Weirdest YouTube Videos

You think you seen weird? Think again! And, I am not saying I dislike these videos. In fact, they are some of my favourite videos on the internet.

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1 Agamemnon Counterpart

Ah, the title says it all! Well, it doesn't, but still. Forget the title, because that has literally nothing to do with the video. Agamemnon counterpart starts with a weird message, then a low quality cartoon of a frog/man and another alien looking creature with speech bubbles saying "a" and "o". The message on the top reads "let's make a new friend! ". Then the screen turns to a faceless guy, with a mouth moving. The rest of the video is just strange animals jumping in the background, bright colours, overly-happy music and weirdest of all, seriously realistic human screams. Beautiful! - gemcloben

This video is dumb. It's just a distorted video of an animated cartoon with a muppet-like character with random screaming in the background obviously made by someone who is super high on LSD.

This video is creepy, it makes me feel like I'm watching a lost episode of Sesame Street

This is so weird it's hilarious

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2 Obey the Walrus

A strong contender for number one, obey the walrus is not what the title suggests, in fact, the walrus has barely anything to do with it. It starts wit a cartoon mask singing, then the singing continues, but gets really creepy. The singing continues over a video a clip of a dancing disabled transvestite with polio... And in the last few seconds of the video, the walrus turns up. - gemcloben

To this day, that anorexic tranny terrifies me. I've gone a month thinking she'd burst into my room and kill me. Luckily, she is just a transsexual named what I think is the "Bunny Master." The gal is actually pretty normal once you get past her appearance.

It's pretty disturbing.


3 Hand Thing

I love this video so much! I have since looked up all the other works done by Eric. Fantastic!

If you have a dirty mind then this automatically sounds, uh... Weird. - IronSabbathPriest

A classic with a mix of weirdness, creepiness and humor.

Creepy as heck.

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4 There is Nothing

A video with different intentions as it comes across, this one is just unintentionally creepy as heck. It starts with a girl/robot/demon (no one really knows) sitting at a table. The camera starts zoomed in on the girl, then it zooms out, revealing a room lit by candles and a fire in the window. The girl says something gibberish, before smashing her head in a bowl. The video then reverses, and the girl clearly says "there is nothing" as the camera zooms back in. - gemcloben

This is some Exorcist stuff right here.

Another creepy satanic wannabe with some easy stuff behind their backs!

5 I Feel Fantastic

I feel fantastic is a video what when you first watch looks creepy, but is really just a failed music project. It includes a robot woman singing the lyrics "I feel fantastic" in several different tones, ending with a random shot of the garden. There is a theory about this one being made by a serial killer, but it is false, and just weird. - gemcloben

This scares me

Only reason I know of this is because of Vsauce.Creepy as hell. - keycha1n

This is weird but wheres Some Good mythical morning videos there very strange! ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘ 

6 Performance Oliver de Sagazan 2008

This video Is pretty simple, but 8 minutes long. An "art project" including just 1 man and some clay. The video looks pretty normal at first, but then the man starts putting all the clay in his face, and I can not describe the rest of it. Watch it for yourself. - gemcloben

Ahhh, the things that people would call "art."

This 9 Minute Video Is A Guy Standing Behind A Desk And Then Gets Naked :O And Gets Clay And Starts Rubbing Clay All Over Himself And Makes Disturbing Noises He Pokes Eye Holes And A Mouth Hole I can't Explain Any More:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((

7 2 Girls 1 Cup

Not even on youtube

8 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

It scared me the first time I saw the reaction:..( - Garythesnail

Porn on YouTube

HILARIOUS but creeped me out - trender2004

9 Paris Catacombs Lost Footage

There is a huge underground tunnel system below Paris, and a man went to investigate. He films these narrow tunnels. He then dropped the camera and ran. The footage was found down there before the man was... - gemcloben

10 Elisa Lam Video

For a hotel once home to Richard Ramirez, this doesn't help their reputation. A woman was once found dead and naked in the water supply of the hotel, but no one knows why she was there or how she got there, as she wasn't drunk or high or anything. The last video of her before her death didn't answer any questions, if anything, it raised more. It is a CCTV footage of her in a lift looking worried. She appears to talk to someone who is not seen, then she gets in a broken lift and presses all the buttons at once, then he hides behind the door. She gets out of the left, then it starts working. This video is very confusing, as she died minutes later. - gemcloben

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11 Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared

This bizarre, mysterious and scary series is extremely outstanding, a "gotta see one" definitely, I wish they make a new season explaining what happened with the characters of the first one, or starting a new story with new protagonists.

