Top Ten Ways to Know If Somebody Is Lying


The Top Ten

1 They Don't Make Eye Contact

You can see the fear and the nervousey in their eyes. That's a dead give away.

I believe that eyes can lie. To me the greatest lie is when people try to avoid their own truth and they focus on their distrust to other people, omitting their own lies. That's rather unfair and upsets me. I like clarity. Eyes are deceitful. Certain things that one person does or does not makes him/her a liar or not...

2 They Say No Then Yes

I'm really bad at lying and this yes no thing gives me away. - Kiteretsunu

3 They Pause Before Answering a Question

They might be panicking, or trying to come up with a lie. - MusicGirl

4 They Put Their Hands Behind Their Back
5 They Start Fidgeting
6 They Tell You Things That Make No Sense
7 They Start to Sweat
8 They Put Their Hand Behind Their Neck
9 They Don't Want to Talk

If they don't want to talk about something and start getting agitated they probably have something to hide.

10 They Touch Their Nose or Cover Their Mouth

People tend to touch the nose more when lying and a great deal less when telling the truth. This is perhaps due to a rush of adrenaline to the capillaries in the nose, causing the nose to itch.

The Contenders

11 They Move the Suspicion Away From Themselves

Bill, did you do (insert accusation here)?

It could have been John because (insert reason here).


12 They Cry
13 They Are Desperate to Go Home
14 They Talk in a High-pitched Voice
15 They Smile
16 They Don't Give a Simple and Straight Answer
17 They Get Red in the Face
18 They Can't Remember Details
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