The Descendants


Absolutley horrible. Its cheesy, predicatble and will probably shape down to be one of the worst ever. The author of the books was obviously paid a lot otherwise I doubt she would have sold the rights to Disney Channel. Their movies are always easy to predict and have special effects that are clearly directed by three year olds smashing on a keyboard. The concept is obviously stolen from the netflix series "Ever After High" which is animated and is better than any Disney Channel original ever made. Honestly, this movie was a disaster, but I couldn't have expected anything better from this channel.

Ever After High sucks though. Well all dolls suck, except for the old antique ones or collector's dolls, but yeah Ever After High, Monster High, and especially Barbie (who really does suck) all suck. - Anonymousxcxc

By far, the laziest attempt at trying to cash in on teenagers. They couldn't even come up with original names for the protagonist characters!

I liked this movie. I read the books so I know the villains resurrected. The singing is not good. Dove Cameron always sings in a fake baby voice. I think the second was a little better. The guys are better singers than the girls sometimes. I think they should explain more about how the villains are alive and all because unless you read the books you are clueless. The movie is called Descendants not The Descendants. I don't understand why they are supposed to be so young. Make them 17! How are there villain kids if the villains aren't even married? Why are Ben and Mal supposed to get married?!? They annouced it in the second movie. Jane says it. I wish they would change the plot in the third movie. I agree with whoever said Ben was too young to be king he isn't even out of high school!

I can't take this movie it's so horrible and I have seen the old animated Disney movies in a while but I do recall most of those villians DYING, and the worst part is they play it ALL THE TIME and there's animated shorts of it now sorry to anyone who does like it but I just really hate it

No offense to people who enjoyed it, but I didn't really like this movie

My sister actually enjoys The Descendants. She defends the movie when I express my opinions about it. The 'children of fairytale characters' idea has been repeated many times. I've seen it in books, toys and many other things. The plot is stupid and predictable. I thought the adult villains died in the fairytales. The plot is your typical boring highschool drama. There are characters with the 'popular' stereotype from having a popular mother or father. The outfits are way over the top. The songs are annoyingand, the CGI is stupid and the acting is horrible. I can't believe this rubbish movie got a spin-off series and is getting a sequel.

I know right? My sister gets so angry when I say I think Descendants isn't a quality movie. - Teancum2

This is worse than High School Musical.

This movie sucks and was only made to sell toys! The only reliving quality was Kristin Chenowith and Dove Cameron, who actually can act. It had potential, but they made it a high school drama!

Okay, I did like it until, Disney Channel showed it every day for the next two months. It was not funny, it was not relatable as the 'actors' said it was, and the music was just annoying.

This should be number #1 so annoying I HATE Dove Cameron

This movie looks clever and original, hopefully it doesn't end up being crappy when it looks good like Teen Beach Movie. - doctorman

This movie is so stupid. The actors can not sing! The voices are fake and cheesy. How do the villains have kids? Who would have wanted to marry them?

Okay well the first fifteen minutes (even if it has stupid Rotten to the Core) and the battle with Maleficent were the only good parts. Everything else felt like High School Musical in DisneyWorld. I mean I (used to) like Mal (despite her being acted by Dove Cameron, who's okay, but not the best) and I like Evie (even if she's too girly for me) and I like Jane and I really like Ben, though the movie was still kinda bad. Sofia Carson, Brenna D'Amico, and Mitchell Hope I feel like are probably the best actors in the movie. Also I feel like creating an alternate account called Aurorasuxx, though I don't know for sure. - Anonymousxcxc

This movie was horrible as it was but now they're making shorts and apps. Oh Disney... why? why did u have to create this awful fanbase?

I love a movie that involves crappy Disney villans! Let's watch it! They also took amazing actors and gave them horrible roles!

Ripoff of Ever After High and I think Ever After High is much better.

Hey guys, I researched and the villains were brought back to life, WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY BRING THE VILLAINS BACK TO LIFE WHEN THEY WERE BETTER OFF DEAD!? That's just plain stupid.Also,Chad's a prick.

I'm just getting this higher up the list because of my severe feelings of anger towards this "fantasy movie" which in reality is just a chickflick for kids. - Anonymousxcxc

Why even add this movie if it hasn't even come out yet? - doctorman

I love this idea. I mean this is great. The 2nd was ok. The third needs to bring Chernabog and his child. I love Descendants. Give it a chance. - asantalo

This moviE will be great and I am sure of it.

STOP HATING ON THIS MOVIE! ITS AWESOME! Where else are you gonna find the kids of famous Disney villains kids working together to find the fairy godmothers wand while meeting other awesome characters like Belle and Beasts son,Mulan's daughter Fairy godmother's daughter and Dopey's son. There is so much heart and emotion in these characters(especially Mal aka Maleficents daughter) There's a lot of action adventure and heart. I can't wait for the sequel

I am extremely fed up with Descendants. Ben, Jane, the first fifteen minutes (not including Rotten to the Core), and the battle with Maleficent were the only good aspects of the movie. Other than that this movie practically destroyed a lot of my favorite movies and the chronologies of them. In fact I'm so fed up that I may actually make up a fanfic that tells how I thought Descendants was going to be like. Well not literally me saying things like "oh Descendants should be like [insert thing]", but an actual story. - Anonymousxcxc

Can someone please explain how Disney villains find a partner to actually MAKE the villain kids. Plus, just about EVERY VILLIAN in the movie died in the movie they came from. So who's with me?