Top 10 App Development Companies in London, UK

Looking for a reliable app development company to hire for your project? This list of 10 most trusted app development companies in the UK can prove a lot helpful for you then.

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1 Hedgehog Lab Global app designers & app developers based in London, Boston, Newcastle, Denmark & India. Specialising in apps, web, VR & AR platforms. Visit Website
2 Fueled

Fueled has redefined the standards of mobile app development with its futuristic apps, which are admired by users worldwide. They also specialise in-app branding & marketing.

Here's What People Say:

"When we wanted to add in extra components at the last minute, they worked into the weekend to... meet our deadlines."

Visit Website
3 Applify Visit Website
4 Magora

Magora was founded in 2008 when the first iOS beta had just incepted. Today its one of the most prominent app developers in the UK with numerous outstanding apps in its portfolio and popular companies in its clientele.

Here's What People Say:

"They provided an excellent ratio of quality, price, and communication."

5 Tinder House
6 Intellectsoft Intellectsoft has helped 300+ clients develop software solutions and competitive advantages since 2007. Its experienced team of 200+ business strategists and technology professionals collaborates across 7 global offices and serves clients at every stage of the software development lifecycle... read more
7 Ready4s
8 Waracle

Waracle is a popular name in IoT, digital consultancy, and mobile app development firms in the UK because they understand how your business responds to being mobile. They use an agile approach to create processes that benefit your business the most and help you achieve your business goals. So, you can completely trust them.

Here's What People Say:

"Waracle was very straightforward and they can always back up what they say."

9 RipenApps Technologies
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