Top Ten Ways People Become Overweight


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1 Overeating

I'm too skinny. But I never finish my food - Matt92647

People eat. Maybe they eat too much. - koopaiscute

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2 Eating because you're bored

People eat just because they have nothing to do. - koopaiscute

3 No exercise

People don't exercise after they eat, so they gain weight. - koopaiscute

4 Too much of one food

If nobody mixes up their variety of foods, examples would be that when someone eats McDonalds everyday and doesn't eat anything else but McDonalds then that person will gain weight. - koopaiscute

5 Don't attend sports

If you don't exercise by playing sports, you are out of shape - koopaiscute

6 Don't go outside and play

If you don't go outside and do something that will have an effect on your body then you won't loss weight. - koopaiscute

7 Eat while watching a movie or T.V

If you eat while you watch T.V, then you'll eat too much and then you don't lose the weight and the calories stay inside of your body making you gain weight - koopaiscute

8 Genetics

I'm sick of the fat-shaming. Studies have shown that diet and exercise REALLY isn't everything concerning weight (if only everything was that simple). Once, they gave one set of students a healthy diet and exercise regime and observed the differences between those students and those on a worse diet/exercise regime. And there was no difference in their BMI's after three years. Additionally, another study on mice showed that with exposure to more industrial chemicals, you could feed one mouse half as much as another and still not change the fact that it was overweight. Y'all need to stop being so judgmental. If anything, I don't exercise OR eat healthy, yet I somehow get let off the hook solely because I don't look like it. - keycha1n

Everyone in my family gets fat. At the age of 30. I hope that doesn't happen to me - Matt92647

9 Don't put your mind to losing weight

If you don't stay focused you can't lose weight - koopaiscute

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1. Genetics
2. Eating because you're bored
3. Eat while watching a movie or T.V
1. Overeating
2. Eating because you're bored
3. No exercise



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