Top Ten Ways People Are Mean and Rude

The Top Ten
1 Treat others rude

Be kind to everyone from your side.

2 Only care about themselves

Selfish people should clean their brains!

3 Waste food
4 Steal

Stealing is awful.

5 Judge books by their covers

This is why others should be kind and respect each other. Judging others can be very rude, disrespectful, hypocritical, bullying and in general: it's not good to judge others at all.

6 Litter
7 Non self-reliant

I am the total opposite of this description. I have always sort of liked to be independent and I do not rely on other people to do my work

8 Wants money
9 Against gay rights

Everyone has their own opinions about gay rights.

This is dumb. This isn’t being mean - BabyBackBaby

Its not mean, just an opinion, period...

10 Against civil rights
The Contenders
11 Kill
12 They don't respect opinions

Too much people like this exist. What a shame.

13 Hating

I know. I was hated by bullies for no reason.

Don't hate,try your hardest to stop them from making you hate them.

14 Think they're the only ones who are right

There is a huge difference between a smart person and a know it all person.

15 They kill animals

Beyonce and other animal killers are EVIL! - themiddlefanmeow

16 They disrespect different cultures
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