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41 Ashlea Evans - 14th place - Big Brother 6

Didn't make enough bonds with people and struggled with her social game.

42 Bryan Ollie- 6th place- Big Brother 10

When all of his allies had either betrayed him, or were out, he had the power to win HOH, because it was an endurance challenge, and the more you wanted it, the better a chance you had to win. He was in the last two of that challenge, and made a deal, and asked for his own safety, the safety of his one semi-friend left Michelle, the ability to choose one of the two nominations, and the veto replacement, had it been used. He really thought that the deal would be honored, and he gave up the challenge, and Michelle was eliminated, followed right by Ollie himself.

Ollie's biggest mistake in the game was trusting Dan that if he was HOH, then he could have 66% of the power. The problem with that is ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! - Tito1711

Ollie's biggest mistake in the game was trusting Dan that if he was HOH, then he could have 66% of the power. The problem with that is ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! - Tito1711

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43 David Girton - 16th Place - Big Brother 15 David Girton - 16th Place - Big Brother 15

Why isn't this guy on the list (or in the top ten)? He was LITERALLY the dumbest player in his season

Hahaaaha! I didn't know people like him even existed! I seriously think he had a learning disability... Or he was on drugs. It seemed as if he didn't know where he was. Haha! He cracked me up though--because he was so dumb.

At the very least, swap him with Amanda Zuckerman.

He was terrible

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44 Jocasta Odom - 11th Place - Big Brother 16

Very useless and won nothing in the house.

While not quite as bad as say, Paola or Victoria, she still played a very lousy game.

Waste of an eviction

She was the DR Queen of BB16. The same could not be said about her gameplay, or lack thereof, though.

45 Rachel Plencer- 8th place- Big Brother 6

She could've been so much better because both sides liked her at first. Her game fell apart once she and Howie put up James and Sarah. At least she can admit her mistakes... But she still seemed like wasted potential.

Oh hell no, Rachel is a goddess

She won HOH, and found a secret clue in the very beginning, which made her seem like she'd be great, but then she just said, "vote me out" with her actions, and her attacks at other people. She just rode coattails, and said at the very end that the coattail riding was a good strategy, which shows why she didn't last very long.

46 Brendon Villegas - 6th place - Big Brother 12 Brendon Villegas - 6th place - Big Brother 12

Basically Kaysar 2.0... Showed his cards way too early both times (mostly with competitions), and got evicted 3 times in 12 months. The only difference between them is Brendon actually made jury.

He basically got evicted, trying to get evicted just to save his "fiance".
He was voted back in in bb13 after getting evicted.


47 Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Big Brother 12, 1st Place - Big Brother 13 Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Big Brother 12, 1st Place - Big Brother 13 Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

Although, I believe she deserved to win Big Brother 13, that season was absolutely had some of the weakest players ever. Rachel Reilly single handily changed the game of Big Brother for the worst. Anyone knows that if you try to aggressively to win HOH's is a horrible way to play the game. All Rachel did was win challenges (effectively becoming a target), go into a showmance (becoming a huge target now), and alienating herself from the rest of the house by yelling and starting more drama then was good. Rachel in my opinion is the most overrated players to ever play the game. She had one of the worst social games ever, and also had no strategic compatibility at all. All she did was fight and win challenges, everyone knows in Big Brother the aggressive challenge winner almost never wins unless they have a good social or strategic game. I feel Rachel is the reason why new fans of Big Brother have no idea how the game should be played. - amigno36

I had only known Rachel before Big Brother 13 because I watched Amazing Race. And I can't believe that she won Big Brother. She was terrible. She was overdramatic, a cry baby, had a terrible social game and was super annoying. As far as I am concerned, she only won because production rigged it for her.
They sent Brendon back into the house, making him a bigger target than her, they had the Pandorra's box thing that saved her and Jordan (especially with that point of view competition) and because Shelly sucked and voted for Rachel.

She and Janelle definitely gave floaters a bad name. Being a floater is not a bad thing because they stay out of the trouble brewing inside the house which keeps the target off their back. But for some reason, fans think you have to have an alliance to be a good player because Rachel and Janelle as well are probably the most overrated players ever.

There's no reason for her to be on this list. She is one of the best players to ever play this game.

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48 Jeff Schroeder - 5th place Big Brother 11

Using the good old, "Shut up, or I'll beat you" intimidation that surprisingly worked well, we can see how arrogance and an empty head stopped him from doing too good.

