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21 Indian
22 Cathay Pacific

Hey, this is awesome! The airlines has perfect first class, awesome business class and great economy but premium economy is better. Love the food, no crashing or emergency, and no lame domestic flights.

I used them only once and never again. Their personnel has issues with westeners and they will constantly show you what they think of them (unless you are Chinese). I fly several times a year to Asia and never had an issue with Asiana or Singapore Airlines. On that one flight with Cathay I was humiliated several times by different employees.

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23 El Al

EL AL should not be onb here! We always recive amazing service and we enjoy all flightsw on ecconomy class!

24 Alitalia

Always strikes. Staff arrogant and lazy. Planes never in time.

I fully agree with the comment here, one of the worst for sure.

Alitalia is one of the airlines with the best On-Time Performance and it won The Best Airline cuisine in the World. It's not just my opinion, FlightStats and other websites have confirmed it.

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25 Finnair V 1 Comment
26 Air Botswana

No food. Flight once delayed for 2 hours for no apparent reason whilst SAA flew from Jhb to GAB 15 minutes later (i.E. was not a technical or weather issue).

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27 Iraqi Airways
28 Cebu Pacific

Unreliable, unprofessional. Delayed on the Tarmac for almost 6 hours in Manila with passengers on board, dumbest excuses provided by the Captain. Complaint lodged online, and to present date, no response received. Do yourself a favour and pay for a more expensive flight, at lease it will get you to your destination on time.

Five reasons why you should not ride Cebu Pacific:
1) It's so boring without T.V.
2) The airline is too tiny
3) The food is garbage
4) The design does not look nice at all
5) The cabin crew plays games with passengers and their games are so corny such as bring me boarding passes.

The worst service no free food alway plane crash

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29 Austrian Airlines

Disgusting customer service...well, actually there is none. They absolutely leave you stranded. I was sick with food poisoning in israel and I have been stuck here one month now and they refuse to rebook my ticket without an entire manuscript from the hospital. They originally asked for a medical note (upon my release) which I provided then they started asking for more and more. Still waiting and my phone bill (from the US) which I have only used to call them has reached $365

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30 Philippine Airline

The international stewardess are not nice to customers. They feel that it is beneath them to offer service

The flight gets delayed and all they serve for food is rotten dried fish. Filipino food is gross.

It's okay. They show some of my favourite shows.


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31 Spirit Airlines

Worst ever, late and seats are horrible

Too many fees, least legroom in the industry.

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32 Emirates

Who wrote this is stupid

EMIRATES... the interior is lovely and it has over 500 stunning movies but Emirates has a let down. Flights are always delayed and it is such a big pain

Emirates has the best in-flight entertainment in the world, even if you are in economy 500+ channels are provided for you... - DontMakeARookieMistake

The number 1 airline in the worst list? LAAMEEE!

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33 AirAsia

Crashed during the flight for Surabaya to Singapore and no survivors found in the middle of a sea - favouredlist314

Wait. When you said San Fran, did you mean San Francisco?

In 2014, one of AirAsia's planes crashed in Kalimantan.

Crashed in san fran

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34 Tiger Airlines

Not even my kid had enough leg room on this plane! People with long legs shouldn't have to pay extra for more legroom, it's the way we were born! Just give us reasonable leg room! - andrewtuckey

35 Qantas

Qantas is awesome- great safety, service and performance

This is crazy it is the safest airline in the world - favouredlist314

Why is it in here, great airline, should be ashame if you haven't flown with them before - operatingsystem2015

Only airline to wreck an A380 - N64Dude

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36 Southwest

Southwest is not even cheap anymore. US Airways offers better connections and lower fares. Airline which tries to intimidate passengers with the threat to kick them off the plane for no reason.

Southwest is terrible. Workers were rude and working on a crossword while they were supposed to give snacks. Not cheap anymore.

They have no legroom and it's more expensive as it goes. They delay most flights when other airlines don't.

Stupid seating system.

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37 Malaysia

2014 sure was the worst year for this Airline company after 2 planes crashing with one presumably being in the indian ocean and the other crashed between Ukraine and Russia claiming 537 lives

Two too many crashes in in one year

Have you seen how many plane crashes happen on this airline company?

Life expectancy ain't so hot right now

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38 Air Canada

Economy is a little thumbs down but business is the best thing in the world - DontMakeARookieMistake

Hah just watch Superwoman's video, you'll put this much higher then.

39 Air France

The only airline which continues to transport primates to their deaths in laboratories. Not a nice feeling to sit there drinking champagne while down in the cargo area primates are being transported to terrible deaths.

Concerning primates here below.
You are right if it is the true, but it is not anymore, France is one of the first concerning non-animal testing, now most of tests are in-vivo.
And do not forget than human is also a primate.
But anyway any airline doing that, and there are still a lot have to be punished.

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40 Frontier

They don't need more legroom. They need tray tables that are bigger than an IPAD

Not kidding. The tray tables are smaller than an iPad

Uncomfortable seats, delays, cancellations, rudeness from top to bottom. I cannot stand this airline...never ever will I fly this airline again! Spend some extra for American or delta! U will have a better experience!

Frontier needs more legroom.

They need bigger tray tables and legroom. But, flying Frontier at midnight out of las vegas is this:
1) Frontier is so low on staff the flight attendants arrived at the gate 1 hour lateer than the departure time.
2) The only people at the gate is the pilots and a guy that when he spoke no one understood him.
3) After this hassle, you want to sleep. Unfortunately, the seats are rock solid and don't recline.
4) After landing, the air bridge wont work so your plane goes to the Southwest terminal.
5) Frontier tells you to go back to the Frontier terminal. When there, you discover your bags are located back at the Southwest terminal.
6) It is now 6:30 in the morning.

Frontier is made for shorter flights for lower fares. - DynamicDuo

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