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1 Teen Beach Movie

I can't believe that kids buy in to this crap. Disney has been putting out the same movie over and over again for over five years and people still watch it. Everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong, some examples include: bad acting, poor song selection/writing, plot just thrown together without real character development, famous actors hired just for the sake of making more money. I could go on, but the list would be too long. What gets me mad is that people actually watch this and because of high sales, I can guarantee that more crap like this will be put out for the sake of brainwashed kids.

What's with the title!? Teen Beach Movie! It's Like Taking a movie like, Forest Gump, A Movie from 1994, and calling it instead of forest Gump, Basketball Wood Movie. Taking Two Words Then Putting it Before the Word Movie. Whoever the Hell Created this Needs to Quit Thinking, Oh, Kids are so stupid so they will enjoy a crappy movie about two teens who get stuck in a movie. I am still in elementary school and everyone in my GRADE said it would be terrible in June 2013. And, Ross Lynch, and Maia Mitchell are Terrible Actors and singers.

I do not mean to be rude but this movie is the worst movie ever made in human history. DO NOT BUY it on iTunes. IT IS NOT WORTH ANY MONEY. As is the original movie from the 60s wasn't bad enough they came up with a second one and I heard news that they were going to come up with a second team beach movie. Why why would you we invent something that is not funny does not have good actors nor actresses and has super super LAME EFFECTS. I'M SORRY IF I OFFENDED ANYONE WHO LIKES THIS MOVIE. I JUST REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DON'T LIKE IT.

I agree the acting is bad and the movie is unoriginal

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2 The Cheetah Girls

It is kinda boring to watch. The Cheetah Girls are awesome, I love them, but they are better dancers and singers than actresses. They all dance and sing so well, but they can't act. That girl who plays Galleria is kinda good at acting. But all the others are so annoying, like a Miley Cyrus kinda thing! !

I know people are gonna be pissed at my comment, but I really don't care. 1) What is up with their names? I usually LOVE when people have original, uncommon names.. But the names that they picked were so damn hideous. 2) What's up with the blonde chick? She wears the most HIDEOUS outfits EVER. In every movie, without fail. Every single outfit she wore was insanely hideous. Her arms & legs are also way too big. 3) Aqua, or whatever her name is? She would look so much better with a lighter hair color. The black hair just doesn't suit her.

This movie trilogy and High School Musical's pretty much set the downfall of Disney Channel Original Movies. - djghostboy

Why is this below High School Musical? That is actually a great movie! - Eraser

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3 High School Musical

! Do people agree it's a terrible movie. AM I NOT THE ONLY ONE. My god. - djghostboy

I think it should be higher than Teen Beach Movie. Teen Beach Movie should be #2. - doctorman

This movie is just horrible it's just about Zach efron wanting to sing well hey I got a crazy idea for you JUST SING AND STOP WHINING (sorry if I offended anyone I just really hate this movie

I don't understand how this list says it's the worst but the last list I looked at said it was the best - Notnormal12

It died when it came out.

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4 Girl vs. Monster


From the trailers, it sounded really good, then me and my 6 year old sister watched it and I thought I could throw up it was so bad, my little sister even thought it was stupid! And she's 7!

You'd be better off watching "grown ups movie" then this crappy garbage, and that movie stinks!

Disney Why! Just stop. making crappy shows and movies and if you wanna get more viewers just put reruns of old shows and movies TO REMIND PEOPLE THAT THERE WAS A TIME WHEN DISNEY. WAS ENJOYABLE

Why us it every new Disney Channel movie is about girls? Is it that overly feminist? And the name for the movie was stupid. Why not call it something other than girl vs monster.

I watched this when it premiered & it was so boring & just overall not a good movie

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5 Camp Rock

Demi Lovato seems very nice but I hate how Shane is just a mean person and has it stuck in his head and only changes because of love like seriously that just means if they break up he will turn bad again

I love this movie! I think I like the second one better, though.

This movie was good, and I agree that it is better than the sequel, the singing was okay, the plot was great.

This movie was boring and dumb

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6 Zapped!

This movie was so sexist. It makes me want to vomit. Zendaya is a pretty good actress but her acting could not help this destined to fail movie. The way she made friends with that weird girl was cheesy. Her relationship with her boyfriend is cheesy and everything about this film is cheesy and awful. The family is so crazy that they need to go to therapy or something and the weak message in this film is delivered so poorly and we've seen the message so many times before in movies. A large portion of those movies being Disney! Just a sexist peice of cheap garbage.

Sexist, annoyingly over-stereotyped, and there doesn't seem to be any actual "entertainment" here. Worst movie I've ever seen. I didn't even sit through the rest of it, it was just that awful. - Garythesnail

Every time I see this movie I cringe. The whole movie is just founded on one the stupidest ideas I can think of. And the villain just pisses me off. She's your stereotypical evil blonde brat who has not redeeming qualities or personality other than the fact that she's "evil".
Horrible, horrible movie.


