Top 10 Worst Disney Channel Moves

Hello everybody. People have given me a lot of requests from my Top 10 Worst Moves by Cartoon Network, and my top 10 Worst Moves by Nickelodeon. THIS time, focusing on the downfall of Disney Channel. With that said, THESE are the Top 10 Worst Moves by Disney Channel.

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1 The Cancellation of Kim Possible

Once again, 2007 was a terrible year, because THAT is when it happens. When someone asks you "What's the best show ever put on Disney Channel? ", I guarantee that Kim Possible will run right through your head at least once. Kim Possible was one of, if not, the best shows that Disney Channel has ever put out, with amazing writing, a cast of loveable characters, that are still adored, even to this day, hell, they are on T-shirts, they are on lunchboxes, they were on a tun of stuff. There are a lot of YouTube videos constantly replaying old clips from the show's history, because they were so iconic. I find Kim Possible really hot! I can't tell you how many times I've walked around my school, and I see girls with shirts and having bags with Rufus on it. Rufus is probably one of the most loved characters on the show, and for good reason, Rufus was awesome, he practically made this show! When you put Kim, Ron and Rufus together, with their amazing voice actors, you get an amazing ...more

Do you realize that you copied your own comment from the worst nick moves list - Gamecubesarecool193

They have to cancel shows, people have to get on with their lives, I mean you can't imagine some one working on Disney Channel forever can you

The only thing I want in my life is to get Kim Possible back in a new season... or at least a re-run of the episodes... but new ones would be amazing!

I felt so sad when that happened. - alazeemrasaq2005

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2 The Cancellation of Lizzie Mcguire

Lizzie McGuire was one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel growing up. True it was your typical teen sitcom, but what made this show unique was that in between the episodes, Lizzie, the main character would have a cartoon version of herself telling you her inner thoughts and problems, yes, the cartoon version of Lizzie McGuire is also hot. And now, She's gone. It's just not right, but let it be known that Lizzie McGuire was the holy grail of Disney Channel sitcoms.

I remember coming home from school and watching this show but now it doesn't vine come on which sucks.

She was definitely a 90's kid's goddess. - Blackcat100p

Actually it is a T.V. show

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3 The Cancellation of Toon Disney and Jetix

Jetix is the only channel to bring my imagination to life like pucca yin yang yo and all of them are my favorite shows they Haft to bring the channel back for the fan's for everyone who didn't have a chance to say goodbye to there show

I miss Jetix... There were so many great shows on it!

I think I'm gonna cry. Toon disney and jetix were my favorite channels! The house of mouse, tiamma and pumba, the great shows! And what do we get? Horrible live action shows, cartoons that suck, and dumb game shows! Please disney, bring both of thim back! Please people, lets make a petition to disney!

Oh my gosh, I wanted to watch Jetix so bad. I watched some of their cartoons on YouTube when I was 11 yrs old, and they were nostalgic and funny. I even tried reviving it. Now I have the new cartoons.

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4 Turning Into a Girly Channel

Yep and every single live action movie has a girl as a main character. All this does is drive male viewers away to other channels like Cartoon Network. Especially when half the main actresses have zero acting talent. I swear to God the only talent you need to be a Disney actress is singing, prime examples of this are Victoria Justice and Zendaya. Terrible actresses but they're women and can sing so they're hired!

Remember "I am a princess"? They said you could be a princess by being yourself. You can't be a princess unless you have a parent/stepparent who is royalty or you marry someone royal! - mayamanga

True, everything is for girls. They even made, YOU CAN BE A PRINCESS

IKR! Nickelodeon became a very girly channel as well. Even little girls deserve good like adults, teens, little boys and every other age group!

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5 The Cancellation of Zoog Disney

Remember Zoog DIsney? That block was great. It was a weekday afternoon on Disney Channel, that shows the best Disney Channel shows ever, such as Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, Even Stevens, and others. Zoog Disney even switched their name only on weekends to Zoog Weekends, and when they showed movies, there was Zoog Movies. Zoog Disney, the whole block itself was a whole awful lot like Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, except that it was on Disney Channel, and aired on weekday afternoons, and weekend afternoons rather than Friday nights. Just like any other afternoon blocks, it got really excited on a weekday afternoon, but just like SNICK, it vanished. The only difference is SNICK has made its triumph in return.

Zoog Disney featured solid family programming like The Famous Jett Jackson or So Weird that were well-written and had the right balance between drama and comedy. The channel had so much variety with Zoog Disney, which is sorely missing in their current line up of sitcom after sitcom.