I liked Jeff in Big Brother 11, but in Big Brother 13, he was too aggressive and acted like a typical meathead towards the other hgs. Tried forming an alliance with a bunch of floaters thinking Shelly would had been fine placing 3rd after he and Jordan. This season was ultimately his to lose and I think he knew this but he blew it thanks to the clown shoe, LOL. - BlackDiamonds

Definitely the most over-rated HouseGuest in Big Brother history. I have absolutely no idea what the BB cat ladies and casual fans see in him

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49 Meg Maley - Big Brother 17 Meg Maley - Big Brother 17

If you've kept up with the feeds, EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is WRONG. Her choice of moves, new allies, and reasonings behind people's actions are all incorrect. Her dumbest moves include keeping Vanessa, believing in the "Dark Moon" alliance, dismissing that Austwins and Vanessa are aligned, and abandoning Becky. She refuses to believe what is right despite the large evidence in front of her place, and she's terrible at competitions, on top of that. She's seen every single one of her allies walk out the door, yet she still aligns/trusts the people responsible for doing so (Austin, Liz, Vanessa), and helps evict those that are or could potentially be on her side (Becky, John). And what's most frustrating is that she's blindsided almost every week yet she always fails to see the big picture. Good person, terrible player.

Meg is without question the Victoria reboot aka COASTER and USELESS PLAYER! She was the pawn star, clueless, had no gameplay, coattail rider, naive and sucked at competitions. Here are some examples of how clueless of a gameplayer Meg was: she believes there are no alliances what so ever and she joked that Steve wouldn't have the balls to put she and close ally Jackie up on the block - then double eviction happened, LOL. While she is all those things, she did have a good social game and came off as non-threatening to the other houseguests (which is typical in many coasters and how they get to the end of the game). Yet she treated the bb experience as one big ass summer vacation. Thankfully her free ride will be came to a close thanks to Vanessa being hoh and recognizing that any stronger competitor who sat next to her throughout the game would go home, because who would vote against her knowing she could potentially be an easy beat in F3 or F2. However, if you can count on one thing ...more - BlackDiamonds

99% of her game overlaps with Victoria (most notably being horrible at competitions), the other 1% being that Meg is slightly more aware of what's going on in the house than Victoria.

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50 Nicole Franzel - 7th Place - Big Brother 16 Nicole Franzel - 7th Place - Big Brother 16

Nicole should not be on here. She is obviously playing a pretty strategic game and even if she is in a showmance so what? She gets to control Corey with his vote and his comp wins. And is a shield for her if they are on the block together. Also, she hasn't been nominated once despite being called out so many times and being a target since day 1. These houseguests also keep trusting Nicole despite her lying and betraying them.. She knows when to lay low and when to win crucial comps. And she had a hand in almost every evicted houseguest in BB18! She might win this season!

Nicole should not be on here. She is an American favorite, and she was good enough to return to the 18th season. She is caught up in boys, but she sure knows what she is doing.

She could've gotten Frankie evicted Week 6 but she didn't have the foresight to see that she lacked the numbers to pull it off successfully and she allowed Jocasta - a floater/coaster - to get evicted instead when she realized it was a lost cause.


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51 Jordan Lloyd - 1st place - Big Brother 11, 4th place - Big Brother 13 Jordan Lloyd - 1st place - Big Brother 11, 4th place - Big Brother 13

Big Brother's ultimate coat-tail rider. Former HGs will be the first to tell you that Jordan winning her season was a freak accident and Jordan openly admits she had no idea what she was doing in her first season. She won her season by riding Jeff's coat-tails, sucking at competitions, being perceived as clueless, being nice to everyone, and (crucially) taking someone everyone hated with her to the final 2. She finished 4th in season 13 by riding Jeff and Rachel's coat-tails. The houseguests in season 13 openly had contempt for her ability to win competitions and she only won one HOH by making a lucky golf put. If Porsche hadn't won the veto in final 4 and for positioning reasons in the final 3 choosing to evict her, Jordan probably would have won again (shivers). - merrimac

Jordan is the weakest player ever. She didn't do ANYTHING... And I mean ANYTHING, yet she whined about Porsche and Kahlia not doing anything. In season 13 she only won HoH once and that was because Brendon and Jeff let her win. She isn't even as nice as she seems to be.. It's like an optical illusion, look closer and you'll see the truth

THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Like shut up and get over yourselves she had a strategy and Jeff didn't do everything for her if you haven't watched season 11 and season 13 go watch it unless your a stupid ass and you don't know anything Jordan's amazing and your not if you think she's bad player

Sweet girl and had a good social game, but let's face it the only reason she won Big Brother in S11, Jeff carried her! Jeff also carried her in big brother 13 but Rachel also helped too after his eviction. Jordan, too, had loyalties with Kalia. Can anyone say coaster? Think if Porsche didn't open Pandora's Box, Jordan would had made F2, and probably won since she was jury supported. The thought of that is just frightening! - BlackDiamonds

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52 Cody Calafiore - Big Brother 16

He whined so much when he was put up on the block for the first time. He's pretty much one of the WORST players ever as he has no backbone and has made zero moves

MADE ONE OF THE DUMBEST MOVES EVER. TAKING DERRICK TO THE END IN BB16 it cost him 500,000 and the title of big brother 16 winner. He could've taken Victoria but than again cody is about as bright as the night.

