Top 10 Ways to Improve TheTopTens in 2017

There a lot of problems with TTT this year. This list is a list of ways the TTT community could improve. This list is based off of the lists by DCfnaf, EpicJake, and ProPanda

The Top Ten

1 More unique users

I've noticed a lot of the same users are liking all the same things. Same bands, same shows, and to think so many unique users have left us.

I don't even know what this is supposed to mean.. - Phillip873

This item is useless, unique people get bullied and average joes aren't appreciated. - EliHbk

I mean...we can't really control who comes on this site. The metalheads coming on is probably coincidental. - DCfnaf

2 Less bandwangoning

@DCfnaf, yeah I see your point. I guess that kind of makes me a hypocrite. What I meant was people need to stop hating on stuff just because other people do.

Just because lots of people have the same opinion doesn't mean that they're bandwangoning, you useless Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj fan. - LemonComputer

What's wrong with people sharing common interests? - Phillip873

I try to avoid doing this. I'm working on getting over this dumb bandwagoning thing that a lot of users do these days. - Powerfulgirl10

3 Less hurtful comments

Whoever put this in is a major Liberal. - LemonComputer

When you offend the artist, you offend the fans too.

Hey, if it's constructive, it's acceptable.

4 Less flamewars

Yeah, I got flamed by a few users here because of my opinions. They already write nasty replies to my comments. That isn't nice or fair to be honest. I'm not here to hurt anyone.

Now we have the BAND vs. Metal World Order war.

I'm sick of drama on this site. Pop v. Metal War and some others are prime examples.

Pop v. Metal was just pathetic. Who cares if someone likes Pop Music or Metal Music? Also, I love how the site calls these things wars and controversies when they are tiny arguments. Zootopia Fight was very quick in my opinion. - DCfnaf

5 Better administration

I've heard a user that said really crude things and was given a second chance...yet other users that made some mistakes are banned forever? Well then..

I Saw Your Remix, It Was Awesome, Also Do You Hate Ice Age: Collision Course? (It Sucks Big Time), - VideoGamefan5

How bout no admin - EliHbk

The admins need to stop suspending people for the dumbest reasons and letting true cyberbullies get off scot-free.

6 Better content

That's exactly what I'm trying to achieve, I've lately had ideas for lists and posts - Phillip873

People need to put more effort into their lists, comments, remixes, and posts.

I try putting effort into my lists, but I've ran out of ideas, and that's why I never make lists anymore. - Powerfulgirl10

Phew, at least this doesn't necessarily involve me. come on guys, even htoutlaws started putting effort into their stuff. - DCfnaf

7 Less suspensions

Look, a lot of user suspensions were necessary. Some users were breaking the policy's rules. And I think the policy sucks, but stop breaking their rules. And yet a lot of user suspensions are dumb and unnecessary. - Powerfulgirl10

A thousand users have gotten suspended this year for the dumbest reasons.

You guys get to control the suspensions, not the admins. People are constantly breaking the policy here. I think the policy is very poor, but you have to abide to the rules. - DCfnaf

Yeah, this stupid suspension system needs to be replaced - TwilightKitsune

8 Less statpadders

No offense to any list makers but I do see a lot of lists that don't really serve a purpose and aren't really votable, maybe it's creativity? Who knows.. - Phillip873

All anyone cares about is getting the highest stats, so they make the crappiest content on the site. - Powerfulgirl10

I personally take offense to this, but I understand the sentiment when looking at most of the other users of my type (not counting HTO2012 and PositronWildhawk) - xandermartin98

I think you could accuse anything nowadays of being statpadding. We are all running out of ideas, no? - DCfnaf

9 Less stereotyping on fanbases

See my list called Reasons Why a Fanbase Isn't A Good Reason To Hate Something for more information. Just because some parts of a fanbase are bad, doesn't mean the entire fanbase is like that!

Loud House, I've said enough. - DCfnaf

That would be nice - EliHbk

10 More abilities

They need to add notification system, the ability to add images to other people's lists, and more. - Powerfulgirl10

Yes, more complex but useful systems would be nice please, please ADMIN I <3 U - EliHbk

For example
-The ability to add pictures to other lists besides your own again
-The ability to like and edit post comments
-And so much more

The Contenders

11 Less hating on other celebrities

I don't like Angelina Jolie either. but that doesn't mean I'm gonna start spreading bad stuff about her.

12 Nicer users and visitors

I got told off by some people here for liking "La La Land" and putting it on number 2 for my favorite 2016 movies remix - Phillip873

I don't know of any horrible eponymous users. Or is it that I choose to ignore them...? - Britgirl

Yeah agree, not everyone can stand cyberbullies - GirlyAnimeLover

13 Ban special snowflakes
14 Being able to vote to remove lists

Bad idea, trolls would take over and sometimes a user's years and years of progress could be thrown all away.

"Top 10 Reasons Um Jammer Lammy's Brain is Sexier Than Lana Loud's" - xandermartin98

Light bulb. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This wouldn't last long, before you know it trolls will get the power and remove "Best Songs of All Time" because Baby isn't #1.

15 Stricter list moderation

I don't like this idea. - Powerfulgirl10

16 Less Lists for Improvements

Indeed. Just let people do their own thing instead of complaining about everyone and everythin. - LemonComputer

Lol, the irony to whoever added this. 🤣 - DCfnaf

17 Add a notification system

It would be much easier to see messages, comments on your list, replies to your comments, and much more. Please add this Admin. - Powerfulgirl10

One of the few things that actually happened. :/

18 Better background

Silhouette of Vegeta please - EliHbk

19 Less bias from the administration
20 Remove the policy

The policy is the worst!

Enough policy complaints.

21 No trolls
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