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41 August 31st

This is Hatsune Miku's official birthday, it's also the birthday of Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. - mayamanga

I hate myself falling back a year behind September birthdays yet I have to go to the same grade so unfair

This birthday sucks because school starts on September 1 so last day of the summer

If I were born on August 31, this is gonna be GREAT - BorisRule

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42 January 6th

It's the last day of Christmas, the day the decorations come down. When you're a kid you go back to school on your bday! New Years resolutions are still strong and friends have given up eating/drinking/smoking but pubs and restaurants are empty anyway! Shops are full of Christmas stock not sold etc etc I could go on and on.

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44 June 23rd
45 February 2nd

Cyclone Yasi RIP my house. - coolguy101


46 April 4th

This is my birthdate. I feel so dreaded about it because all my friends are on vacation for spring break and I can't ever get anybody to play with. I've tried to push my birthday to November. Seriously, no joke.

I broke my arm that day in 2017. - coolguy101

That's my birthday.

That's my half birthday - kaitlynrad11

47 November 11th

The end of the year. It gets me really sad sometimes

My little brothers birthday is on that day - Ihateschool

It’s not sad it’s fun

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49 March 22nd

NO! This was the day miraculous started airing in Australia. - coolguy101


If your birthday is on March 22 rip. My Chemical Romance :(

50 April 9th

I always get in trouble at school that day and some kid Omar copied my birthday

What - SpencerJC

51 August 26th
52 March 19th

It's the worst day of the year to have a birthday and it's completely because it's AJ Lee's birthday.

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54 January 19th

Robert e lees birthday

55 October 13th

Friday the 13th. enough said. - Aragorn98

56 December 28th

This is my birth date...it stinks because it is usually when everyone goes back to work so no one is off and you're just kind of stuck all alone and forget a birthday party I've actually grown to hate them...the only good thing is everything is on sale!

57 November 15th

I have a friend who was born the day after this.

People care about Minecraft and not you

All people want to do is go on this special Minecraft server with popular users like CaptainSparklez and Dan TDM. - FasterThanSonic

MC was released on November 18th so get choose facts right. - coolguy101

58 March 14

It's always during spring break and everyone is usually gone away, so it can be quite lonely.

My best friend (when I was in the 4th grade) has the same birthday as this.
Plus it's also Einstein's birthday - mayamanga

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60 June 5th
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