6 No Reruns of Old Good Shows

Honestly I don't even watch Disney anymore because there are no reruns of the old good shows.

They have got to do reruns again the old shows are better.

The old shows were so much better

I was born in the early 2000s and I never got to see the old DC shows except in once in a while. I wish they could do that so I could see when it used to be good. But I'm stuck with everything else so smh

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7 Showing More Sitcoms Than Cartoons

What Disney you put sitcom after sitcom thinking people would like it, but the problem with that is that you run out of ideas very quickly and you have to make them real life but that is boring.

The sitcoms really aren't funny the only ones that were actually funny were that's so raven, and Zach and Cody.

Good Luck Charlie, Suite Life Series, And Lab Rats where the only good ones.


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8 The Cancellation Of All Of The Old Disney Shows

Ok, I have to admit, I love the new Disney Channel shows, but I literally miss the old ones! They were so much better to be honest. And shows like Lilo & Stich, Hannah Montana, and That's So Raven, you can't really beat the classics! If I had one wish, it would be to bring those shows back, and the thing with when the Disney stars drew the Disney sign with the wand? I MISS THAT! And A.N.T farm ended too in 2013, so that sucked. But yeah, BRING THE OLD Disney BACK! It's good to revisit your childhood!

Why Because all of the good back in the day and current Disney Channel shows were all good ass Disney Channel shows from current and back in the day were good. I tell you what.

I really miss 'good luck Charlie", "Jessie", "Austin and ally", and "That's so raven". They all made Disney channel amazing

I saw 1 ep of it's so raven when they replayed it

9 Not giving Gravity Falls the respect it deserves

I usually stick up for Disney but not today! Gravity falls is awesome! Disney doesn't understand! I think they thought it wasn't "good" enough for their channel. I'm not going to tell you what Disney Channel considers "good". So they sent it off to Disney. Come on Disney! Think! Gravity Falls was pretty sucessfull on the first place! They are afraid that cartoons will be more popular than sitcoms so they do not mention them. I do think it's better off on Disney. I mean I love the show, so I don't want Zendaya making an guest spot. But still!

And moving gravity falls over the Disney well not everybody has the ability to get the Disney Channel that's the worst thing they could do because my mom can barely afford to buy groceries.

I'm sorry what? They air Gravity Falls 24/7, released it on DVD, released a MILLION things of merchandise, what else do you want? A good Disney show was Pepper Ann, and it got NONE of those things.

ugh hello?

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10 Putting the Same Type of Shows On Like Singing and Dancing

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11 Leaving the Disney Junior Block On the Air

I thought Playhouse Disney was bad, DIsney Junior is even worse. Why are you airing the DIsney Junior block, when you already spun it off into its own channel?! Disney Channel, do us a favor, and take the whole Disney Junior block off the air. If you're gonna air preschool shows, air them ONLY on the DIsney Junior channel.

They should leave Disney Junior in the Disney Junior channel instead of putting it on Disney Channel in the morning! It's ridiculous! They should play the old Disney Channel shows on Disney Channel, in the mornings, not kids shows! And By the way, they should put back Disney Playhouse, where it belongs instead of replacing it and calling it Disney Junior! Disney channel, what a shame!

If kids wanna watch baby shows, they will go to Disney junior. I could understand having maybe an hour on weekdays so families without Disney junior have something for their kids to watch, but you need to shorten it

I agree with your opinions too.

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12 Thinking It Was a Good Idea to Make Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb was alright when it started but the show is so repetitive! You know exactly how each episode is going to progress and end before the opening credits finish. - Blackcat100p

This was 16 and now I vote this and it's number 10 cool

Phineas and ferb was way better than jessie or good luck charlie because they were crap like every other sitcom on disney channel

I liked this show IT WAS GOOD

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13 Closing Down Toontown Online

Town toon was the reason I got into any sort of tech early on in my life


14 Airing K.C. Undercover

I agree. Come on. Why can't you air a show about regular people? A robot? A robot? WHY? This show is not funny AT ALL! Zendaya is over used. Its pretty much if Kim possible was a rude brat! While watching this show I hope that the badguys win! All she does is make fun of her brother! In one episode she thought his girlfriend was a spy cause she was dating him! That just hurts! She was but still! She makes fun of her best friend all the time! Please just cancel this show!

