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101 Too Many Antagonists Too Many Antagonists
102 Overly Sweet Characters Overly Sweet Characters

Pinkie pie,that little girl from pokemon, bonnie - Adventurur2

103 Always Sad Characters Always Sad Characters

Like in um... um... an anime with glob girl! - Adventurur2

104 Feminine Boys Feminine Boys
105 Masculine Girls Masculine Girls
106 Talking During Fight Talking During Fight

If they keep the dialogue relevant to the plot, such as the 2nd fight between Archer and Lancer in Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, talking during fighting won't bother me that much. But if it's just banter after banter, especially if it's irrelevant to the plot, I would pretty much be turned off and refuse to continue watching. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Whether this gets annoying is all to do with how it's pulled off. Good and well thought out voice acting can add heart-stopping suspense to a climatic battle, though a cheesy script that breaks up the action for no reason or enough needless dialogue to drag the fight on for ten whole episodes makes a proper snore-fest. - Entranced98

so funny - Adventurur2

Ever noticed how their seems to be a lack of fighting when their should be one? What do the characters do instead? They talk...a lot. Whether it's Stein vs Medusa, Sasuke vs Naruto and even Yu-Gi-Oh. A show about a children's card game can take way longer than it needs to be. In the episode: Yu-Gi-Oh! Mind Game: Mai Vs. Marik, Part 3 most of it, is just the characters saying what they're going to do instead of actually doing it. Mai couldn't read the Egyptian text on the card, Marik could read it so he said it, he had control over the Winged Dragon of Ra and he blasted her. That's all he had to do but eighty percent of the episode is just them talking dialogue. Not even new dialogue, the same dialogue. If you're an aspiring writer for a manga, please don't use this cliché. - RoseRedFlower

107 The Lead's Dad is a Manga Artist

What? - Adventurur2

108 Demons, Demons, and More Demons Demons, Demons, and More Demons

Sometimes there are too many bad guys! It's really annoying as hell.

109 Magical Girls Magical Girls
110 Transformation Scenes Transformation Scenes

I believe many transformation scenes are often made extra long to fill space. In the manga versions, they are often shorter. - drdevil

Transformation scenes are only bad if they're unnecessarily long. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Or involve fanservice - Adventurur2

111 Talking Animals Talking Animals

Oolong, Puar, Fairy Tail's Exceeds, Luna, Artemis, Kon, Cerberus, Kyubey...etc... - Goku02

112 Oversized Weapons Oversized Weapons

Lol, love how Maka is holding that giant scythe blade and is holding it up by the small metal pole. - HoneyClover

113 Unrealistic Body Types Unrealistic Body Types

I'm not just talking about women here. Men have impossible body standards in yaoi manga. Huge hands, tiny heads, sharp chins, enormous torsos, and really long legs.

114 Shotas Shotas
115 Mysterious Badass Who Really Wants Friends Mysterious Badass Who Really Wants Friends

Homura Akemi! I love her though. - Goku02

116 You are the Chosen One! You are the Chosen One!

Danny phantom. FOP - Adventurur2

117 Chibis Chibis

Chibis can be cute but they need more than cuteness. - HoneyClover

Tiny kids - Adventurur2

118 Kuuderes Kuuderes
119 Danderes Danderes
120 Only The Guys Get Beat Up Only The Guys Get Beat Up

I'm sure if it was the other way around people who hate the guy. But if Sakura hits Naruto, it's okay. - HoneyClover

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