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41 Aeroflot

The most unpredictable airline back in the 1980a and 70s

This is the airline that has a list in wikipedia about its accidents and incidents! The pilot one day told a kid to fly the plane while the flight was going to Hong Kong by flight 593! The kid crashed the plane and all died! The Tu 154 created panics in the 1970s and 80s

This airline was one of the most dangerous to travel on back in the 90s. There would be at least one fatal accident every week and month. Too many Pilot Errors and mechanical errors.

And don't get me started on Aeroflot Flight 593, the dumbass pilots leted their 16 and 12 year old children in command of controls, which crashed and killed all 75 people on board. My parents were having a holiday in Russia at the time, and refused to travel on a Aeroflot flight to home. - Mumbizz01

42 Air France

The only airline which continues to transport primates to their deaths in laboratories. Not a nice feeling to sit there drinking champagne while down in the cargo area primates are being transported to terrible deaths.

Concerning primates here below.
You are right if it is the true, but it is not anymore, France is one of the first concerning non-animal testing, now most of tests are in-vivo.
And do not forget than human is also a primate.
But anyway any airline doing that, and there are still a lot have to be punished.

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43 Frontier

They don't need more legroom. They need tray tables that are bigger than an IPAD

Not kidding. The tray tables are smaller than an iPad

Uncomfortable seats, delays, cancellations, rudeness from top to bottom. I cannot stand this airline...never ever will I fly this airline again! Spend some extra for American or delta! U will have a better experience!

Frontier needs more legroom.

They need bigger tray tables and legroom. But, flying Frontier at midnight out of las vegas is this:
1) Frontier is so low on staff the flight attendants arrived at the gate 1 hour lateer than the departure time.
2) The only people at the gate is the pilots and a guy that when he spoke no one understood him.
3) After this hassle, you want to sleep. Unfortunately, the seats are rock solid and don't recline.
4) After landing, the air bridge wont work so your plane goes to the Southwest terminal.
5) Frontier tells you to go back to the Frontier terminal. When there, you discover your bags are located back at the Southwest terminal.
6) It is now 6:30 in the morning.

Frontier is made for shorter flights for lower fares. - DynamicDuo

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44 China Southern Airlines

Repeatedly served "omlette" which was congealed microwaved egg in coupled with a horrible microwaved bread roll (which seemed only to be served to westerners). My seat was like a plastic bucket and wouldn't go back, the airline attendants were scruffy looking and cranky. Horrible! I needed therapy by the end of it!

45 American Airllines

It was a decent airline, just don't expect much entertainment/wifi without forking over money

I hate this airline they have such a high crash history I'm afraid to fly with this airline

Wait. If this on the list. I'm riding this on summer, then you know I know this sucks already.

Reasons I Hate It:
-Old Planes
-You have to Pay for EVERYTHING
-Grumpy Flight Attendants
-Uncomfortable Seating
-9 11
-Common Delays
-People ALWAYS Kick my Seat
-Dirty windows
-First Class is NOT Worth It.
-AND, Small Space.

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46 Virgin

The name itself describes the entire world

Virgin what? Virgin America? If so, it doesn't belong on this list

47 Kuwait Airways

Horrible at handling a cancelled or delayed flight.

It has old aircraft and the T.V. are tiny

48 Thomson Airlines

Rubbish airline. Pay for allocated seats doesn't mean you will get them, when we complained we were fobbed off with the excuse that paying extra to have allocated seats only means you will be seated together, not necessary in those requested and paid for. what a con

It's the second national airline of the Philippines so not that bad. It overshot the runway in Davao on June or July, 2013. We got refunded because when we flew to Bicol, the weather was bad so we made an emergency landing back to Manila. So we went to Bicol by car. Manila to Bicol-Airplane: 50 minutes. Car: 11 hours.

Were do I start
-the seats were as high as the eifel tower
I can not be bothered to say anymore because there is just to many bad coments I am forsed to fly with them because they are cheapish

49 Monarch

My Flight was delayed for 9 hours! No hostess announced what was wrong then, my family arrived in Cyprus at 2:30 am, so we'll never choose Monarch ever again

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50 Turkmenistan Airlines
51 AirTran

It doesn't exist anymore.

52 Virgin Australia

Absolutely Disgusting, They disgrace the Australian Name - s9111472

53 Ariana Afghan Airline
54 Nepal Airlines

If this airline goes around Nepal, then its worse than Ryanair.

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55 Vietnam Airlines

Unprofessional unreliable, always late.
I live in Vietnam and travel from Saigon to Hanoi/Haiphong almost twice a month, so I travel with them like 30 times per year, not a single flight was on time!
also food on board is terrible, I am Muslim and they serve only pork! so I have to eat before take off at the airport but as flights are always late, I don't need to rush for eating.

56 V Air
57 GLO Airlines
58 Ethiopian Airline
59 Eritrean Airline
60 Asiana Airlines
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