Top 10 Ways Anti-Bronies Can Be Worse Than Bronies

If those Anti-Bronies wont go, support this list and find out why they are.

P.S. Too all anti-bronies visiting this list, Do not read it.

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1 They think Bronies are stupid yet they are intelligent

I actually kind of enjoy the show. It's actually quite appealing to me, but I respect others opinions. I remember watching someone react to the show on Youtube, and they mentioned how stupid the show was and how they were forced to react to it. But after the first ten episodes, he got reallly into the show, and it was kind of sweet to see that. Intelligent man too, smart, good-looking - and liked the show MLP. - Flowersocks2137

I hate Anti-Bronies they are so mean I should head-butt them in the head.

I don't like MLP, but I have met some bronies and they are very nice. People shouldn't judge them for liking a show. This is coming from an anti brony, I am a PPG fan not an MLP fan, so that makes me an anti brony. But not all bronies are bad, some are so friendly and easy to become friends with. But I do not like mean bronies who bully people for disliking the show. Do not judge people by a show they watch.

2 They comment as if their feet are on fire if they see My Little Pony on the best shows list

It is like "please kill me because its on the list." - NexusUnterganger639

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3 They think Bronies are losers yet they have great achievements

Being a anti-bronies doesn't make you cooler - Cozygylent

4 Bronies are not brainwashed or spoiled brats

Come on anti-bronies, broines aren't brainwashed! The show has a 7.8 and people have been well received for giving it a good review! Just shut up and get a life you heartless cyber-bullies.

Nobody is brainwashed end of discussion. And that anti bronie that just commented needs to chill

Shut the heck up, I'm an anti bronie, and I don't stereotype you, so what if we hate your show? We have freedom of speech, and face it, life ain't fair, people are going to hate what you like, not every anti bronie is spoiled or brainwashed, we just have a different opinion than you do, to be honest, I hate my little pony, but I'm not one to say "OMGZZ YOU LIKE MLP YOU SHOULD GO END YOUR LIFE ANTI BRONIES FOREVR! ". And besides, every fanbase has toxic and obsessed fans, I think it's a great accomplishment a boy can like girl stuff, but if you are one of the people that posts inappropriate pictures of mlp, I hate you, you sick crusher of the dreams of little girls everywhere. And I'm not saying I hate all bronies, it is just the ones that are way too obsessed with the show.

5 They never shut up about MLP
6 Some Anti-Bronies go extremist (killing, hacking, or hurting Bronies)

Umm no..I wouldn't do that, Bronies are just making stuff up being so defensive of the show. Because blokes usually hate/despise things targeted to the girls. (Boy Bands, Girl Bands, Bubble Gum Pop music, Justin Bieber, Chick Flicks, Romance Novels, Hannah Montana.)

Seriously? I know these guys hate bronies. But going out and attacking them in the real world is sickening. There's a word for that kind of response: terrorism.

Any kinds of these anti-bronies need to get their asses thrown in jail, or better, an asylum.

7 Some Anti-Bronies might be actually watching My Little Pony
8 They might be hypocrites
9 They thinks boys should watch only boy shows

Normally boys hate/despise things targeted to girls lets think boy bands...yep Justin Bieber...yep Chick Flicks...yep. So now we have the extremely unexpected male fandom of My Little Pony.

10 They think suicide or eating garbage is better than watching My Little Pony

Really? It's a little girl's cartoon that everyone can enjoy, not hemlock. It won't kill you.


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11 They act like Nazis, saluting their leader.

I can't say I've seen this, but I wouldn't rule it out

Yep. One even had a video commemorating the suspension of a leader of theirs on YouTube.

And if you don't believe me, here's the link. v=buFO0W6UOyA

12 It will be very difficult to exterminate all the Bronies since they are widespread

I don't know how to make a new one and only I could have been a long day time I see try to be get a follow from the you are a the best of thing - Blear

13 They hate anyone who is neutral to MLP

Shut up! Anyone who is neutral to MLP, aren't liking the show! - BorisRule

14 Hating Bronies might only make the fandom even larger

I am part of MLP fandom because of them - BorisRule

15 They use false rumors to disrupt the Brony community (like Illuminati connections)

If they carry on like this they're gonna get terminated.

16 They think watching MLP should be illegal and murdering Bronies should be legal

You are spot-on Nexus, very good list.

As for you anti-bronies, if you murder Bronies just because of their opinion you're gonna get arrested. Worse, you might even get executed!

17 They get angry when they Rainbow Dash on the best characters list or when they see Buttercup ahead of Rainbow Dash in the worst characters list

Well buttercup is now below Rainbow Dash. Just saying, not to be rude.

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18 They are racist to others' opinions
19 They can't find another TV character to compare Rainbow Dash to other than Buttercup

That used to be me, I still love Buttercup, but I found it quite annoying that I repeated this too much. I still dislike Rainbow Dash, but now I am trying to stop this comparison. It is getting old and I just want some peace. Many people actually compare Sonic more than Buttercup with Rainbow Dash, so this is kind of incorrect. But I still feel sorry for doing this. If you can forgive me, please. I am still obsessed with Buttercup, I am the one who kept comparing her with Rainbow Dash, not the others, but I will try not to repeat this.

That was me before as a visitor. - AnimeDrawer

20 They defend hate comments and attack positive comments
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