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21 Glenn Garcia - 16th Place - Big Brother 18

I thought it was unfair how he was booted. That competition was designed for lighter weight people. Who knows? Maybe he would still be in the house if his team would have listened to him.

Glenn, tried his best and almost beat Corey. Had his team listened to him about the puzzle than this his team would have stayed. I actually feel bad that he was booted, he has a none year old daughter.

The odds were stacked against him. All of the competitions were obviously designed for people with much different body types. Producers didn't want the token old guy there for too long and it was obvious.

Just wondering:
can somebody here explain to me what he did on twitter and his fake accounts and what exactly happened?

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22 Marcellas Reynolds- 5th place- Big Brother 3

He won POV and left himself on the block after being nominated? huh... does not make an iota of sense.

He let Danielle talk him into backstabbing anyone she wanted him to, and then when she got Jason to put him up on the block, he was suprised, and claimed that they should never have messed with him, and that he will get them back, but when he had his chance, by winning the veto that could've saved him from the block, he chose not to use it, and he was sent home.

All I got to say is why would you not use the veto? Most dumbest move ever on Big Brother history. I truly think he is the worst player in Big Brother history. I don't see why he was in Big Brother 7 All-Stars. He didn't deserve to be there. He won it and he should have used it.


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23 Chelsia Hart- 8th place- Big Brother 9 Chelsia Hart- 8th place- Big Brother 9

Her strategy was horrible cussing at people and cause her own alliance to drop in numbers. She definitely made James look really bad in the end.

Her strategy was just to yell at people all the time.

She's acted like a pre-Amanda just cussing and bullying people absolutely doomed James

Repulsive behavior... She was the definition of skank

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24 Jessie Kowalski - 10th place - Big Brother 15

I love Jessie. But she didn't even have a gameplay. And when she tried a big move she couldn't even execute it. She had potential but she threw it all away quick. - BladedCrypt

She annoyed the whole house week 1 then when she had the most beautiful spot in the game until she tried to take Amanda out knowing she didn;t have the numbers to do that which turned everyone against her then when she gets nominated she turns the house into drama central then she got evicted dum player she always thought she was better than everyone else she's horrible

I HATE THIS GIRL! "I'm the PRETTIEST" stuck up. Jessie is certainly a Queen

Only liked because everyone else was hated

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25 Jenn Arroyo - 5th Place - Big Brother 14

Stop calling it a point of view, it's the power of veto for Christ sakes

She was a good person, and I think if she wasn't so close with Frank and closer with Shane and Danielle, she could've won.

Won the point of view, stupidly used it on Dan, CLAIMED she made a "big move" (yet Dan was the one that really did it for her), then gets taken out by him two weeks later.

Jenn City was the original Froot Loop Dingus

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26 Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Big Brother 12, 1st Place - Big Brother 13 Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Big Brother 12, 1st Place - Big Brother 13 Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

Although, I believe she deserved to win Big Brother 13, that season was absolutely had some of the weakest players ever. Rachel Reilly single handily changed the game of Big Brother for the worst. Anyone knows that if you try to aggressively to win HOH's is a horrible way to play the game. All Rachel did was win challenges (effectively becoming a target), go into a showmance (becoming a huge target now), and alienating herself from the rest of the house by yelling and starting more drama then was good. Rachel in my opinion is the most overrated players to ever play the game. She had one of the worst social games ever, and also had no strategic compatibility at all. All she did was fight and win challenges, everyone knows in Big Brother the aggressive challenge winner almost never wins unless they have a good social or strategic game. I feel Rachel is the reason why new fans of Big Brother have no idea how the game should be played. - amigno36

I had only known Rachel before Big Brother 13 because I watched Amazing Race. And I can't believe that she won Big Brother. She was terrible. She was overdramatic, a cry baby, had a terrible social game and was super annoying. As far as I am concerned, she only won because production rigged it for her.
They sent Brendon back into the house, making him a bigger target than her, they had the Pandorra's box thing that saved her and Jordan (especially with that point of view competition) and because Shelly sucked and voted for Rachel.