When I first saw this I was like"This is going to be annoying", then I watched further into it and was like "WHAT AM I WATCHING! " - Nick-brick8

Whoever made this probably just wanted to be a creepy wannabe

This use to scare me

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12 My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin In My Own Backyard!

Very simple, a man keeps his great grandma's coffin in his garden. Not to weird until he begins to repeatedly kiss her rotted dead corpse... - gemcloben

Haha WHAT?! No, seriously...what?! I'm not watching it! Just the image I have in my head is more than I can cope with.
"Repeatedly kiss her rotted dead corpse" indeed. Tsk! What're you like? Haha... - Britgirl

13 Baby's Little Ice Cream

Weird really werid

14 Pretty Woman

This video is just uncomfortable to watch, because of the lyrics of the song and the man singing it. It has a weird looking old man miming to the song "pretty woman". It is slightly weird at first, but disturbing when you find out the man was a convicted sex offender and paedophile. - gemcloben

15 Potato Knishes

I've seen this one. It's actually not as bad as the others on the list but still it's kinda unsettling. There is this rat thing who looks like cheewed gum who sings in a robotic voice about potato knishes, squash balls and centipedes. Trippy. - Lunala

It's trippy with a capital T.

16 Racist Mario

Don't watch it.This is a warning - SamuiNeko

SO FUNNY - trender2004

So many brutal ways of getting hurt,racism,and peach and daisy being sexy,I'm not saying this video is bad,it was great,but it made me freak out so much,especially when sonic got killed by Mario - Nateawesomeness

17 Spongebob and the Cave
18 Stupid Hoe

Worst song ever

19 Jimmy Neutron's Happy Family Happy Hour

The pizza is aggressive

Bond with me Jimmy. - Lunala

20 Salad Fingers

Rusty spoons

21 Johny Johny


Johny JOHNY!








*Eating Sugar Intensifies*

22 Fergie - M.I.L.F.$
23 Flying Bum

Every koit video is weird.

This song is so catchy and the beat is upbeat and stuff. Even though itโ€™s a song about a bum that fires poop at people. - Lunala

24 LOL, Limewire

You Are a Pirate!

25 How Animals Eat their Food

How bad and typical this video is. Itโ€™s more trash then creepy. More like how Homo sapiens post weird stuff on the internet.

26 Wyoming Incident


27 Funky Forest
28 Bananas Exploding on Face

The guy looks like one of the dudes from Slipknot.

Disgusting, gross

29 Gregory's Room

This should not be a kidโ€™s show

30 Pimp My Reich
31 Jelly Belly Pet Rat Gummi Candy Review - runforthecube

My friend found this on Facebook and showed it to me with no explanation. I couldn't stop laughing. I have now memorized the entire video, and can do a fairly accurate impression of him, and know everything he's saying in English, instead of whatever strange mispronounced demon language he's speaking.

32 Pete the Meat Puppet
33 Hi Stranger
34 Val Val Val
35 Late for Meeting

The catchy music and the crazyness makes this video the weirdest and funniest on YouTube

36 I Will Survive
37 Anaconda
38 Rejected
39 Fazbear and Friends
40 Emerald Booty Zone
41 Zootopia vs The Human World
42 Outside In
43 The Not So Good Dinosaur
44 A Weapon To Surpass Metal Gear
45 Free Bleeding
46 Pole Crotch Dancers
47 Going To The Store
48 Body of a Pig
49 Walls Fall Out
50 Top 10 Worst Elevators - The Elevator Show
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