Worst Episodes of the Golden Age of the Simpsons (Seasons 1-10)

The Simpsons Golden Age Is Considered Through The First 10 Seasons Which Is Where Fans Consider It The Best Time For The Series, Althogh Not Episode Was Perfect Back Then Here's What In My Opinion Consider The Worst Episodes Of This Era

The Top Ten

1 Secerts Of A Successful Marriage (Season 5)

This Episode Is TERRIBLE From Start To Finish, The Episode Starts Out Where Homer Thinks He's A Good Husband And The Kids Disagree With Him, So Then Homer Starts His Own Class About A Successful Marriage, Then The People Get Mad At Him For Telling Them Poor Information Then Homer Tells Them About How He Treats Marge As A Wife, Then Later In The Episode Marge Wants Get In A DIVORCE From Homer Because Of How He Told Everyone His Secrets, This Is Really Marge Over Reacting Too, Then Homer Goes Crazy Because He Is Not Married Anymore Then Marge Forgives Him Because Of A Stupid Speech, Awful Plot And Story, In My Opinion This Is The Worst Simpsons Episode Of The Golden Age Of The Simpsons And Yes, It's really Really REALLY BAD - rjbarg042

2 My Sister, My Sitter (Season 8)

Lisa Babysits Her Own Brother Because She's The Best Babysitter In Town, It's Basically Just Bart And Lisa Being Mean To Each Other For 23 STRAIGHT Minutes, Plus The Side Plot Where Homer And Marge Go To The Town Festival Is Pretty Poor As Well Too, The Ending Is Also One Of The Worst Endings Of The Series Too, This One Will Always Live On In The Simpsons Hall Of Shame - rjbarg042

3 Itchy And Scratchy The Movie (Season 4)

Bart Wants To See The New Itchy And Scratchy Movie But He Misbehaves Himself, That's The WHOLE Plot Along With Bart Doing Mean Stuff And Homer Yelling At Him, And The Ending Stinks Too, Just A Flat Out Bad Episode - rjbarg042

4 Bart's Inner Child (Season 5)

Are The People Of Springfield THAT Dumb To Believe That Bart Is The PERFECT Role Model, I Mean All He Ever Does Is Pull Pranks At His School And Home, Heck They Even Have A Fair About Him And The Ending Is Awful : ( - rjbarg042

5 Bart Sells His Soul (Season 7)

The Plot Was Kinda Stupid I Mean Is Bart REALLY That Stupid That Souls Can Be Sold, Plus The Side Plot With Moe Opening A Family Style Restuarant Is Not The Best Either, This Episode Is Just Bart Sad About Not Having A Soul And Just Does Not Work For An Episode In My Case - rjbarg042

6 Lisa On Ice (Season 6)

Lisa Starts Playing Hockey In Order To Improve Her P.E Grade And Is Forced To Play Bart In An Upcoming Tournament, Homer Really Acts Like A HUGE Jerk In This Episode, Saying Whoever Wins Will Be His Favorite Child, Plus It Also Has A Mean Spirited Ending Where The Stadium Turns Into A HUGE Riot Because Of How Bart And Lisa Made Up, Just A Bad Episode In My Case - rjbarg042

7 Marge On The Lam (Season 5)

Marge Becomes Friend With A Neighbor Living Next To The Simpsons Family, This Episode Has Many Problems To Begin With, The Kids Have A Weird Babysitter, Homer Acts REALLY Stupid In This Episode, And The Neighbor Marge Hangs Out With Later Becomes A Background Character In Later Episodes, This Is One Lackluster Episode - rjbarg042

8 The Day The Violence Died (Season 7)

Bart And Lisa Discover The Person Who Created Itchy And Scratchy In 1919 And It's A Really Stupid And Bland Episode, The Person Who Created Itchy And Scratchy Really Is A Selfish And Jerky One Time Character, And It Was Really Stupid That Bart And Lisa Let Him Live In The House For A While, And The Ending Makes No Sense Two Look Alikes Of The Bart And Lisa Save The Day And Gets The Person Who Put Scratchy With Itchy In A Cartoon Back In Business, A Really Lousy Episode - rjbarg042

9 Itchy And Scratchy And Marge (Season 2)

Marge Was Kinda Treating Itchy And Scratchy And Cartoon Violence Like Something That Would Ruin Kids' Brains And She Protests It WAY Too Far, Plus Many People In The Episode Strongly Disagree With Her, A Cartoonist Even Put Marge In As A Beaver In An Itchy And Scratchy Episode And Itchy And Scratchy Kill Marge The Beaver, The Ending Is Not The Best Either, Really Mediocore Episode - rjbarg042

10 Another Simpsons Clip Show (Season 6)

A Really Boring Clip Show, Just Basically Tells The WHOLE Story Of 3 Episodes About Love, And It's Just Clips The Entire Episode Of Older Episodes That People Have Saw WAY Too Many Times, This One Deserves No Attention - rjbarg042

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