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141 Teen Titans Go Fans
142 Shippers
143 Zootopia Fans V 1 Comment
144 Contemporary Fans

I mean the fans that love almost everything (except if they came in a retro or vintage style) that came out within the last couple years (just because it's modern) and hate exactly everything that is older than 5 years old because it's old. - anonygirl

145 High School Musical Fans
146 MLG Fanbase
147 Super Smash Bros. Melee Fanboys
148 The Lion King Fans

The movie sucks, it's characters suck, the whole franchise sucks, and finally, the fandom sucks big time. Too many people list TLK as one of their favorite movies, and worse, treat it like it's better and superior to every other movie. I think it is the real cancer that is killing the history of animated movies. It's been difficult for people nowadays to be familiar with other animated movies due to their persistent praise and favorism of The Lion King. Now, to describe the TLK fanbase... (I ain't stereotyping, but most TLK fans are like this)

1. Loud, obnoxious elitists who want you to treat TLK the way you want to be treated, like it's some family member. And if you hate it, want to destroy it or even like a different movie or such better, they threaten to call the police on you for no reason, or call you a nasty cuss word for not liking the movie.

2. Poorly made or poorly executed fanfics and fanart. Mostly ripoff artists who trace over official images without giving ...more

149 Balto Fans

Easily has the worst fandom of any non-Disney 2-D animated feature out there because of the rabid furries and Lion King fans that ruin it with their constant fanmade trash, and let's not forget the dumb hatedom who labels it as a Lion King ripoff, which it isn't.

150 The Lion Guard fandom

When did The Lion King need a new spinoff series? The franchise just keeps getting worser and worser...

151 The Secret of NIMH Fans

I said this before: Considered by many to be Don Bluth's best film, with good animation, a powerful story with a good moral, a really good protagonist and is one of the few, if not the only, animated features to have a rat or corvid as one of the supporting protagonists as opposed to being villains all the time. (Yeah, there are both good rats and bad rats in this, but still) However, The Secret of NIMH still suffers from having a rather arrogant furry fanbase who don't know that it has flaws like any other film, so no film is perfect. It is also mistaken as the first non-Disney animated feature when the fact is that both Gulliver's Travels (1939) and Mr. Bug Goes to Town (1941) predated The Secret of NIMH (1982) several years before. Or heck, even earlier, like Quirino Cristiani's The Apostle, which was made in Argentina in 1917, or Lotte Reiniger's The Adventures of Prince Achmed in Germany in 1926 which many believed to be the world's first animated features. (The former was burned ...more

152 Fans of Krystal from Star Fox
153 Fans of Renamon from Digimon

She is not sexy. In fact she is far from sexy. Also, did you know she was a male character in one of the European dubs of the Digimon series she's in? So much for your wet furry fanboy fantasies.

154 Classic Cartoon Fans

Cringy fetish art that may or may not "ruin your childhood". Complain about all the new cartoons and such today.

155 Golden Age Cartoon Fans

They only care about the "greatest cartoons ever made" and nothing else from the same time period. Some well-made animated shorts during the WW2 era get banned because they think they're racist. They even draw and write disturbing art that's even worse than the average anime yaoi or yuri picture.

156 Crossover Fans
157 Pooh's Adventures Community

They're a bunch of whiny manchildren who crossover Winnie the Pooh and other animated movies with anything they like. One of the lowest forms of crossovers, to be honest. They also have so many stupid rules about what you can and can't do when it comes to making a Pooh's Adventures video or spoof. Their Wiki site is also ridiculous; they have the most obscure animated characters and some of them even come from movies that are universally hated. Their grammar is also poor, too.

158 Nostalgia Hogs

They're so loud and annoying... Especially the ones who go around saying:
"Oh boo hoo! I hate the new cartoons! I want (insert 1990's show here) back! "
"F--- Microsoft! Rareware is better off with Nintendo! "
"No more new Pokemon! "
"I hate Sonic X! I hate Sonic Boom! Bring back SatAM! Make SatAM Season 3! "
"Sonic's got green eyes! I miss round, chubby classic Sonic! "
"Everything's anime-styled, even American animation! I miss the old cartoon look! "
"CGI movies are overrated! Bring back hand drawn animation! "

And this was just an example of ridiculous whining from these peeps. You probably know the rest...

It's like we can't evolve to the next level or enjoy anything made before and after our childhoods because of these brats.

159 Yuri!!! On Ice Fans

Personally, I find this as the worst anime of 2016, although I have not seen it. But then there are its fans that only like it for Yuuri and Viktor's relationship and not the actual figure skating! - SelfDestruct

160 Finding Dory Fans
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