She and Janelle definitely gave floaters a bad name. Being a floater is not a bad thing because they stay out of the trouble brewing inside the house which keeps the target off their back. But for some reason, fans think you have to have an alliance to be a good player because Rachel and Janelle as well are probably the most overrated players ever.

There's no reason for her to be on this list. She is one of the best players to ever play this game.

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27 Scott Long - 11th place - Big Brother 5

Tried to win lots of competitions from the start, making him a big target. Part of his strategy was telling people he had lots of money, which was a terrible plan because it makes people think you don't need the money at the end of the game. - koenbertens

He got himself kicked out because of a ratio ship that ended a year and a half before the show

Quick Game Lesson:
This is big brother don't tell the truth about your awesome life

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28 Dustin Erikstrup - 9th place - Big Brother 8 Dustin Erikstrup - 9th place - Big Brother 8

Volunteered himself to be a pawn against Dick when Daniele was removed from the block, when it wasn't even sure he had the votes and there had been swing votes all season. The best part was his face when he realized he has backdoored himself. When he won HoH, he acted all high and mighty, and annoyed a lot of people with his arrogance. Took both prizes in a veto competition and angered a lot of people. Too confident. - koenbertens

Should be qualified to be one of the dumbest players in BB history for volunteering to be a pawn. PAWNS GO HOME! - Tito1711

He made the dumbest mve in big brother history he asked to go on te block and he didn't check if he had the votes to stay he evicted him self and he had one of the worst hohs in history backdrop ring a person that was loyal to you for o reason also taking both prizes and being arrogant made him a target

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29 Steve Moses - Big Brother 17

He is definitely not a good player. He is scared of making any moves let alone big moves. I don't think he can make decisions on his own, everything he does someone else tells him to do and he is too scared to not do it... Ultimate puppet! He will be the first one gone from the final 5 deal

He won because he was smart enough to realize that he would not have beaten Vanessa.

Both double evictions this summer absolutely sucked and they were all negative results because Jackie, Meg and James all went home on a double eviction day. And its all this GUY'S FAULT. Twice he could have gotten the Austwins out but he made pointless and dumb decisions on these days. I also hear that since Meg and James left, fan were so angered by it that they canceled their live feed accounts.

Jackie and Meg? Are you an idiot?

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30 Tiffany Rousso - 13th Place - Big Brother 18
31 Kent Blackwelder- 7th place- Big Brother 2 Kent Blackwelder- 7th place- Big Brother 2

He thought he was good, but he just stayed in as long as Will let him, and make the stupid mistake of thinking he ran the show and acting like it, which made everyone want to prove him wrong, which they did by eliminating him.

32 Amanda Hansen - Big Brother 9

She was a dramatic gameplayer that got herself evicted. She did win FIrst Hoh but Week 2 She caused drama telling Joshuah harsh comments that got her out.

33 Brian Hart - 13th Place - Big Brother 10

He blew his game against Memphis by overplaying and trying to make alliances with almost everyone just to get rid of Memphis, Brian was the last person Jerry wanted to put up as he too wanted Memphis as a replacemant nominee after Jessie win point of view, but he became a target after eight houseguests including Memphis and Jessie told Jerry to put him up because they thought he was more of a threat than even Memphis and Jessie and that he was manipulating all of them

He played to hard to early but unlike most people who play to hard to early he was actually liked and before he went paved the way for his closest friend dans success I the game by doing a puppet show which started a fight between April and keesha

Made way to many alliances on the first day and was ultimately taken down week one by Ollie and Jerry.

He tried to be Dr Wll, but he ended up Mike Dutz, except Brian was doing the opposite of Mike, but it ended up with the same results, while Mike blew his game for Kail be annoying HOH Evel Dick during a Veto competition, Brian blew his game against Memphis by annoying other houseguest who he was trying to align to get rid of Memphis, then before the Veto ceremony, those houseguests as well as Memphis and Jessie confronted HOH Jerry of what he was doing, Mike was not Dick's number one priority, his target was Kail and Mike became a target at the competition, Brian was the last person Jerry wanted to put up, his target was Memphis and Brian became a target when those eight houseguests confronted Jerry

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34 Mike Lubinski- 14th place- Big Brother 5

He made alliances with so many different people, without even trying to be secretive about it. When he was nominated, he decided to get into fights with the people with the power, and tried to get Diane, and only Diane to save him, because apparently one vote out of ten is enough to keep you in the game.