He sucks at the game and he's such a tool. He's always picking at his arms and his temple. He had chances to get big players out but he was to spineless to do it.

Cody made one of the dumbest moves in history. TAKING DERRICK TO THE END INSTEAD OF VICTORIA! If he took victoria to the end instead of derrick he would've easily won the money instead of Victoria, but noo he just had to be an IDIOT and evict Victoria instead of Derrick. But then again EVERYONE in BB16 was stupid (except for: Frankie, Donny, Nicole, Derrick, and Zach)

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53 Christine Brecht - Big Brother 16 Christine Brecht - Big Brother 16

She thought she was a somebody but she was a nobody who the guys made do their dirty work. Plus, she made a cuckold of her husband. I'm so glad she got booed. Haha those boos were deafening.

She got rid of her best friend in the house wich was so stupid and she thinks that it's better for her to go all the way with the guys. Hello have you seen what hapenned to britney on season 12

Backstabbing Nicole!? Betraying her husband!? Jeez this girl is stupid!

Worst by far

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54 Zakiyah Everette - Big Brother 18
55 Jojo Spatafora - 14th Place - Big Brother 14

Technically 13th place because of Willie's expulsion.

Early boot but rather funny to watch.

56 Mike "Boogie" Mallin - 6th, Winner and 10th place- Big Brother 2, All Stars, and 14

Umm... Why is Boogie here? He has been on the season 3 times. A fan favorite. Sneaky, but smart and like-able. Still can't believe he was evicted by IAN TERRY!

I agree, he really did ride Dr. Will's coat tail. I need someone to let me know what he has done that was great? - bigbrother

His only strategy was to keep reminding everyone of his "chilltown" alliance from 2001's BB in which he didn't come close to winning...then a decade later that's still his ONLY strategy. The legacy of being affiliated with Dr. Will who was an amazing player of this game. Mike is like the stage manager of some great band who just gets all the chicks because his job allows him to be close to the real band members. And how could he NOT see that every female who was flirting with him was only doing it because they thought they could get ahead riding his coattails (which were actually superglued to the coattails of Dr. Will since 2001.)? Ugh we had to watch him in 3 seasons, with 1 marriage proposal, 1 fake ""BB" marriage proposal and one "let me live off my reputation and glory in my athletic competition wins over 5.2" 100lb women and declare myself a gladiator! " attitude in S14. #givemeabreak

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57 Morgan Willett - Winner - Big Brother: Over the Top

So overrated but s3xy

Her speech for votes to America included : I didn't make any crazy big moves but I was loyal and I hope you vote for me.
& America voted for her instead of Jason who played THE best game... it breaks my heart to this day.

58 Audrey Middleton - 13th Place - Big Brother 17 Audrey Middleton - 13th Place - Big Brother 17

The textbook definition of playing too hard too early. Her gameplay (poor gameplay but better than not playing at all) literally drove herself and the rest of the house insane.

Played the game 24/7 and eventually got caught. The only time she layed low was when she was hours away from getting evicted.

Audrey deserved this. While it is great she was the first transgender houseguest on Big Brother USA, her game play was horrible! She played too hard too fast and burnt bridges with the very people that protected her through multiple evictions.

Played the game WAY TOO HARD and was not evicted week 1 because people were too busy picking off people like Jace and Mama Day

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59 Vanessa Russo - Big Brother 17 Vanessa Russo - Big Brother 17 Vanessa Ashley Rousso is an American professional poker player. Born in White Plains, New York, Rousso holds dual citizenship with the United States and France.

Her game was good in the first 6 weeks and now she playing the exact same way as Audrey and I do not think she will win like I used to think

Highly charged by emotions, she is a great manipulator but too obvious

She played Austin's game most summer.

Amazkng player. But annoying

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60 Liz Nolan - 2nd Place - Big Brother 17

Many people consider her a great player because she made it to the final two despite being a part of the twin twist and a showmance. However, she did not do anything to overcome the obstacles. After the twin twist was busted Vanessa and Austin protected her and Julia by forming the sixth sense alliance. So both of them were protected by Austin, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli, and she was lucky that none of the Goblins won Hoh. Everybody from her alliance won hoh up to the jury stage so she was never a target. She was untouchable throughout the game because Austin and Vanessa were saving her life the entire time. Even though she helped evict strong players like Becky and James, they were going after Vanessa not her, and the only reason she evicted them because Vanessa and Austin told her to. Evicting James was actually a mistake because he had no allies at the time and was going after Vanessa, but John was going after her so she should have gotten rid of John. She was Vanessa and Austin's ...more

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