Top Ten Worst Fanbases of All Time


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61 Luigi Fanbrats
62 Teen Titans Go Fans
63 MLG Fanbase
64 Sky Army
65 Elitist Metalheads

Oh my god yes. I may be abut of a metalhead myself but elitist Metalheads are the most ungodly douchey I've ever come across. He can't respect opinions, they think that metal is better than everything else, and they're hostile towards other musical genres. I thought metal was open-minded. Apparently I was wrong.

66 FilthyFrank Fans
67 Rosalina Fangirls

They will protect Rosalina more than their own family. I now have a throat ache because Rosalina is being shoved down it.

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68 One Punch Man Fanboys
69 Family Guy Fans
70 Killjoys
71 My Hero Academia fans

Most of this fanbase is really awful! Say something negative about My Hero Academia? You get attacked! Call it mediocre? You get attacked! Say there are better anime out there? You also get attacked! I hate My Hero Academia a lot to the point of dropping it in the 10th episode of the second season. And unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to escape their screeching wrath. - SelfDestruct

72 Cuphead Fanbase

Please remember that they are sexualizing a CUP! Among all things - YourWaifuSucks

73 Apple Fans

Even I have to admit, I do bash Samsung pretty hard...

Constantly bashing Android. Another reason why Apple sucks. No Sd card, bad fandom, slow software. And many more reasons

74 Xbots

PlayStation all the way! - BKAllmighty

75 Sports Fanatics
76 Gligar13vids Fanboys

Since when did this dude get fans

He has fans?

77 Casual Smash Fanbase
78 Spongebob Squarepants
79 Mortal Kombat
80 World of Warcraft Fans
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