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7 High School Musical 2

Why isn't this higher on list? It sucked badly.

Why did they even bother with a sequel? Then comes High School Musical 3 *Sigh* "Oh, Disney Good God" - doctorman

This movie is incredibly cheesy and boring.

I had to sit through this cheesy horror! I hate high school musical! This "movie" was boring and so generic!

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8 Frenemies

Why does Zendaya have to star in every single movie?

I only liked the story with that skater chick and the preppy chick (played by the same actress) and the dog character. Other than that this movie sucked but sigh did they really have to make Savannah (the skater chick) like Jake (the boy love interest dude). - Anonymousxcxc

I only liked the last story, but the whole movie would be better off without Bella Thorne, seriosly, she can't act!

Well that I actually agree with (not trying to offend Bella or any Bella Thorne fans) though I love the Mentalist (it ended with a crappy ending though), but one of the episodes had her in it and I still like the show, but that episode felt like CeCe from Shake it Up got put into the Mentalist. Seriously?! Though I still like the Mentalist. - Anonymousxcxc

Pure cancer

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9 Geek Charming

Why is this movie on list? It was pretty good from what I remember. There are FAR worse movies on this list that should be on top but as far as I'm concerned, I think the person put this movie alongside the first 10 ones because he/she didn't think of other movies and instead he/she decided to put this GOOD movie on #11! What a bunch of idiots!

I loved the movie too, it's one of my favorite Disney Channel movies! I don't understand why it's even listed here. There are much worse Disney Channel movies out there which aren't even listed. I liked the actress too, she is really cute.

This was actually good. One of the LAST good Disney Channel movies. It was dramatic, yes, but realistic and funny.

I loved this movie when I was about 8 or 9, but I haven't seen it since so I don't know if I'd still enjoy it

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10 Smart House

A kid and his family win a smart house run by a self thinking computer named Pat. Soon the computer takes on a life of its own and acts like an overbearing mother.

Yes it did suck. - Blackcat100p

I haven't watched all of it but until I do I really understand why it's so damn scary and stupid.

Has anyone actually watched this movie? I surely haven't! What is it even about?

It's not bad, it's creepy.

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11 Zapped (2014)

Good lord, the acting stinks, VERY stereotypical, and super offending to boys. I hate everything about it. Oh and it is one of Disney's cheesiest movies. Just another Disney Channel movie that sucked. Zendaya was literally the only good actor in this, but still that doesn't help with all of the other actors. The stereotypes actually really offended me. I am a boy. - doctorman

So stereotypical. I am very strict with equal rights, and this showed boys the wrong way. I actually sorta liked it, but they portrayed boys awfully. A lot of times, boys can tend to be rude and disrespectful, but they aren't gross (most of the time.) It didn't make much sense, either.

This movie just sucks. I absolutely hated it. It was about this girl who tried to change every boy because they were not perfect. Guess what, Disney Channel? NO ONE IS PERFECT. Walt Disney would be ashamed to know what Disney has become. If you have never seen this movie, I envy you.

It's like Disney is falling apart. At first during the Walt Disney era,shows used to be enjoyable and funny,but now it's going down the toilet.This is another example of Disney's downfall.

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12 16 Wishes

Eh it's okay. It has a pretty good lesson that it portrays pretty well. It's a little too girly and VERY cheesy at times. But it's definitely one of the better Disney Channel Original Movies (and that's not saying much)...6.8/10

It wasn't that bad, there are movies under this that are worse than this, like Zapped or High School Musical 3: Senior Year. I actually enjoyed the message this movie delivers. - doctorman

I love 16 wishes I want to buy it someday.

I liked derby Ryan on Jessie an The sutle life on deck but this movie is too silly and it looks like a rip off of 13 going on 30

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13 Starstruck

This movie is super fun and AWESOME. It's not my fave but it pretty good!

! I forgot all about this movie! But I still remember it. It's a good movie!

This was a great movie, it was funny, had an unoriginal idea, but still it was a great movie.

This is my favorite movie I watch it ever day

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14 Let It Shine

Great message and it's cool. Coco Jones is cool and the main character is a huge success now. The rapping is REALLY awesome (I was fist pumping a little ) and the story is something you can TOTALLY relate to. Disney, you stink, but this was just awesome. - maddyparrot22

Don't you mean Disney Channel, you stink. Because a lot of Disney movies rock - doctorman

This movie is great. Unlike that teen beach movie

At least the movie isn't annoying and fake like "Teen beach movie".

The theme song is really catchy. - PerfectImpulseX

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15 Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

I loved this movie

I only saw it once and I was like 8 but it was still wonderful.