I kind of agree because it is pretty bad but humor and I'd give that about 5 out of 10 and the rest of it like the plot like 2 out of 10 offense but its not really that good I was sick when I first saw it first I thought it was just me but no I watched it a week later and it was terrible

This is the worst show ever, I hate that Disney Channel created this show just because zendaya is famous, this show is so annoying, there are better show than this trash, like I didn't do it. But that girl zendaya is getting to famous on instagram because she has a pretty face( with make up) and she fight with everyone. I hate Disney for this. PLEASE CANCEL KC UNDERCOVER.

U guys are just racist and even though its terrible so are all the other shows on disney

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15 Making Bad Spin-offs of Good Shows

The one show in question here is Cory in the House, just by the title, you can probably figure out that this is a spin-off of That's So Raven. The writing is garbage, it was boring, and above all, the humor just sucks. Cory in the House does NOT live up the height of being a spin-off of That's So Raven. That's So Raven was one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel growing up, so taking Raven's brother, the funniest character on the show, and giving him a spin-off? It seemed like a great idea, it just didn't work. You need to have good writing, or it's gonna fall flat on its face.

Gosh... They just HAD to make Girl Meets World. It's a PATHETIC spinoff of Boy Meets World, which was actually good. Why?!?! - Minecraftcrazy530

Girl Meet World is pretty good to me.

I'm sorry, what? I have to agree with you! Girl Meets World is amazing, but Boy Meets World was way better. - Fandomstuck

I liked Girl Meets World. I also really liked the suite life on deck

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16 Using Phineas and Ferb to Do Terrible Crossovers of Good Franchises

THIS was what Disney Channel recently did that was one of their biggest mistakes ever! Using one of their worst shows of all time to do bad crossovers with my favorite franchises. The first one was "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel". Just by the title you can probably figure out that this is a crossover between Phineas and Ferb and Marvel Universe. That was terrible, it made all of the Marvel superheroes really unlikeable. The Marvel characters that are still likeable are the villains. No surprise, the only likeable character in Phineas and Ferb was Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Even though he always ends all of his inventions in "-inator", he wants to destroy the entire Danville, a part of the Tri-State Area. The next thing they're gonna do is "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars". Just by the title, it's a crossover between Phineas and Ferb and Star Wars. Star Wars was one of my favorite franchises, but a P&F & SW crossover is really gonna make the Star Wars heroes ...more

17 Cancellation of Disney Channel Games

That was pretty much the worst thing they can do they were raising actual money for real charities and it was fun to watch and see who we get kicked off in who would win in choosing teams and playing online along with them.

Come on, these were the greatest things to watch in the summer. Now Disney is just pushing for Healthy Living with Michelle Obama.

I liked this. It had a good cause and taught kids to make difference. But they said goodbye! Kind of like a lot of the other good things on that channel!

So that's why they never make games...

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18 Cancelling Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and ferb was the BEST cartoon Disney channel has EVER made! Cancelling it was a terrible choice even though it had been going on for almost a decade

Phineas and Pherb is a funny and joyful show!

It didn't get cancelled, it ended. Plus, the writers have pretty much used up all their ideas, and wanted to give it a grand finale.

At least Gravity Falls was the best, but too bad that show had to run much shorter.

19 Making Wander Over Yander The Only Good Show Besides Gravity Falls and the New 2013 Mickey Mouse Shorts

Wander over yonder sucks gravity falls is 1 trillion times better!

The new Mickey Mouse shorts are terrible no where near as good as the old ones or the old Re-Micks.

Hey! I like Gravity Falls and Mickey Mouse shorts. - TsWade2

We got gravity fanboys over here...

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20 The Debut of Repetitive Shows

The name of your channel is DISNEY Channel. You are owned by the DISNEY-ABC Television Group, a subsidiary of the Walt DISNEY Company. Why in the hell, would you air repetitive shows such as:

1. Phineas and Ferb - Another rip-off of Dexter's Laboratory
2. Sonny with a Chance - Rip-off of iCarly
3. Take Two with Phineas and Ferb- RIp-off of Space Ghost Coast to Coast
4. So Random! - Rip-off of All That.

THE LIST GOES ON! It was a lot like Live-Action on Cartoon Network, except that it was on Disney Channel, and is more repetitive rather than just live-action. Besides, there's still nothing good on Disney Channel anymore, well at least except for Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and the 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts. Get rid of all of this repetitive garbage right now.


I So agree with anyone who hates Phineas and Ferb! That show is just way too repetitive!

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