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PETA is a terrorist cult, so not a fan base.

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62 Foodfight! Fans

This exists? - Nirocart

I'm pretty sure Foodfight! doesn't have a fan base. If it did, it would probably consist of fetishist morons. In the words of Nostalgia Critic, Foodfight! is nothing but a FET-ISH MO-VIE! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

63 Team Breezy (Chris Brown Fans)

You know a fanbase is bad when the fans are asking the singer to beat them up. Oh, that's not enough? How about the morons who deny that he did anything wrong? Besides that, there's the typical moronic fanboys/fangirls who attack any criticism of them. - Zach808

64 Roblox Fans
65 Twilight Fanbase
66 Furry Fandom

They ruined Krystal by thinking that she's not a Star Fox character and crossover ship with every character they see. They ruined Renamon by turning her into a sex symbol when she isn't. They ruined the entire Sonic series. They ruined the Balto film trilogy. And they even go around ruining obscure series or characters no one has heard of yet, as long as it has anthros of course.

67 Total Drama Fans

The fan art is absolutely disgusting and the community complains over who should've won all the time. - naFrovivuS

68 Rainbow Dash Fans
69 Jeffy Fanbase
70 My Hero Academia fans

Most of this fanbase is really awful! Say something negative about My Hero Academia? You get attacked! Call it mediocre? You get attacked! Say there are better anime out there? You also get attacked! I hate My Hero Academia a lot to the point of dropping it in the 10th episode of the second season. And unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to escape their screeching wrath. - SelfDestruct

71 Cuphead Fanbase

Please remember that they are sexualizing a CUP! Among all things - YourWaifuSucks

72 Sports Fanatics
73 Bubsy Fans V 2 Comments
74 Lollipop Chainsaw Fanboys
75 Earthboundians V 1 Comment
76 Rugrats Fanboys
77 Disney Fanboys
78 Grand Theft Auto Fans
79 Football Fanboys
80 Montreal Canadiens Fans
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