Top Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Read

Currently in America many children don't like to read. Illiteracy is at very high levels among many young kids and even teens. This is a tragedy because reading can be fun, educational, and even good for reducing stress. Encouraging a child to read from a young age can have positive consequences for the rest of their life. A child who reads is more likely to do well academically, get into a better college, and have a more rewarding career than a child who doesn't read.

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1 Let Them Pick Their Own Books

After a child has learned to read and digested a few books on their own they will be hungry for new and different types of books. Let them explore different genres and even nonfiction if they want. Children who choose their own books are more likely to feel engaged and to continue reading as they get older. Even if you think a book or genre is too advanced for your child, let them decide that on their own. Kids, just like adults, feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish a challenge. Furthermore, children can feel empowered when they choose their books. They understand that you trust them to make decisions on their own, which can have far reaching implications in many areas of their life.

For children, I would certainly let them do this, but would recommend the children's classic "Screwing Farm Animals", which does exist. Look it up. - PositronWildhawk

My mom let me pick out my books, you should let your kids pick out books too. - funnyuser

2 Read to Them
3 Encourage Reading at an Early Age
4 Take Them to the Library
5 Encourage all Forms of Reading
6 Buy a Reading Pillow
7 Create a Special Reading Space

Create a special space for your kids to read. Buy reading pillows and colorful throw pillows to make the space as comfortable and inviting as possible. Use lamps and natural light to ensure the space is well lit and appropriate for reading. An end table or small desk can complete the space and will allow your child to put his or her book down when not in use and can serve as a surface for drinks or snacks. A special reading space can also act as a sanctuary for your child where they can go to relax and unwind, especially if they have siblings who tend to monopolize the shared family spaces such as the living or dining room.

8 Create Reading Rules

That will make them want to read less

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9 Let Kids Read in the Car
10 Be a Good Example

YOU should start reading! Kids look up to their parents as the most important role models in their lives. If they see you reading they are more likely to want to try it themselves. Encourage them to read by doing it yourself. Also, get your entire family involved. If your kids spend a lot of time with their grandparents or aunts and uncles, encourage everyone to read more. The more role models in their lives that read; the more powerful positive associations they will make with reading. In addition, all your family members will see the positive results that reading brings them. The family that reads together, succeeds together.

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11 Pay Them

I'm good with that

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