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21 Wish Fulfillment Lead Protagonist

I want to be hokage pirate king

22 Girl Gropes Other Girl's Breasts Girl Gropes Other Girl's Breasts

Mother of the image! - ChatNoirFan18

I'll just pretend I didn't see that... - Entranced98

Wow, wasn't expecting that picture to pop up. - HoneyClover

Okay did somebody change the image it's not that bad

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23 Shouting Out Names of Attacks Shouting Out Names of Attacks

Imagine a character shouting "ICE ATTACK" then getting shocked when the opponent blocked it using fire. That is the most stupidest things in the world - YourWaifuSucks

Well in Naruto, you have to say it. Like, you can't undo a jutsu if you don't say release. - Silverfroststorm

It sounded so lame in The Seven Deadly Sins. But it was actually good in case of Dragon Ball Z though. - Undistinguished

Imagine if you did this in real life, you would look like an idiot. - HoneyClover

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24 Magical Girlfriend Magical Girlfriend
25 You know how the antagonist killed all those people and tormented me? Yeah well now that I caught him lets forgive him. You know how the antagonist killed all those people and tormented me? Yeah well now that I caught him lets forgive him.

So many series are guilty of this and I hate it! In this image, I can agree that Obito was WAY too easily forgiven. He caused so much damage, killed so many people and caused a war. Yet the characters forgive him? That's just disturbing and unbelievable. Could you imagine if that happened in real life? The world would be scary place to live in. - HoneyClover

26 Nosebleeds Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can't actually happen from lust. - Swellow

Who the hell has a nosebleed when you get turned on?

I'm looking at you, Soul Eater. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

27 Becoming The Very Thing You Hate The Most Becoming The Very Thing You Hate The Most

Eren turning out to be a Titan, Rin turning out to be the son of Satan...

28 Trap Characters Trap Characters

You know, like cross-dressers, or characters that look a certain age, but turn out to either be really young or centuries old.

If you haven't watched Fairy Tail yet, look up Mavis Vermilion. How old do you think that 'kid' is? Or Piccolo? How old do you think he is when he was training Gohan? - Goku02

Or Disguised Characters, am I right? - ChatNoirFan18

I'm looking at you Boku no Pico

29 Unkillable Characters Unkillable Characters

These characters are characters that don't suffer a single scratch after a long battle - PrinceOfFire

All the main characters in Fairy Tail are unkillable... - HoneyClover

Plot armor.

Erza is lovable (because of how badass, sexy she is), at least compared to some other anime characters like the worst of Sonic X (re: Chris Thorndyke, Amy Rose, Ella and Bokun), Misa Aname, Lucy Heartfilia, Chi-Chi, Shou Tucker, Sakura Haruno, etc. - The Ultimate Daredevil

30 Overly Cutesy Characters Overly Cutesy Characters
31 Main Character Isn't Perverted Towards Love Interest Main Character Isn't Perverted Towards Love Interest

This leads to some inconsistent characterization. - drdevil

...But the chart says... - HoneyClover

32 Underage Girls Get Sexual Assaulted

I'm voting my own thing

33 Yanderes Yanderes

Take for instance, this unbelievably overrated scene from the 20th episode of the English-dubbed/4Kidz version of Sonic X only because Amy Rose accused Sonic the Hedgehog (every other main character from Mario and Sonic is mainly superior to Princess Peach and Amy Rose) for doing what she forced him to do after being unreasonably delighted. I know how much she has surprisingly improved in Sonic Boom.

Female yanderes are overrated. We need more male yanderes.

Most of these characters are psychos. So overrated. - Goku02

Yandere Simulator has made Yanderes even more cliché. - HoneyClover

34 Jail Bait Characters
35 Lolis Lolis

What is Lolis means? Shinryaku! Ika Musume also have that *cough* mini squid girl *cough*. - ChatNoirFan18

36 Young Man Becomes Master of Evil
37 Over-Exposed Boobs Over-Exposed Boobs

Ok this one is gross - Carsrule300

High School DxD does this


That goes with fanservice. Also aren't boobs exposed a lot in real life? I'm not saying that Girls should expose them every second but at least anime acknowledges that tits exist. - MrQuaz680

38 Ridiculous Hairstyles Ridiculous Hairstyles

Yami Yugi and Kenpachi Zaraki got this. The Saiyans' hairdo is pretty crazy as well. - Goku02

Yu-Gi-Oh is really guilt of doing that. Just saying. - HoneyClover

39 Girl Beats Up Guy Girl Beats Up Guy

I always hated it when Sakura punched Naruto even though he saves her all the time. I would have told her she can take care of her own problems. - HoneyClover

I believe scenes like this are added to turn on masochistic males. - drdevil

Imagine if a teenage white guy beat up his girlfriend! I think Justin Bieber beat up Selena Gomez because he is a nobody that copies off Chris Brown. :O

40 Multi-Colored Hair Multi-Colored Hair

What, what kind of hair is that?! - HoneyClover

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