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21 The Suite Life Movie

I loved this movie, but I was only like 10 or 11 when it premiered and it did have some flaws. Other than that though it was funny and dramatic. Loved it.

Really cheesy. Like every Disney Channel Original movie. - doctorman

Loved it. Wonderful movie.

This movie tried way to hard to have action and heart and it didn't make an effort to reference to other episodes.Sorry DECOM but I didn't really like this movie

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22 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

It was too much singing and not enough plot or storyline. They tried way too hard in this movie, and it sucks so bad.

In my In my honest to god opinion, all of the high school musical movies suck.

This was bad, but they should add Teen Beach movie! That was the worst so far!

It's pretty good actually, not really bad at all. Sure it's cheesy, but its an entertaining cheesy. Overall, pretty good.

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23 The Descendants

Just by looking at the stupidity of this movie, I can think of many questions.
1. Why are the villains alive? Didn't they die back in those old movies.
2. How come the Isle of the Lost is not that far away from Auradon.
3. Why didn't Mal just use her spell book to take down the force field surrounding the wand and besides, if the wand is so powerful, why can't it protect itself.
4. Why did Prince Ben become the king, HE'S 16 YEARS OLD!
5. How could they even capture Maleficent and bring her to the Isle of the Lost if she is the most powerful villain in Disney?
6. Who in their right mind would keep Maleficent's spinning wheel? What would happen if some dumbass ends up pricking their finger on the needle and end up sleeping forever?
7. Why is Cruella de Vil even in this movie? She was some crazy psycho bitch who wanted to butcher about 101 Dalmatians to make pointless fur coats. But then again, she was a crazy psycho bitch, so they had to put her somewhere.
8. ...more

I'm sorry to anybody who likes this movie, but this movie was just HORRIBLE!

The main actors are crap. They're all just recycled actors from Disney Channel because Disney can't afford actual actors (some actors from this movie are actual actors that can actually act though)

Why do they have to put Dove Cameron in every single movie that they do? She doesn't act or sing good at all. Period.

Secondly, the story is basically every Disney Channel original movie plot. A cheesy and predictable romance. I'd rather drink a giant bowl of acid monkey splodge, thanks.

THIRD (and I can't say this enough) THEY BUTCHERED THE BEST SIDEKICK SONG, MADE THE CHARACTERS STEREOTYPES OF STEREOTYPES (mulans daughter does NOT sound Chinese at all, let that sink in.)

Lastly, this movie sounds like a stupid fanfiction. Did the creators of this movie even watch the movies to know that MOST Disney VILLAINS DIED or that NOT ALL Disney MOVIE IS SET IN MODERN DAY MADE-UP FAIRYTALE ...more

I at least said it when it was out. I really have something against Dove Cameron. I hate everything with her. Cloud nine was stupid, too. The dog dude's storyline was everything all people do. He does something, he gets injured, he stops. Like, what? By the way Dove can't sing or act

There are a few things wrong with this movie:
1. Yet another High School Drama
2. Most of these characters come from the original fairytales, which where made in what, the 14th century? So Disney doesn't have the right to give them kids or whatever, because they don't own the characters.
3. Why have Maleficent and the original characters not aged, even when the stories are set about 800 years ago, and didn't most of them die anyway?
4. How did they decide which family of all the Disney families would rule, wouldn't they all want to rule?
5. Why is a 16 year old king when his parents are still alive
6. What happened to Mal's dad anyway?

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24 How to Build a Better Boy

This movie sucked. Seriously?! A robotic boyfriend?! Come on Disney you can do better. Well at least for Marvel Studios the new Deadpool movie is coming out, that movie should be good. - Anonymousxcxc

I didn't like it at all, it was an overused plot, not funny, the only good thing was the very vague message of- don't ditch you best friends for a boy/girl

This movie was really weird and sucked. The acting and the effects were awful. - doctorman

That girl (I don't know who she is) that played May really can't act.

Her name is Kelli Berglund. She plays the character Bree on some Disney show called Lab Rats. - Anonymousxcxc

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25 Hatching Pete

I thought it was going to be stupid when I heard about it so I didn't watch it until this year (2015) and I actually liked it so, other comments that are judging by the title, don't!

True. It's like the saying "Never judge a book by its cover." So this is more like Never judge a movie by its title

Good movie! Not bad.

The title sounds like your hatching a chicken. Enough said.

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26 The Cheetah Girls: One World

I didn't watch very much of this. That's because 1) Galleria wasn't in it. It just felt like I was hampering with the mood with her absence. (Admit it, she was the only reason we watched the first one) 2) I could tell right away how this plot would go. It's the I-want-it war again. Where the three characters all want something only one of them can get. In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder if Galleria could have helped the plot... - GraphiteTail

There are too many Cheetah Girls movies. - doctorman

27 Shake It Up: Made In Japan

This should be on top, Shake It Up (more like Shake It Down), it's the WORST Disney Channel show ever created. I don't understand how people even liked this crap, it's beyond my limits!