Yay Wendy Wu. Now why did Teen Beach Crap get a sequel and this movie didn't. Also Descendants (which only the first fifteen minutes and the battle with Maleficent was good plus the character Ben is really likeable, but other than that it sucked) is in the process of a sequel. Seriously Disney Channel. Why? Why are you contributing to Mëgdecis?! - Anonymousxcxc

I love this movie really

16 The Descendants

Just by looking at the stupidity of this movie, I can think of many questions.
1. Why are the villains alive? Didn't they die back in those old movies.
2. How come the Isle of the Lost is not that far away from Auradon.
3. Why didn't Mal just use her spell book to take down the force field surrounding the wand and besides, if the wand is so powerful, why can't it protect itself.
4. Why did Prince Ben become the king, HE'S 16 YEARS OLD!
5. How could they even capture Maleficent and bring her to the Isle of the Lost if she is the most powerful villain in Disney?
6. Who in their right mind would keep Maleficent's spinning wheel? What would happen if some dumbass ends up pricking their finger on the needle and end up sleeping forever?
7. Why is Cruella de Vil even in this movie? She was some crazy psycho bitch who wanted to butcher about 101 Dalmatians to make pointless fur coats. But then again, she was a crazy psycho bitch, so they had to put her somewhere.
8. ...more

I'm sorry to anybody who likes this movie, but this movie was just HORRIBLE!

The main actors are crap. They're all just recycled actors from Disney Channel because Disney can't afford actual actors (some actors from this movie are actual actors that can actually act though)

Why do they have to put Dove Cameron in every single movie that they do? She doesn't act or sing good at all. Period.

Secondly, the story is basically every Disney Channel original movie plot. A cheesy and predictable romance. I'd rather drink a giant bowl of acid monkey splodge, thanks.

THIRD (and I can't say this enough) THEY BUTCHERED THE BEST SIDEKICK SONG, MADE THE CHARACTERS STEREOTYPES OF STEREOTYPES (mulans daughter does NOT sound Chinese at all, let that sink in.)

Lastly, this movie sounds like a stupid fanfiction. Did the creators of this movie even watch the movies to know that MOST Disney VILLAINS DIED or that NOT ALL Disney MOVIE IS SET IN MODERN DAY MADE-UP FAIRYTALE ...more

Absolutley horrible. Its cheesy, predicatble and will probably shape down to be one of the worst ever. The author of the books was obviously paid a lot otherwise I doubt she would have sold the rights to Disney Channel. Their movies are always easy to predict and have special effects that are clearly directed by three year olds smashing on a keyboard. The concept is obviously stolen from the netflix series "Ever After High" which is animated and is better than any Disney Channel original ever made. Honestly, this movie was a disaster, but I couldn't have expected anything better from this channel.

Ever After High sucks though. Well all dolls suck, except for the old antique ones or collector's dolls, but yeah Ever After High, Monster High, and especially Barbie (who really does suck) all suck. - Anonymousxcxc

I can’t stand the song at the beginning. It sounds so cringey. Other than that it’s ok.

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17 The Cheetah Girls 2

I can't believe kids buy into this cheesy rubbish garbage. This movie honest to god is nothing but a rip-off of original girl singing groups. To be real with you guys, they probably just went to the studio, recorded the songs, ran it throw some type of magical machine a couple of times, threw in some auto-tune, and called it music. The movie is no better. Poor acting, dumb jokes, and the chosen actors that don't look the part.

Do you know anyone who saw this? Me neither...

You say kids buy into this, but I'm a kid, and I haven't seen it (people seem to call it crap)

I love the cheetah girls

18 Phineas and Ferb: The Movie - Across the 2nd Dimension

I agree with the 'Am I the only one who liked it? ' guy. I thought this movie was the only Disney Channel Original Movie I actually liked. Great songs and very funny!

Am I the only one who liked it? Great songs, Great plot, Great acting, Great humor, and a fantastic ending.

This film is WORSE than Fried Dynamite! What's Next?! A FISH HOOKS MOVIE?!

Why is it on here? This movie is awesome! - steelers1979

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19 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

Ashley Tisdale was one of the worst and most obnoxious actresses disney ever put on film

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

Causing the deaths of both the High School Musical franchise and my faith in Disney ""Original"" movies. - GraphiteTail

This was good, it showed a new side to 'Sharpay' buy it would have been better if they just ended the High School Musical universe with High School Musical 3

Ryan should've had the spin off instead.

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20 Avalon High

I loved this movie because it was original, unique, different from what Disney Channel does.

Yay! I love this movie. Please get it off this list if was actually good compared to crap like Teen Beach Movie. - Anonymousxcxc

I loved this movie!

Avolon high...the king arthur thing.i loved it

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