Top Ten Worst Fanbases of All Time


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21 Kpop fans
22 Nintendrones
23 Frozen Fans

These guys hate Princess Rosalina from Mario. They are Nintendo haters.

Most overrated disney movie (not most overrated pixar movie. That's toy story.) of all time. It was predictable, boring and sometimes confusing. - GGGofluckyourself


This fanbase is filled with slutty 12 year old girls who have a fetish over the "Let it Go" Song.

24 Aidan Turner fans
25 The Loud House Fans

Great show but the fan art is most of the time so nope worthy

Hate that fanbase - PeeledBanana

26 Illuminati Meme Fanboys

Please stop satin' "Illuminati confirmed! " over and over!

Its quite funny, but gets annoying after a while when your pals are making a triangle sign with their hands and putting it to your eye and screaming:LOOMINARTY CUNFURMED!

Doritos - PeeledBanana

27 Adventure Time Fans

I'm an adventure time fan and unfortunately I've happened several times to fall in with incredibly horrible fanworks.i've talked about them many times here,the first comment I wrote is the "it's my favourite animated series etc." one in "most annoying fan bases".marceline doesn't deserve that treatment because she's my precious baby.

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28 DC Comics Fanboys

They hate on Captain America, X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy! But treat Batman like he's a God!

29 Genwunners

The Johto fans are probably worse. ALL OF THOSE TYPHLOSION FANS DRIVE ME INSANE. Almost as badly as Charizard-worshippers that follow the fat dragon like a cult and if anyone says the slightest thing against him they go insane. its like eevee fangirls... Don't get me started on them. They are all obsessive over Pokemon that look cute, not if they are actually interesting. Those are the three main branches of Pokemon fans, other than gennwunners. And then there is me, who likes kangashkan, torterra, and infernape(my favorite gen is 4, if it isn't obvious)

Man are these people annoying. I like Generation 6 NOT Generation 1. Even worse are the Hoenn fans. - RiverClanRocks

They were everywhere around the time of Sinnoh until Unova's release. Thankfully they vanished before they could get out of hand. - Swellow


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30 DeviantART Users

Fetish here, Fetish there. Mostly comprised of Tickling Fetish - YourWaifuSucks

Not just the Deviants on the but also the Deviant's Fans as well. If you know MinorElite and his White Knight's drama with I Hate Everything then you know exactly what I am talking about - YourWaifuSucks

Stupid idiots are making fetish stuff all over DeviantArt

Not all deviantART users make fetishes. There's more SJWs. - Swellow

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31 Weeaboos

How is this not higher up on the list? Many of the fanbases here actually have their good fans, while this category literally refers to obsessive anime fans as a whole. - NiktheWiz

32 Powerpuff Girls Fans

What? This is not a bad fandom, though the fanart sucks a lot. At least the fans are not really mean and actually like the show normally. The only problem is the fanart. I come from this fandom and honestly they really support the show and most of them are not bullies unlike most mlp fans, they also don't really go hating on other good shows and saying powerpuff girls is better. The fans do get kind of offended when someone dislikes the show but they don't hurt ppg haters badly. I am a ppg fan and I hate rainbow dash. She is the reason I hate mlp, though I don't hate on every show to make ppg look good. I actually respect that people like other shows and that is okay. I really love this show but I don't bully its haters.

33 Beliebers

This should be on top 3

oh god

34 Spongebob Squarepants
35 Game Theory

Somehow this fanbase has evolved into believing that the word theory= fact. If he said the sky was red they would believe him - Randomator

People thinking "Theory" = "Fact"

Gosh, I hate GT fans. They take everything he says as fact. I'm sure if he said that Sonic was actually a fox, they'd believe him. - DCfnaf

36 Microsoft Fanboys
37 Battlefield
38 Leafy Fans

They spam HISS and leaf a like it's so annoying

There just a bunch of sheeple

39 Pokemon Go Fans

Thank God Pokemon Go isn't popular anymore. - Popsicles

40 Mewtwo and Ridley Fans
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