Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask From a Genie If You Had the Aladdin's Lamp


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21 To have the name you want

If you don't like the name your parents gave you, just ask a genie to change the name on your birth certificate to the name you want. Then you'll have a name you're happy with.

I'm actually a girl, but I've always liked the name Rex. I don't care if it is a masculine name. It's an awesome name and I love it.

22 One Million Dollars
23 To go back in time and change past mistakes

If only... I myself have done some downright stupid things and all I want is to just go back and fix what I did. Maybe I wouldn't be so guilty all the time then... - Antifi

I have done some extremely stupid things in the past that I REALLY wish I didn't. I would love to go back in time and make it so that it never even happened. Then I wouldn't have to live with it. It's a bitch that I can't.

24 To meet your favorite actor/actress

I would really love to meet Billy Drago. This guy is badass and can play any role, good guy or bad guy, although he usually prefers the bad guy. He's definitely one of the best actors out there. I wish I could meet him someday, although I probably never will. You definitely gotta be lucky to meet a celebrity.

25 To make my tickling desires / fantasy's come true
26 Peace on earth

Equality and no more wars. That would be great

27 To have everything you want

I would have all music, movies, and clothes that I want. And I could get it all at once.

?!?!?!? ok now that's just greedy - Antifi

28 To Undo Anything You're Embarrassed Of
29 Wishing for Spring throughout the Calender Year
30 Sex will never exist now

You don't actually need sex to reproduce. There are other ways a woman can have a child, such as donating sperm and embryos and using a surrogate mother.

I am very disgust on Sex. Girls do this too much. I wish if Sex never exists now. - bugger

One problem with that wish.If sex never existed than People wouldn't exist.

31 To have the power to grant wishes

This could actually be very dangerous, but it is a kind of a good wish to outsmart the genie - Antifi

You could basically wish away all the world's problems.

32 For your favorite fictional characters to become real

This is one thing I would definitely wish for. There are some fictional characters I love with a passion and I think would make great companions for me. I often wish I could have came up with them myself, but even if they're not my own creations, I wish they could come to life and be my companions. When I think about them, their stories are similar to the movie/T.V. show that they come from, with a few minor differences. I think it would be awesome if they existed in this world too.

It would also be nice if fictional characters that you created yourself could become real, so they existed in this world and not just inside your head.

33 To end animal abuse

I would love for this to happen. Animals don't deserve the abuse they get. They may not be humans, but they are still living, breathing creatures. They can still feel things, the same as a human, and they deserve just as much love and respect as a human. They don't deserve to be abused and neglected. People who say that animals have no souls or feelings are super stupid and people who abuse animals should be treated just as badly. Have a taste of what the poor animal is feeling.

34 A Lightsaber

Yasss queen

35 Chocolate jacuzzi

I would eat the chocolate if no one has been in it. - funnyuser

Absolutely brilliant

36 To be wealthy enough to live on your own
37 Infinite genies

They said you can't ask for more wishes, but it didn't say that you couldn't get another genie to make your wishes come true! - ethanmeinster

38 Shapeshifting

It would be an amazing ability :3 - Maplestrip

It's overpowered if you truly think about

It is important. Very important.

39 Miranda Cosgrove visits Pakistan

I Love Miranda Cosgrove and I want that she come to Pakistan for once

40 For world peace
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