Why isn't this higher? Shake It Up sucked badly and so did this movie. I'm surprised it's on #28 when it should be on top 3!

As if the T.V. show wasn't bad enough they just had to throw this monstrosity out into Disney Channel, Disney you really disgust me right now

I hate this movie - Tvshowcritic

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28 Cloud 9

It was better than the other 2 2014 movies, How to Build a Better Boy and Zapped. I actually enjoyed this one. - doctorman

I agree it was the better of the 2014 Disney Channel movies, but it still wasn't too good.

Would've been better if they hadn't cast Dove Cameron. Oh do I hate her. She's a horrible actor, too.

It was okay, but kinda lame. - Anonymousxcxc

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29 Princess Protection Program

I liked this one. - Anonymousxcxc

Aww... I like this one...

Good GOD, this film. First time I watched this, I actually stopped after the PPP was introduced. It was just so...stupid. That and I had a slight headache and wasn't in the mood to put up with the rest of this. - GraphiteTail

More like the Prostitute Protection Program

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30 Invisible Sister

There's one problem with this movie that really sticks out for me: how could they not tell the difference between the two girls? They both sound different. There voices aren't even similar at ALL. The younger sister'a voice is really annoying & ugly. I'm pretty sure anybody would have caught onto that. They aren't even the same height. They have different body shapes. The younger sister's ears are also way bigger than the older sister's.

Eh. It was alright. My one complaint is the romance. While minor, it was still like almost every Disney Channel Original Movie out there. Romance, romance, and more romance. *sighs* - RiverClanRocks

It was okay, but boring, and it is an overused idea, not funny, not original, need I go on?

This movie...it's not that great. I saw it a while ago and even back then I still didn't really like. The emotions feel forced and the movie alone is just boring. Not to mention most of the characters in this movie are dimwitted. They couldn't tell the sisters apart?...they aren't even twins.i'm sorry but this movie is just BAD

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31 Twitches Too V 2 Comments
32 Teen Beach Movie 2

What's the plot of this movie again? People from the sixties coming to the present like WHAT THE HELL

I didn't even bother watching this. The first one was pure torture. This should be higher. - doctorman

This was boring and painful to watch. The whole time, I was wanting it to be over

Practically the first movie but the other way round. This is just a cheesy romance sitcom.

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33 Further Adventures In Babysitting

I meant that the original is good. The new one sucks. I thought they were making a second sequel. Yes, the two previous comments are mine but I can't delete them.

This hasn't even come out yet, but it seems stupid. - Anonymousxcxc

I actually really enjoyed this movie :p. Definitely one of the best Disney movies made (that's not saying a lot but still). My friend and I can not stop watching this. Please don't put this on the list if you haven't even watched it. Don't judge a book by its cover, as they say.

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34 Girl Meets World

Who cares if this is a show? It sucks either way. I really, REALLY tried to enjoy the first season. But I eventually had to give up. EVERY single thing that they say & do makes absolutely no sense. At all. They come up with the most random, that makes absolutely no sense. Sabrina Carpenter is a good actress. She doesn't belong on such a horrible show as this one.

Who is idiot who put it on list? Girl Meets World is a show, not a movie. Plus it's pretty good. So take it off the list now!

Wow... this is a SHOW and it's pretty good. Although now, it's gotten a bit too dramatic

This is a great show! And it's one of the decent shows today. The story actually does make sense and it's hilarious. And just like in the first series, it taught life lessons. ^^

Screw the haters. You people have no idea what you're missing.

(And yes, this shouldn't be on this page)

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35 Quints!

Isn't the mom like way too old to be pregnant?

That's shocking


36 Lemonade Mouth

The most horrible ear invading train wreck I have ever watched in my entire life. Bridget Mendler is a horrible actress any day. The musical are just screwed up rip off's of the original High School Musical movies. Plus, a lot of the movies Disney Channel makes are musicals.

This was great! It was one of the few Disney Channel movies I actually liked.

I hate music, but this movie was actually pretty good. It even made me cry.

This movie was awesome and I think its absolutly the best movie that Disney ever created.

37 Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

The only thing good is that the bad guys won. All Disney Channel movies are like this: everything is good; something bad happens; main character(s) fix the problem; everything is good again

I think Disney Channel is just way too simple and out going.

Please camp rock ids so much better but the songs in the second 2

This movie and the original are good! what are you talking about? XP

I like High School Musical movies too. They're better than most of today's movies.

38 Dadnapped

The acting in this was horrible and the plot made me sick. This is a really crappy movie and the message is not delivered good. The message is delivered in a really cheesy way. The directors and writers of this make me sick. Disney Channel Original Movies usually do suck, but for some reason, this made me really ticked off. - doctorman

Agreed. It was actually good. Not the best though.

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39 The Proud Family Movie

I watched this a long time ago when I was little, and I don't remember much, I know I liked it.

40 Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas!

Loved this movie so much. It was a movie of the last good Disney Channel show.

GLC is by far my favorite Disney show, and this was an enjoyable movie as expected. - Garythesnail

What? This movie was amazing and hilarious and I adore GLC!


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