Played too hard at the beginning.

Tried to go after the heavy hitters week 1 but literally made HIMSELF a heavy hitter smh

Him and Brian(BB10) have the same kind of gameplay

35 Paola Shea - Big Brother 16

Please move her up on the list. She was a complete floater, unlike Joey who at least tried to play the game by trying to start an all-girls alliance. It failed, but at least Joey tried to do something in the week that she was there. Paola didn't even do that.

Even Victoria was smarter had more awareness towards what was going on than her.

Who decided she was a good fit for Big Brother? Terrible mistake.

Couldn't stand her voice. And why did she start a fight with Zach at the point of view?

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36 Paul "Paulie" Calafiore - Big Brother 18

Was playing a good game by controlling everyone, but he was extremely messy and left the tags everywhere. He also never stopped talking about Derrick and his brother Cody. He tried very hard to force connections like they had. He started off nice enough, but if you had live feeds, you knew that he was basically just a tool.

He played way too hard and is now going to lose because of it.

He actually did very well in the house but not well enough to keep his game hidden

Paulie was the most cockiest person I've ever seen in my life...Plus When His showmance, Zakiyah Everett Was on the block...Paulie won the veto...and discarded! Then Zakiyah got evicted!

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37 Danielle Murphree - 3rd place - Big Brother 14

She didn't make any of her own decisions. She only did what Dan told her to do.

Why is she on this list? Her holding on to people was a good idea cause they kept her safe. The only reason she lost was because everybody was too focused on Frank and Jenn to see that Ian was still there.

How is she not in the top 5?!? She let Dan walk all over her. She used the point of view at the end to take off Dan after he screwed her over multiple times. That move cost her at least $50,000. People probably don't remember her because BB14 sucked, but if they did, she would have to be in the top 5.


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38 Jodi Rollins - 16th Place - Big Brother 12

Is this serious? She didn't even last a day in the house, how can you judge her off 1 day?

Yet another one people put up here for doing nothing wrong - princepretty

Big Brother 12 was a typo. It's supposed to say Big Brother 14.

Her poor performance in the HOH competition the first week got her evicted by Dan's hand on the very first day of the season, and she's the only houseguest in the history of the show to be in the house for not even a day.

39 Da'Vonne Rogers - 15th Place - Big Brother 17 Da'Vonne Rogers - 15th Place - Big Brother 17

Highly overrated player. She is too outspoken to play Big Brother. And in addition to the fact that she couldn't keep her mouth shut, she couldn't hide her emotions.

She has NEVER won a competition in 2 seasons, I mean even victoria and meg won a bob, she never even came close to winning a comp, yes shes a smart player but runs her mouth wise, but competition wise shes just plain pathetic

She was a sweet person, but her gameplay was both good and bad. The'Vonne managed to help expose Audrey's gameplay, but other than that, she picked fights with Clay, which sent her packing early. Plus, when she found out "Liz" was a set of twins, she should have told "Liz" first and made an alliance with her. I'd personally like to see her come back, but she has to improve on a few things... - Turkeyasylum

The' will always be one of my favorites. She actually did pretty good on s17, but trying to play too hard too early. Did very good in season 18 but didn't win a single comp.

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40 Jace Agolli - 16th Place - Big Brother 17

Basically Hayden 2.0. Waste of space in the house with absolute no potential. He only started talking game, when he was backdored with everyone onboard to evict him.

Made a lot of people feel uncomfortable and was a complete dick to Steve.

Another skater boy/sufer boy bites the dust. Could had been a comp beast but his poor sportsmanship and sucky campaigning gave him an early exit!

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