Top Ten Weirdest Things to Say to Your Classmates In an Exam

The Top Ten

1 My brother/sister failed and now he/she is living a horrible life. She/he wants company
2 I know all the answers you don't
3 If you get below 90 you're a disgrace

Well, this is what teachers say

Not to me! - Ananya

4 Your parents hate you if a you get a bad score

That is natural - Ananya

5 I want a hot girlfriend/boyfriend
6 The answer is (insert wrong answer)

Someone asked me what the answer was on a test we took about band vocabulary. I said it was 54 because it obviously wasn't. - sadical

This would be so bad - Martinglez

Me:Hey! That answer is 7.
Teacher:What? You're the math whiz of the class! How did you get 7 for 1 X 6?

7 You all will fail, that's what the astrologer said
8 Me equals awesome
9 I love to fart every time I get the right answer

So, never. - sadical

10 The FBI is monitoring us

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11 Just do it!
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