Top Ten Ways to Get Suspended from School

Do you want free days off? Well, then just get suspended! Just kidding... don’t do that.

The Top Ten

1 Always go on TheTopTens

That’s what I do, except I don't get caught! - sadical

2 Replace the teacher’s coffee with toilet water

I don't know why... - sadical

I done that last year and got away with it. Yesterday (for April fools), I did this same thing except I replaced the toilet water with Clorox bleach and the teacher suspended me and I am at home hoping I wont get the belt...
Wow, first TTT and now my school, I really need to get it together, don't I?
~ AlphaQ

3 Lock other students in their lockers
4 Sneak into the principals office and play “Ali-A Saying Fortnite Battle Royale 10000 Times” on the loudspeaker
5 Bring your PlayStation into class and play video games
6 Break the teacher’s computer

Once I broke my high school special ed teacher's wii and she forgave me. Usually I would get in trouble with her for minor stuff like that. Guess I was lucky that time.

Even better, the principal. Get him/her fired. - Ashes

7 Throw food at the teachers during lunch

At my school a few students like to throw food at each other's food and spill drinks. And I'm talking eight grade here - darthvadern

8 Ask nicely to be suspended

Works 0.5/10 every time. - sadical

9 Yell at everyone asking for a 9th item for your list that you don’t have ideas for
10 Cheat on a really big test

The Contenders

11 Go to school naked


12 Kill someone
13 Skip school but get caught on the school’s security cameras.
14 Spit at a teacher
15 Squirt ketchup all over your classroom
16 Vandalize the school bathroom walls with hateful graffiti
17 Put laxatives in the school lunches
18 Refuse to run the mile in gym class
19 Joke about shooting up the school
20 Steal an inhaler from a student with asthma
21 Destroy the school’s fire alarm system
22 Snorting cocaine in class
23 Pranking the teachers
24 Eat people's food
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