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21 November 23rd
22 December 22nd

Best day ever gate 2 times the gifts

My birthday is this day and it is the best thing ever! Our school changed so now it is the last day of school before the winter break so it feels like everyone is having a party for you and once there was even a school field trip on that day! ( it was shrek the musical but I wasn't really a fan of it ) and my family gets me a normal amount of gifts for my birthday then on christmas I get like 8000000 gifts so it isn't that bad

23 January 2nd

Everyone is fed up, feeling fat, hungover, back to work and poor after Christmas. IF you get remembered no-one wants to celebrate because they are fed up of drinking and eating, hungover and penniless or they are still away for Christmas/New Year, or they have gone back to work. The weather is abysmal, one year the only thing going on was a potato festival or sandy toxvig live (not kidding).

People wouldn't want to celebrate your birthday because they would be tired out from the day before. During Christmas people would say "Merry Christmas and this is for your birthday, too! "

It's the day after New Year's, for kids it's usually the first day back from winter break, so near Christmas that you get presents for both at once (half the gifts)

I love the first comment! Funniest thing everr!

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24 September 12th

Nobody pays attention to me. EVER

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25 December 8th
26 Passover

Passover Is A Bad Birthday Date

27 February 8th
28 May 31st

This is my birthday. Going through school I was always the youngest, I got picked on for that reason...

My cousin's birthday - njalabi63989

How is this day bad? - Devilking190

C pas une bonne date

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29 December 16th

My birthday is on this date, it differs every year if it's good or bad but in tends to fall on when everyone starts Christmas shopping so they all have their money saved up so I tend to get some good presents but it also is usually the last day of school or work so and the day everybody has Christmas parties so that can be inconvenient

Birthday is always combined with Christmas. Is always finals week or the week after so most people forget it.

In the last week of school, but never the last day, so everyone's tired and just wants a holiday

30 April 17th

All the crappy people are born on this date

31 June 14th

I'm Canadian and June 14th is my birthday. I hate having a birthday like this. My brother's birthday is on Abe Lincoln's. I was born when the corrupt scumbag was celebrating his. He is known as Donald Trump. It is also on American flag day and the day the United States Army was founded. Why do I have the same birthday as Trump and why does it have to do everything with the USA?

Everything everyone said. Also it's the day most go back to school after break...

Not just because Flag Day but because it's Donald Trump's birthday.

I hate Donald trump. - coolguy101

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32 October 9th

Wait, that's John Lennon's birthday...

Suspicion level: 27458066289 - kaitlynrad11

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33 November 25th

What's wrong with that? My birthday is only 17 days earlier than that!

I have a friend who's birthday is on this day :( - Wolftail

What, my brother's birthday is November 25

Hey! My friend was born on November 25!

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34 April 15th

The Titanic sunk this day, Abraham Lincoln died this day, and the Boston Marathon bombing happened this day.

This is my birthday so I like it but a lot of people hate it.

Tax day as a birthday, yay.

Titanic sank
Abraham Lincoln died
Boston Marathon bombing
Hillsborough football disaster
Tommy Cooper died on stage in front of a live audience.
Always the anniversary of sad events being remembered

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35 December 30th

First your birthday gets lumped in with christmas, and then it gets lumped in with new years. Plus its not actually on a holiday so nobody even feels obligated to celebrate with you. Nobody really cares, because in comparison to everything else, a December 30th birthday doesn't matter. Also I live in Minnesota and hate the winter. Its almost never above 0 degrees (F) on my birthday.

People like to pretend it's okay to lump your birthday together with Christmas

Everyone is just waiting for New Years so they don't want to do anything!

And all the family go on holidays (especially in Australia.)

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36 March 17th

This is my birthday and I have to share my bday with the popular girl, she gets all the attention

37 July 6th

A legend was born on this day. - LizardKing99

My dad was born on that day

38 December 3rd

WHY! DECEMBER 3 IS MY BRITHDAY! And whats wrong with this one

39 August 31st

This is Hatsune Miku's official birthday, it's also the birthday of Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. - mayamanga

I hate myself falling back a year behind September birthdays yet I have to go to the same grade so unfair

This birthday sucks because school starts on September 1 so last day of the summer

It’s bad because, you would be the youngest in your grade. - Aha223

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40 May 10th

What's so bad about this day? - Minecraftcrazy530

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