whoever has this name!

Person: Name her Diamondkit!
Mother: Whatz a diamond
Person: Oh forget it. It's a bad name anyway

Warrior cats don't know what diamonds are

5 Marigoldwing

A gray cat. When people first look at her, it looks like she has two white spots. But when they look closer, they will see that the spots are really wings. She lives in thunderclan and is the best Hunter and later leader. Is lightningheart's younger sister

6 Dawnlight

It's a bad idea to take a real thing and make it a warrior name... E.g Honeydew or Thunderstorm

It would be a good name for a queen

One of the best names on this list

Awesome I love this

7 Lilygrass

Lily grass. Sounds good. Lily grass is a white shecat with green eyes. Her brother would be Whiteflame. Whiteflame is a reddish Tom with white paws and amber eyes. Lily grass is in StarClan from RiverClan. She died...
1. She ate deathberries.
2. She drowned.
Whiteflame is in the dark forest because
1. He killed too much prey and was exiled.
2. He killed the leader, deputy, and med cat so he could be leader.

And you guys are the rudest people on this list!

That's the worst name in this list!

Glad this isn't in the books.

8 Willowshade

Beautiful, it reminds me of all my favourite characters' name in one word!

Woah, this should of become number 1! This name is beautiful!

I don't know why I always loved the name Willow

Love it!

9 Tigerflame

An orange tom with black stripes on his back and yellow eyes. Loyal, fierce and powerful. Sometimes overprotective.

10 Mapledawn

Calico she-cat with green eyes. Half RiverClan, Half WindClan, along with her sister, Mistymoon.

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11 Clovermist

This one is really cute! I think that this is a dappled light blue/grey Queen with light green eyes, that pierce you like a wave of icy water crashing down on you. Although, she has a kind heart and is usually shy around others whom aren't her litter mates/parents or her mate. But in battle she is fierce and over-protective. But also sometimes heavily reliant on others. In my warrior cat book I'm working on, she is part of Windclan, and has currently 3 kits, Hollyfrost, Owlkit, and Forestkit. And also, don't be a hater if someone is making a fan-fic with their own characters.

Black and white with dark green eyes

A black she-cat with green eyes

12 Sundrop

I imagine a white cat with an orange bobtail.
Mother: Tigerflame, orange tabby
Father: Dawnstar, white cat with reddish patches
Sundrop: Female
Sister: Turtlewish, Reddish tabby
Brother: Clawedfur, white cat

I think of her with amber eyes and pale yellow body

Such a pretty name!

The perfect name.

13 Frostfire

She is a white cat with orange blotches that look like flames.

This sounds like an awesome name!

This doesn't make sense...really?

It sort of clashes

14 Pebbleclaw
15 Airtalon

Four litter mates named Sneezenose, Hollytail, Ashclaw, and Lionfoot. Has one kit named Dustkit. Mate is Lightningheart. Should be daughter of Heathertail

16 Goldencloud

This sounds so cool!

This has no votes so I thought I'd give it one so, yeah. Also, this is one of the trillion names I came up with and YOU used! Are you spying on me or something?

17 Sunfeather
18 Carmel Clover

Worst name ever

AAWE I find this really cute.

19 Lightningheart
20 Brightwish

BEAUTIFUL! Maybe a yellow-ginger she-cat with amber eyes.
Brightwish comes from BreezeClan, home of the quiet and mysterious. She is kindhearted and loves to chat, but at the same time she can be a little overjudging about her own looks. Brightwish has a missing whisker from a fox attack, and a torn ear. Brightwish can also get scared of anything new, though she doesn't show it.
The she-cat who is now an elder is crestfallen that no one became her mate. But the leader Wavestar thanks her for her bravery over time. She soon dies peacefully in her sleep. ­čÉ║Wolfsoul­čÉ║

21 Rainpettal

Love it!

22 Owleye

Brown top with black claws, yellow eyes. First kit to open his eyes in his litter and amazing eyesight.

Dark brown tom with amber eyes blind in one.

I hate owl eyes and the name owlet

Maybe A black tom?

23 Bluefang

I love this name, but when I thought of this it would be a Tom oh well this is a better name then mine.

Reminds me of Bluestar and Yellowfang, two of my favorite characters.

I guess this cat needs to go to the dentist

Simple, but nice image.

24 August Pelt
25 Dovefeather

Love it! ~ Spottedthistle of ThunderClan

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