Top Ten Worst Fanbases of All Time


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101 4chan Users

We are huge trolls.

102 Le Wrong Generation Kids V 1 Comment
103 OFWGKTA Fanboys
104 Pixar Fanboys
105 Eminem Fanboys
106 Hopsin Fanboys
107 Invader Zim Fans

ZaDR sucks @$$!

108 Modern SpongeBob Fans

This fanbase, asides from 5-7 year olds, does not exist. - Goatworlds

109 Miley Cyrus Fans
110 Adam Sandler Fans
111 Lego Fans

Mostly fans of the movie, but fans of Lego itself are just as bad.

112 Marilyn Manson Fanboys

It's their fault MM gets such a bad rap. Them committing crimes and being violent even though Manson's music is against violence

113 The Fandom of Steven Universe
114 Juggalos
115 PC Elitists
116 Xbox/Sony Fanbrats
117 Adult Babies
118 90s Kids

Yeah I hate people who hate every single modern cartoon like these 90s kids

119 Classic Sonic

My gosh, I hate these. I am a fan of Sonic, I like modern more. The Classics walk around saying "modern sonic needs to die in a hole" or " shadow is overrated"

SammyClassicSonicFan says it all...

120 Team Mario
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