Top Ten Ways to Suck Up Earth's Oceans and How to Use Them

How would you want to take up all of earth's oceans and use it for an experiment for when you are a scientist? Wouldn't it be cool if you actually do that? Or would just use it to make the worlds biggest swimming pool? Then that could also mean there would be lots of fish in the big swimming pool and have all of Earths continents and countries form together for one big island. Wouldn't THAT be cool? Be sure to vote, comment, and make a remix so I can find out what YOU people think. Also, have you recognized how long the name of this list was? It's probably the longest name for a list ever on TheTopTens.

The Top Ten

1 A really big vacuum that is water proof and a computer where you can find out more about that particular ocean

You could just use it to vacuum up all of the oceans and put it in the worlds biggest swimming pool space. If the vacuum were ever invented, I could fly over all the oceans, gather up the water and the sea animals, and put it in one big tub located in Asia. Since Asia is the largest continent, we could put the big tub right in the center of it, and put water in it, then it could be one big ocean.

2 A fan that can suck up everything even water and a machine where talks to you about that ocean

Wouldn't that be cool? A fan that can suck up everything but the spinning part doesn't kill the animals and a machine where it actually talks to you about that ocean? The fan wouldn't hurt the animals, it could know that the animals are headed straight for it, then the animals would actually be inside the fan. The water would go into a big tube next to the fan, and would be carried to the big tub.

3 A big fish machine that sucks up water and sea animals and a big invention that can tell what forms water

A big fish and a machine that forms water. The fish can suck up the water and put it in a really big tube where all the animals and water would go (just enough space for the dolphins, whales, sharks, and jellyfish. ) The fish would be taken to the tube and have a scientist or any person put the water in the water proof machine that can examine the ocean.

4 A really big straw that sucks up the water and a machine where it tells what the new swimming pool temperature is

The straw would suck up the water and put it in the tub. The machine could tell what the temperature is in the new swimming pool to tell if it is warm, or extremely cold. The straw could be really cool. A machine could suck up the water inside the straw and carry it to the largest tub in the world which would be located in the largest continent, Asia.

5 A big cup that scoops up the water and a machine that examines the oceans animals to see what they usually need

The cup would be cool, so would the machine! The cup could fit the entire ocean and would be transported to the big tub filled with sand, rocks, water plants, and plankton. If we ever went to the big tub, we could instantly swim in it with a temperature that could be about 50-65 degrees F. The machine for the animals would be neat too! We could find out what it eats, what temperature, and how it hunts for food.

6 A tube that sucks up water and is located underground which ends at the tub and a machine where it transports the water at 800 MPH

The tube could be like a race track only straight though. We could also see what it looks like and see the blue thing in a flash. It could take a while for the tub to fill up the water because it could take about a month to fill. The machine could transport it fast though, at 800 mph. Faster than a race car and a airplane.

7 A big water trampoline that has the water blown on to the trampoline and bounced all the way to asia and a machine where it blows the water

The water would bounce from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Asia. I would like to bounce on the trampoline to, but we could easily drown if we did that. The animals would have a blast though, they could just jump the highest in the world, but land all the way in Asia. This reminds me of Summer Belongs To You from Phineas and Ferb when they use that giant ball of yarn.

8 A big robot that is water proof and drinks the water and spit it out into the tub and a machine where it can program the robot to go at 200 MPH.

The Robot would be a giant. It could be called, the GiantWater 3000. It could put the water and animals in a big metal bag and carry it all the way to the tub in Asia. The machine would be nice too.

9 A big machine that blows the water all the way to asia and a machine where it protects us from getting wet

It could be like a fan only it doesn't have the metal part, and it blows it all the way to the tub. It could also be like a big ocean but with us under it and with air in it. If we got wet, we could instantly drown and would be really dangerous if there weren't a machine to protect us.

10 A big magnet that can have water stick to it and a machine where it examines the right size for the tub

The magnet could attract water and sea animals with a rocket strapped to it to fly all the way to the tub. If there were a magnet that could attract people, WE COULD DIE. But the magnet would actually be pretty cool. Also, the machine that could tell how big the tub should be would be really important, otherwise the water would just flood outside the tub.

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